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Saudi Arabian Airlines
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 10 Nov - 18 Nov
£ 632.09
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return Deal found: 05/15
Qatar Airways
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 790.81
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 05/16
British Airways
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 832.21
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 05/18
Gulf Air
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 860.61
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 05/12
Etihad Airways
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 877.01
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 05/19
Air France
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 07 Jun - 17 Jun
£ 911.41
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 05/18
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 944.44
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 05/20
Air India
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 12 Aug - 26 Aug
£ 1003.09
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 05/20
Hahn Air
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 10 Jun - 20 Jun
£ 1016.29
Pick Dates
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 10 Nov - 18 Nov
£ 632.09return
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 790.81return
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 832.21return
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 860.61return
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 877.01return
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 07 Jun - 17 Jun
£ 911.41return
LHR ➞ MLE Heathrow - Male 24 May - 30 May
£ 944.44return
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 12 Aug - 26 Aug
£ 1003.09return
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 10 Jun - 20 Jun
£ 1016.29return
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 16 Dec - 26 Dec
£ 3020.31return
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 16 Dec - 26 Dec
£ 3072.71return
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 16 Dec - 26 Dec
£ 3074.31return
LON ➞ MLE London - Male 02 Jun - 17 Jun
£ 3477.17return

What is the best time to get the cheapest flight to Male?

The best time to book the cheapest flights to Male is in April & late September. The influx of tourists declines and ultimately, flight prices become less expensive. Also, it is the best time to book accommodation in the most desirable areas for a lesser price. However, you can enjoy great discounts by contacting your travel agent well ahead of time.

How much is the air ticket to Male from the UK?

The cheapest return air ticket to Male from the UK is found to be £733 for a flight from London Heathrow to Male. However, prices may reduce due to promotional discounts or increase for factors like peak season. So, please check the latest flight fares for Male with our travel consultants.

Which airlines are preferred for flights to Male from the UK?

Presently, Qatar Airways is undoubtedly the best airline for flights to Male. It operates flights from London, Edinburgh and Manchester to Male International Airport via Doha. Customers appreciate the flexible flights, in-flight entertainment, stopover choice and world-class food options provided by Qatar Airways. In other news, BA is starting a year-round direct flight service to Male in March 2024 . It would be best for those looking to fly in the shortest possible time.

Can we book flights from Male to the UK?

Yes, Travelhouseuk is your travel partner for all your travel needs. Whether you’re looking to fly from the UK or take a flight to the UK from anywhere in the world, we are just a call away to assist you. Our purpose is not only to serve you but to serve efficiently by offering the most competitive flight rates, so you don’t have to worry about searching elsewhere.

Airlines that operate flights to Male

  • Emirates
  • Aeroflot
  • Etihad Airways
  • Air France
  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines

How long is the flight to Male from the UK?

  • Depending on the airline you choose to fly with, your aeroplane would land in Male in 13 to 16 hours after taking off from London Heathrow Airport. Your flight would most probably take a single stopover at Dubai, Doha or Istanbul.
  • The Manchester to Male flights are 14 to 16 hours in duration and have a stop in Doha or Dubai.
  • The trip from Birmingham to Male can take 14 to 16 hours to complete and would have a layover in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Doha.
  • The cheapest flights from London Gatwick Airport for Male are also 14 to 17 hours long and have a stop in Dubai or Doha.

Are there any direct flights to Male from London?

Yes, British Airways operates direct flights to Male from London Gatwick Airport. Flight number BA 2043 is a seasonal direct flight that flies to the capital of the Maldives in select months of the year. Taking this British Airways flight reduces the flight duration to only ten hours and thirty minutes. Please call our agents for further details. Those who can not avail this direct flight usually use a cheap Middle Eastern airline to get to Male.

Cheap Flights to Male with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the most efficient and affordable airlines in the world. Qatar Airways is among the few Middle Eastern airlines that connect the UK with the Orient at a cheaper rate. The services they extend and the safety they ensure is top shelf, so many passengers from Britain choose to fly with Qatar Airways.

Travelling with Qatar Airways to Male comes with a stopover in Doha. Therefore, the first leg of your journey would be from the UK to Doha. Fortunately, 70 flights are operating out from London alone every week, which transpires to 10 flights every day at various times. About thirty-five flights are connecting Doha to Manchester, and from Birmingham, there are 14 Qatar Airways flights throughout the week leaving for Doha.

Doha International Airport, especially for business class passengers, is packed with all sorts of amenities, including massage parlours, spas and luxury rooms. Be it a brief stopover or a long one for a truly relaxing experience, the next leg of the trip would continue from Doha onwards to Male. There are two flights, which leave for Male every day. One is the flight number QR 672, and the other is QR 674. The QR 672 flight takes off at 2:20 AM from Doha and arrives at Male at 9:00 AM. QR 674, however, leaves Doha at 8:20 AM and arrives in Male at 3 in the afternoon. Taking these timings into consideration, the shortest stopover in Doha would be possible only if you take QR 8 or QR 5942 out from London, so the next connecting flight is no more than two hours apart.

Is there a major international airport in Male?

Yes, the Velana Airport (MLE) serves the city of Male, and it is the international gateway to the Maldives. The airport is located on an island, which has been reclaimed from the sea. The airport island is connected to the Male residential area via a highway over the open sea. By car, the tourist can travel from the airport to central Male in 15 minutes. The Maldives’ economy is heavily dependent on tourism, and so the government encourages many international airlines to glide their aeroplanes over the Velana International Airport. 

What is the best time to visit Male?

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and its moderating effect on the weather, the best time to come to Male is from July to October. Not that the temperature is unpleasant in other parts of the year, but during this time the wind picks up. The mercury barely fluctuates from its mean value throughout the year. Places like Male that have high humidity are enjoyable when the breeze continues to blow away the excess moisture from the air. Sometimes those winds bring a few drops of rain, which cleanses the sky and the land, making your stay in Male even more delightful. The July to October time, however, is not the busiest time to Male either. Many tourists wish to enjoy their Christmas vacations is the warming sun of Male, making December and January a bustling time in the calendar to visit the city. 

What are the major landmarks in Male?
  • The Male Friday Mosque was first established in 1153 when the island nation converted to Islam. The first Muslim Sultan of the Maldives ordered the construction of the mosque. By the mid 17th century, the population of the island had increased to a couple of thousands making the old mosque too small for the community's use. The new building of the mosque was constructed on the same location, salvaging the relics and woodwork form the old structure. The new building was built from coral stone, which is abundantly available and easy to work with when it is wet, but becomes hard as stone when dry. The woodwork, carvings and stone masonry are beautiful representations of sea culture of the Maldives. Visit the Male Friday Mosque and introduce yourself to the ancient spirit of Male .
  • The National Museum of the Maldives is a site where the country keeps historical artefacts. There was a time when the Maldives was enlightened by Buddhism, as can be seen in the displays at this museum. The museum exhibits also showcase the Muslim sultans of the Maldives, their crown jewels and weaponry. There are a few busts of Buddha as well that were excavated from the northern atolls of the country. Much of the collections of the museum are wooden engraving and crafts that are almost 700 years old.
  • Male Fish Market is an exciting place to be. Male is on an atoll that is part of a larger archipelago. The coral reefs around the area become a nursery for the fish to spawn and get mature in the nutritious waters of the Indian Ocean. All of the fish caught around Male is brought in at the fish market, where the butchers begin to dissect the catch and buyers demand for the best cuts for cheaper rates. The Male fish market is kept squeaky clean and is washed and disinfected every day before business hours.

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