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Lot Polish Airlines
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 05 Sep - 09 Sep
£ 505.69
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return Deal found: 07/24
Ita Airways
LON ➞ RUH London - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 549.58
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return Deal found: 07/23
Aegean Airlines
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 05 Sep - 09 Sep
£ 652.99
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return Deal found: 07/19
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 669.39
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return Deal found: 07/16
Saudi Arabian Airlines
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 766.09
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return Deal found: 07/16
Gulf Air
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 789.69
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return Deal found: 07/19
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 834.80
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return Deal found: 07/17
Pegasus Airlines
LON ➞ RUH London - Riyadh 03 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 874.46
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return Deal found: 07/19
British Airways
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 889.89
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LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 05 Sep - 09 Sep
£ 505.69return
ITA Airways
LON ➞ RUH London - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 549.58return
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 05 Sep - 09 Sep
£ 652.99return
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 669.39return
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 766.09return
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 789.69return
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 834.80return
LON ➞ RUH London - Riyadh 03 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 874.46return
LHR ➞ RUH Heathrow - Riyadh 12 Aug - 31 Aug
£ 889.89return

What is the Best Time of the year to book cheap flights to Riyadh ?

The cheapest time of the year is definitely in the summer months, specifically in the month of May. Riyadh has very hot and dry summers that are perceived to be unbearable for people coming from Europe. This notion is somewhat misplaced as Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia, home to six million people, some of whom are expatriates. This modern city has its halls, malls, markets, hotels and bazaars fully air-conditioned. This means that apart from when getting in and out of your car, the heat would remain far away from you. Coming to Riyadh during these times could save you a lot of money for some extra shopping. The prices of the airfare and accommodations bounce back in June as many Saudis return back to their homeland from abroad for the summer vacations.

Which Airlines Operate Flights To Riyadh from UK?

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian
  • EgyptAir
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Gulf Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways
  • Oman Air
  • Etihad Airways
  • Alitalia
  • Emirates
  • Jet Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines

How long is the flight to Riyadh from UK?

  • The flight from London Heathrow Airport to Riyadh’s King Khalid Airport is approximately 10 to 11 hours long. The flight comes with a stopover at Cairo or Amman.
  • A flight operating from Manchester and heading to Riyadh reaches its destination in 11 to 12 hours, depending on the airline and flight route. The flight comes with a stopover at Jeddah or Istanbul.
  • Flights from Birmingham to Riyadh always take 11 hours to reach their destination. These flights have a stopover at Istanbul or Munich.
  • Flights from London Gatwick to Riyadh are 10 to 12 hours long. The cheapest of these flights almost always have a stopover at Istanbul.

Are there any direct flights to Riyadh from UK?

Yes, Saudi Airlines has a direct flight from London to Riyadh and vice versa. This direct flight is only operated from London Heathrow Airport and takes only 7 hours to complete the journey.

What is the best time to visit Riyadh?

The best time to experience everything Riyadh can offer is between the months of November and March. During these times the temperature remains between 14°C at night to 26°C at max, during the day. The city is usually dry and hot in the summer but coming to Riyadh in the winter can really be a pleasant experience. Of all the cooler months mentioned above, November seems to be the loveliest as more travellers tend to stroll on the streets of Riyadh during that month.

Is there a major international airport in Riyadh?

Riyadh is served by King Khalid International Airport (RUH). The airport is the second largest in terms of land area in the entire world. Last year, the airport assisted over 25 million passengers to reach their destination. King Khalid Airport is located 35 kilometres from the city centre of Riyadh, which amounts to be a 30 minutes ride from your downtown hotel.

What are the entry requirements to Riyadh for British travellers?

British citizens can visit Riyadh by applying for a visa at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London. The embassy can take three to four days to process your visa. Please make sure that your British passport does not expire in six months from the time of entering the Kingdom. Also, please note that during the Hajj season, the authorities can either stop you from boarding the aeroplane or deny you entry in Saudi Arabia at the immigration. This rule is for both Muslim and Non-Muslim citizens and is put in place to regulate the flow of foreigners coming into the country during the jam-packed Hajj season.

What are the major landmarks in Riyadh?

Riyadh has been the capital of Saudi Arabia since 1932. The city is the seat of the Kingdom and has many landmarks that show the cultural and historical significance of the city.

  • The Masmak fort is where the heroic story of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia begins. This fort was retaken by the young Amir Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Faisal Al Saud, which marks the beginning of the conquest of the Arabian Peninsula by the Al Saud family. This fort can be described as the origin of modern Saudi Arabia. The fort was renovated for the centennial celebrations in 1999. The Masmak fort is now a museum that houses old military uniforms and gears used by the Al Saud as well as the weaponry; antique guns, rifles and spears. The museum also has a vast collection of ancient household artefacts that were used almost a century ago.
  • The Murabba palace is situated about a kilometre away from the Masmak fort. The palace was built soon after the independence of Saudi Arabia to house the Royal family and the court of the King. The palace was named Murabba, as it means “square” in Arabic, denoting the 400 meters by 400-meter dimensions of the palace. The palace was converted into a museum in 1999. The 32 grand rooms of the Murabba palace include the guard’s room and the royal pantry. The museum also houses a picture gallery that archives many photographs of the late King Abdulaziz.
  • The Royal Saudi Air Force Museum is located in the old quarter of the city of Riyadh. The museum is open the entire week except on Fridays. Buy a ticket to the museum and enter the amazing world of the aircraft. The museum houses old and decommissioned aircraft that were once used by the Saudi Royal Airforce. These aircraft include the BAC lighting, C-130 Hercules and a Tornado ADV F3. The museum also houses the aeroplane that was gifted by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the then King Ibn Saud.
What are the transportation options available to tourists within Riyadh?

Being a petroleum exporter, Saudi Arabia enjoys extremely low petrol prices. The best way around the city is by taxi. Taxis are readily available throughout the city. Moreover, the rise of the apps like Uber keeps the traveller on the go. Riyadh is also destined to have its own metro system by the end of 2019. Until then, the taxi is a tourist’s best option to travel safely between the city’s many tourist attractions.

Are there hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Riyadh?

There are many hotels in Riyadh that invite the luxurious and welcome the famous. These hotels are a partnership between local businesses and foreign hotel chains, each competing for the best prices and services offered.

  • Narcissus Hotel & Residence, Riyadh
  • Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski
  • Movenpick Hotel Riyadh
  • Al Faisaliah Hotel
  • Fraser Suites Riyadh

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