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From massive forts to royal palaces, inherited down to Nawabs and sultanate families for over centuries to date, the Rajputana culture of Jaipur is etched in the architecture end to end. The lifestyle, the community and the local economy has seasoned over the years to accommodate international tourism as a major sector, with complete tour guides, eateries and accommodation facilities. Avenues of relevant trade and commerce have also sprung up, with souvenirs in the form of handicrafts available for sale. Peak seasons of tourism range between popular festivals highlighting the heritage and traditions of sport and celebration. Rajasthani culture is a critical shard of the Indian identity, which is why Travelhouse UK recommends you to acquire cheap flights to Jaipur for a memorable holiday break.

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Best time to visit Jaipur

Jaipur lies on a semi desert region, which is why it experiences extremely hot summer season. The best way to enjoy the city is to preplan before visiting the city. Make your holiday plans and buy cheap flights to

Jaipur in the winter season from November to February, which tends to be the only time to when the climate is agreeable for expedition.

Places to see and things to do in Jaipur

An enormous masonry instruments have been used to observe the movement of stars and all that moves in the sky, the JantarMantar is a huge sundial that provides the most accurate time one can ever find. 

One of the most recognizable monuments of Jaipur is none other than the HawaMahal. A monument that comprises of afive storied building with over 150 windows and balconies depicts the Rajput architecture perfectly. The HawaMahalis now transformed as a public museum that allows one to walk through Jaipur’s past and into the present because of the special feature of the museum. No wonder you might feel the nostalgia of the royal life that once nurtured here. 

Another stunning fort, which is standing erect at about 600 feet above the city, is the NahargarhFort, whichwas built during the 1700’s. Thewalls of this fort are known to be one of the most spectacular architectural wonders and beauties that simply should not be missed out on. Moreover, AmerFort, which is located at a distance of 11 kilometers from the city,was constructed in the 1500s. This red sandstone and marble stone architecture is one of a kind as offering a unique mixture of the traditional artwork of Hindu and Muslim. The four courtyards of this fort have over three entrances, each of which has its own unique beauty.  

When is Jaipur, one does not want to miss the thrilling elephant safari that will bring out the adventurer in you. The hills hidden behind the famous Amer Fort is the perfect place for you to do so. A ride on the elephants through the fields and the forests is exactly what you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to enter a serene world. 

The city of forts is proud to have one of the most gigantic forts, whichis standing tall since the year 1726. The Jaigarh Fort holds great significance in terms of history and is the perfect place for those looking to discover the history of India by availing cheap flights to Jaipur.

Hotels and accommodation in Jaipur:

The city offers a range of accommodation options for the visitors coming here by taking cheap flights to Jaipur. A general trend seen in most boutique and high-end hotels of the city is in line with the predominant Rajasthani culture and architectural style. These are styled in the form of palaces depicting the heritage of the city. The city offers a range of luxury hotels situated in close proximity to the major palaces and forts of Jaipur. All these luxury and high-end hotels feature tastefully done interiors that are well equipped with all the latest amenities and facilities. Hotels are generally surrounded by sprawling lawns and are strategically located to offer a royal feel to the travelers. This city also has a number of mid-rage accommodation options catering to everyone on the budget scale. These specialize in offering comfortable living equipped with the basic necessities. 

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