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Get to observe the main river port along the Indian Ocean with cheap flights to East London. This hub of metropolitan municipality has been established along the Buffalo River, and is known to be naturally scenic with a few standard resorts, game reserves and natural parks along its outskirts. TravelhouseUK has tracked all East London flights connecting via South Africa’s domestic network, with the main East London airport hosting about 4 airlines operating about 300 flights weekly from the facility. Cheap flight tickets to East London are available with both South African Airways and Etihad Airways for the ongoing season.

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LGW - ELS Gatwick to East London
21 Aug - 08 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Turkish Airlines
BHX - ELS Birmingham to East London
24 Nov - 09 Dec Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Egypt Air
LHR - ELS Heathrow to East London
17 Dec - 02 Jan Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
LON - ELS London to East London
07 Dec - 29 Dec Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Turkish Airlines
MAN - ELS Manchester to East London
20 Dec - 01 Jan Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Qatar Airways
LON - ELS London to East London
29 Jul - 20 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
BHX - ELS Birmingham to East London
13 Jul - 11 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only

Flights from East London to London

British Airways
ELS - LHR East London to Heathrow
26 Jun - 01 Aug Travel Between Date

Which airlines operate flights to East London from the UK?

  • British Airways:  BA offers connecting journeys from Heathrow to East London flights via Cape Town daily.
  • South African Airways: SAA links Heathrow to East London via JNB daily.
  • Emirates: Daily two-stop flight connections (via Dubai and Johannesburg) to East London from the London Airports.

How long is the flight to East London from the UK?

  • The Manchester to East London flight lasts for a minimum of 16 hours, 35 minutes, via Frankfurt and Johannesburg. The journey may extend up to 22 hours, depending upon the route. A multi-stop flight may have a layover in Abu Dhabi, London, or Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and mostly, Johannesburg.
  • The airplane taking off from Birmingham to East London completes its journey in a minimum of 16 hours, 25 minutes with two stops. The two stopovers on this flight are Frankfurt and Johannesburg. Other routes may take from 17 to 22 hours for the same journey.
  • Edinburgh to East London flights takes a minimum of 16 and a half hours to reach.
  • An average flight from Belfast takes 18 hours, 50 minutes to complete the trip, flying via London Heathrow and Johannesburg.
  • A flight from Newcastle to East London takes around 18 hours 15 minutes with two stops, one at London Heathrow.
  • The flight from London Heathrow Airport stops over at Johannesburg before arriving at East London in a minimum of 15 hours 40 minutes. Other flights from Heathrow have their first stopover either in Dubai, Paris, or Frankfurt before having the second one in Johannesburg.
  • The trip from London Gatwick Airport to East London takes 18 to 24 hours with extended stays in Dubai, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.
  • Any flight from London Stansted takes a minimum of a twenty-hour journey.
  • Departures are available from London Southend and London City airports as well.
  • Flight schedules and routes are subject to change according to airline trends.

Can I get a direct flight from the UK to East London?

No, as of now, there are no non-stop flights between the UK and East London. You can travel via one-stop flights from various UK city destinations. Flight connections are catered by multiple airlines, and times vary according to stopover durations.

What are the popular stopovers on flights to East London from the UK?

The flight usually has two stopovers, one in the Middle East or Central Europe and the other in Johannesburg. The flights with Middle Eastern layovers land at Abu Dhabi or Dubai, and those with European stopovers are at Paris, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt. Your route and choice of the carrier will decide the layover destination.

what is an estimated flight time from UK to East London?

An estimated Flight time from UK to East London is 14 hours 50 minutes. Other alternatives may allow you to add up to two stopovers which will eventually cause increased flight duration.

Cheap flights to East London with Emirates and South African airlines

Most cheap flights to the city, on the EasternCapeof SA, are operated by South African Airlines. These fly usually in combination with another partnering carrier. These flights are not only cheap but also come with brief stopovers making the journey less hectic for passengers.

From London Heathrow Airport, there are almost fifty flights every week operated by Emirates that are destined for East London. Similarly, South African Airlines operates fifty flights each week, bringing passengers from London to East London. Most flights stopover at Johannesburg, and then the last stretch of the trip to East London is almost always with South African Airlines. The Emirates also operates a dozen flights every week from Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh as well. South African Airlines also offer multiple trips per week from different airports in the United Kingdom to ELS.

