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Hong Kong was retrieved by China from Britain in 1997 as a special administrative region. It has a very significant geographical location, which is why it is pertinent for Chinese tourism industry. It is a global hub that supports commercial activity from China towards the Far East. It is hailed as an urban wonder of the world, along with the Clock Tower, the main remnant of the Old city before it was completely revitalized with new construction. Other architectural hallmarks like the Happy Valley’s High Cliff, HSBC building, the Bank of China Tower, International Finance Centre and Hotel Indigo set the high standards why Hong Kong’s skyline is applauded for its contemporary designs. What makes it more accessible is the fact that cheap flights to Hong Kong can be availed with a little deliberation, thus making it a complete holiday treat.

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Which Airlines Operate Flights To Hong Kong?

How long is the flight to Hong Kong from the UK?

Are there any direct flights to Hong Kong from the UK?

Yes, three international airlines provide direct flights to Hong Kong, namely Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Cathay Pacific. Usually, the cheapest direct flight is offered by Virgin Atlantic, however, if you require a bit of luxury, choose Cathay Pacific. These flights are only 13 hours long and are popular with families with kids and the elderly

Cheap Flights to Hong Kong with Qatar Airways

The low-cost flights to Hong Kong always have a Qatar Airways livery on their tail fin. The Qatar Airways flight is quite sought after since it arrives in Hong Kong only three hours later than the direct flight and at a third of the price. The journey is divided into two portions: the hop from the UK to Doha and then onwards from Doha to Hong Kong. From just London alone, there are 55 flights per week, leaving for Doha. This part of the journey takes 6 hours to complete. From Manchester, more than 28 flights every week are taking off for Doha at various times during the day. Birmingham also has seven Qatar Airways flights that connect the city to Doha.

From Doha onwards, there are 14 flights per week destined to land in Hong Kong. This half of the journey is eight hours long. Most probably, the traveller might be boarding the QR816 that takes off every day at 7:30 AM from Doha and lands at 9 PM in Hong Kong.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Hong Kong?

The cheapest month to plan a trip to Hong Kong is in May. There might be a few rainy days in Hong Kong per week during this month, but the cost of your journey would be as low as it gets. The rainy season is the most intense in mid-June, so it’s best leaving the city before that time. The advantage of having a cheap Hong Kong trip in May is that the warmth in the air is just perfect for urban exploration. The temperature is a balmy 27°C in the day when it is not raining. The glittering city of Hong Kong can be all yours to discover at a more affordable rate if you book your flight in May.

Is there a major international airport in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is located on an artificial island, right off the coast of Lantau Island. The airport is one of the busiest in the world and entertained about 75 million passengers last year. It is also an international cargo hub and processes above 50 million tons of cargo every year. From central Hong Kong Island, the airport is only 30 kilometres away. The car ride takes about 30 minutes by taking Route 8, over the Tsing Ma Bridge. Hong Kong International Airport also serves as the base airport for the flag carrier Cathay Pacific.

What are the entry requirements to Hong Kong for British travellers?

Hong Kong was once under the domain of British crown, through a lease agreement which expired in 1997. Officially, the Chinese government has taken over, but Hong Kong retains its special status and exercises its own immigration policy. British citizens with a valid passport to Hong Kong can stay in the city for six months without any visa requirements. For further details, please visit a Chinese mission office that can process visas or the Hong Kong Immigration Department, when you are in the city.

What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

The best time to visit Hong Kong is from November to March when the weather is beautiful and fresh, and the rains have ceased. The average temperature is 25°C in November but falls to 20°C in January. Steadily, it climbs back up again, and by the end of March, the mean temperature is 22°C. It might seem cold for an ideal Hong Kong trip, but during these months the humidity is lower than the annual average, and the showers are at their minimal as well. These two factors attract visitors to Hong Kong, which allows them to explore the city without getting drizzled on or hyperventilating in the infamous July heat. During this high season, the hotel prices also reach their peak, and the airlines also tend to mint a little extra profit. However, if you contact our agents three to four months in advance, we can skim out the cheapest flights to Hong Kong for you and your family.

What are the major landmarks in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong skyline is famous for following the principals of Feng Shui, which is a traditional science of the flow of energy or qi. All the buildings in Hong Kong have rounded, smoother surfaces with water fountains that help to gently ‘swirl and direct’ the positive energies flowing from the hills in the north. Architectural landmarks are essential to the culture of Hong Kong, and the city’s administration even gives tax exemptions to companies that construct ‘good qi’ buildings.

Which events and festivals are celebrated in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has globalised rapidly. Many different communities have the liberty to practice their religions freely and celebrate festivals with the rest of Hong Kong. Most travellers, however, enjoy the traditional Chinese festivals, the most famous of which is the Chinese New Year. The festivities begin early in Hong Kong, at the end of January, for the New Year celebrations. Watch the fireworks crackle over the city’s skyscrapers and the dragon mascots the swivel around the corners of Tsim Sha Tsui Street. The sea goddess, Tin Hua, is revered for her special blessing on Hong Kong and celebrated in April. Cheung Chau Bun Festival, on the Birthday of the Buddha, in May, is an excellent time to eat regional delicacies. By December, Christmas comes to town, and all of Hong Kong sparkles up like a Christmas tree.

What are the transportation options available to tourists in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the most travel-friendly destinations in the world. The first thing, perhaps, is to get an Octopus Card when you arrive into the city. The Octopus Card is a contactless debit card that can be used to pay for all most all transportation services in Hong Kong. An octopus card is used for only one traveller, and so for a family of four, you would have to buy four Octopus cards. The Octopus Card can hold HK $ 150 worth of credit, out of which $ 50 is refundable and are kept as security, and the $ 100 are free for use. Octopus card is also used as an identification card when entering malls in certain posh districts.

Hong Kong Rapid Transit covers the entire city with five primary lines that take passengers from one edge of the town to the next. The orange line is the one tourist take, which is the fast way to get to the city centre from the airport. Please refrain from eating or drinking while taking the Mass Transit Railway or you might be fined $2000. Taxis are also available everywhere in the city, and you can pay them with cash as well. Since the island is surrounded by water, travelling by ferry is a possibility. It is a traveller’s dream to board a Starferry that crosses the Victoria Harbour and a must-do for first-time visitors.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Hong Kong?

The gleaming luxurious hotels in Hong Kong are a class of their own. Proud of their services and trained staff, the five-star hotels in Hong Kong have all the facilities to pamper you with on your fantastic tour of Hong Kong.

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