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Land at the geographical center of the country, Nagpur is the city located right in the heart of India. This city is regarded with having the densest population while being a major city of the state of Maharashtra. Its historical significance traces back to the princely states, while its geographic location links it in between key conservation areas of the endangered tiger species. It boosts a number of attractions including forts, mosques, temples museums and interactive attractions for families as well. Avail cheap flights to Nagpur through Travelhouse Uk and indulge in the exploration of the second largest city of India.

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best time to visit

It is quite hot during the summers in Maharashtra, which is why it is better to avoid visit the city during the peak summer season. The best time to acquire cheap flights to Nagpur, to get the full advantage of your expedition is during the winter months. So, make your plans between the months of October to February to have a memorable time out.

places to see and things to do

The second largest city of India is home to numerous attractions starting from the Ambazari Lake, Sitabuldi Fort, Raman Science Center, Maharajbagh Zoo to the Masjid Ghareeb Nawaz. Nagpur has something for everyone, hence travelers coming here after availing cheap flights to Nagpur, find the city equally alluring as any other holiday destination. Known as the “Orange City”, it is famous for its juicy oranges that are absolutely a bliss.

Nicknamed as the “Orange City” because of the juicy hi-class oranges that are unparalleled to any other destination, it is formally the Zero Mile City, which makes it the center of India and the hub in terms of history and culture, it precisely defines all that you need to know. The attractions are numerous and the time is short! With so much to see and do here, you should not miss the treasures of the city and several attention-grabbing shrines and natural gems. 

A city of well-planned out roads, a thriving wildlife, lush green gardens and landscapes to die for, it  is the right place to be at. The scenic and serene Futala Lake provides one with the best escape from the hustle and bustle of the common city life. The sunsets that overlook the Futalalake will be worth it as this is a view that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Head over to another stunning river that will captivate your mind imagination. River Nag is the perfect place to sit back and relax with a picnic basket with your friends and family while the perfect settings engulf you with its mesmerizing charm. Some of the places that one must visit by arriving in the city after availing cheap flights to Nagpur, include the Japanese Rose Garden, Dhamma Chakra Stupa(Deekshabhoomi), Pench National Park, Sri Kartikeya Temple, Sri Balaji and Tadoba National Park.

Start your journey by visiting the famous Gavilgad Fort, which is located near the hill station of Chickhaldara. Uncover the fascinating history that this city has to offer to its visitors. This is a historical structure which shows a blend of Indian culture merged with the architectural brilliance of the ancient Hindu architects. 

Get the best of both worlds by visiting the forts of Balapur as they not only open doors to brilliant architecture but it also provides stunning views since they are situated between the two rivers, Mana and Mhais. Named after the goddess Baladevi, this place has turned into a hub for all those tourists who are craving for a taste of history.

Narnala Fort is also one of the most sought after attraction of the city. Located amid forests, the Narnala Fort provides not only the best chance to get close to nature but also one gets to witness stunning views. Head over to the Akola district in Maharashtra and experience the very best of Indian architecture. The beautiful bastions and the lush forests are simply worth going to the Akola district for. This is your chance to witness the fortress wall which is the main attraction of the Narnala Fort. 

While in the city, make sure you explore the many temples that this city is famed for. However, one of the many temples that should not be missed out on include, the famous Dragon Palace temple. This temple has a haunting beautiful statue of Buddha in meditation form situated right in the middle. 

Another temple that will be worth your time is the Sri Poddareshwar Ram Temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu God Rama. Thousands of Hindus who visit for meditation and history enthusiasts who are in love with the thrill of uncovering the past flock towards this temple just to get a glimpse of the why are the air operators providing cheap flights to Nagpur for.  

hotels and accommodation:

The city offers a range of accommodation options catering to everyone on the budget scale. From a handful of private luxury hotels to a number of mid-range and budget hotels, it has something to satisfy the varied tastes and budget demands of all travelers disembarking here through cheap flights to Nagpur. Luxury hotels include mostly plaza hotels that are ideally located in some of the city's best locations away from the noise. Services being offered by the private high-end hotels include health and fitness centers, swimming pools and a round the clock service. Rooms are spacious and include all the modern amenities and facilities. 

Luxury and mid-range hotels are also located at only a short distance from the international airport and close to the main tourist sites. Nagpur city also offers a number of budget hotels offering a comfortable living option well within the budget. These hotels are equipped with all the basic necessities and are all pride in their great service. 

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