Can Travelhouseuk get me the best deals on Business Class flights to East London?

Business Class Flights are a speciality of the well-trained, matured, and time tested travelhouseuk team. We offer limited-time offers on Business seats to any destination you desire.

Are you looking for a Business Class flight to East London? Then look no further, we aim to ease the entire booking process for our clients. With us, you can book any trip with a minimum deposit of 25 pounds, and free yourself of the hassle of endless confusion. Call our agents now to avail of the early bird discount.

What is the best time to book a flight to East London?

Generally, it is cheaper to book flights during the off-season months or at least a few weeks in advance. The sunny summer season (December to February) is best for beach holidays, although it makes the city a tourist hotspot. March to September months offer moderate temperatures, and precipitation is also at its minimum. There is a significant drop in fares between seasonal shifts. East London is quite a popular destination, so it is possible to get cheap flight deals all year round. Airfares are usually at peak during the high season, so we advise you to book hotel rooms in advance, to enjoy the holidays without any budget constraints.

What are the main international airports In East London?

The major international airport that serves East London shares the city’s name, the East London International Airport (ELS). Itis only nine kilometres from the city centre, and you can reach the airport in fifteen minutes from Downtown East London.You can also hire a taxi or rental car to get from the airport to your hotel or the city centre.

How to get around in East London?

Taxis are the most readily available and cost-effective mode of getting around East London. You can book them beforehand. Renting a car is yet another option, always recommended second only to taxis when you are in the city. There are three rent-a-car outlets at the airport so you can get a vehicle to roam the town the moment you land in East London. The EL Bus Shuttle is a safe and reliable transport you can get from the airport to reach any address. You can pre-book it to facilitate you in your travels without any hassle at the time of your arrival.

Why visit East London?

East London is the only river port in the country and is the doorway to the Sunshine Coast of South Africa. Its flamboyant shores keep warming the waters of Indian Ocean and appeal the tourists with intriguing charm and a subtropical climate. While pulling the string of your explorative zeal, discover the attractions of this city.

  • East London Museum: Your visit to the East London Museum will be an unusual experience as the museum itself is—with its unique display. There are life-size model animals both extinct and abundant in nature. Along with that, there are exhibits of the tools, pots and utensils used by the ancient people of the region thousands of years ago.
  • East London Beaches: Between Buffalo River and the Nahoon River there is a trail of three lovely sandy beaches that await you to roll and stroll in the warm sand with your near and dear ones. Orient Beach, Eastern Beach, and the Nahoon Beach nonetheless serve as heaven amid this busy city. From pooling to paddling, camping to surfing, you can amuse yourself in multiple ways at the offshore reef close to the coast.
  • East London Golf Club: Will you miss the great game ever played in the Top-rated East London Golf Course? Certainly not! There are eighteen holes in the ground that need to be putt. It is time to get that nine-iron out and dominate the course. The park is maintained perfectly, green to the very edge. There is a bar to wine and dine if the golf does not intoxicate you first.
  • The East London Aquarium—home of marine creatures is a treat to see, indeed. The facility may be the only aquarium which allows you to catch the spectacular view of whales basking at the bay.

Enjoy mild to wild experience in this relaxed city!

What are the major landmarks for history-buffs in East London?

East London is a small town at the mouth of the Buffalo River. History traced back to the footprints of 20,000 years old human Nahoon, makes this cape city somewhat more charismatic for South African and the international tourists alike. In the early ninth century, East London was an important port, shipping ferries with goods inland. There were many landmarks built during that period.

  • Fort Glamorgan was a fort built to protect the city in 1848. The site is well maintained and still contains a functioning hospital and a cookhouse. The Fort’s penitentiary is still part of the South African prison system, and special permission is required to visit that half of the fort.
  • The Old East London wool exchange is a relic of the past. The building was used to auction off the produce of the thriving wool industry that developed in and around East London at the beginning of the twentieth century. The exchange is now part of the Rhodes University and is open for tours.
  • The Equestrian Statue that is standing at the intersection of St Georges and Oxford Street. This statue is a tribute to the fallen soldiers in the Anglo-Boer war in 1908. Tourists usually pay their respects at the memorial.
Where to stay in East London?
  • Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve Safari Lodge
  • Selborne Bed and Breakfast
  • Premier Hotel Regent
  • Areena Riverside Resort

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