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why visit bloemfontein?

Bloemfontein --The city of roses, a host of annual rose festival, is aJudicial Capital of South Africa. It lies between two biggest tourist destinations in South Africa; Johannesburg and Cape Town. Due to its location Bloemfontein often serves as a stop-off between these two cities.

  Major sight-seeing:

  • National Museum: Since its inception in 1877, the National Museum has been showcasing extensive history of Bloemfontein. You can also see the life-size of fibreglass elephant, skeleton of Euskelosaurus-dinosaurs, live snakes and reptiles.
  • Naval Hill: Mounting from the centre of the city, Naval Hill is a game reserve in Bloemfontein. Surrounded by natural beauty while providing panoramic view of the city, this place holds great attraction for locals and tourists alike.
  • Botanical Gardens: This outstretched land --a home of unique flora and fauna is an abode of some 54 species of reptiles and 124 species of birds, surrounded by valleys of lush grassland and woodland. Visitors flock here in spring time, especially.
  • Bloemfontein Zoo:  This world class zoo offers you a great invitation to visit its sprawling life composed ofhippos, tigers, panthers, antelopes and a vast selection of birds. You simply can’t miss the opportunity to see the animals at their natural habitats.
how far is the airport from city centre?

Bloemfontein International Airport is located 6 miles (10km) from the Bloemfontein town centre.

which major airlines fly to bloemfontein from uk?

You can fly in from most of the UK airports toBloemfonteinby the South African Airways and British Airways.

how to travel to city centre from the airport?

You can find many taxis outside the airport to travel to the city centre Bloemfontein.

how to get around the city?

Major car hire companies in Bloemfonteinare: Avis, Tempest Car Hire,Hertz, and First Car Rental.

what's the best time to visit bloemfontein?

Bloemfontein is a destination to visit during spring and autumn season (September-October and April-May), for in these months the city of roses offers not only a pleasant weather but also a chance to enjoy Mangaung African Cultural Festival and Annual Rose festival, altogether.

average flight time to bloemfontein

Average flight time to Bloemfontein is 14 hours 50 minutes from UK.

where to stay in bloemfontein?

You’ll find a wide range of accommodation in Bloemfontein according to your budget.  Some renowned places you may choose to lodge in are: The Villa, Hobbit Boutique Hotel, Day Away Guest House Villa, Bali Boutique Hotel, Cherry Lane and Franklin View.

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