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Cheap flights to Doha

Cheap flights to Doha would be a treat to any tourist looking for a luxury filled vacation in one of the most quickly growing cities of the Arabian Peninsula. Being the largest city of Qatar and also bearing the responsibility of being its cultural, educational and economic centre, Doha is rapidly gaining status as a major tourist attraction around the world. The prestige it is gaining is mainly account to it being the home to major international hotels (Ritz Cartlon, Grand Hyatt), the Museum of Islamic Art, magnificent mosques, architectural sites and recreational sites across the city. Doha was home to the 2006 Asian games, 2011 Pan Arab Games and the annual MotoGP race at the Losail Circuit. Arguably the biggest milestone the city will achieve will be to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, an event that is already bringing in improvements and changes in the city. Be sure to let TravelhouseUK book you through British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways or any other airline connecting to Doha, to get you on track for a memorable vacation.

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why travel to doha?

The dazzling capital of Qatar, Doha is a city with a modern outlook that is all set to take the tourist industry by a storm. Being ranked as one of the world's richest cities, the city is not only an emblem of extravagant glamour but also beautifully preserves the culture of this culturally-enriched country. There is more to Doha than just the glitz and glam with many attractions showcasing the long-lived unique artistic flare of the people of Qatar while others give you a perfect opportunity to unravel the country's very essence. From captivatingly vibrant and full-of-life souks, colourful cultural villages, extravagant malls, exotic beachside and a glittering skyline in an otherwise desert landscape, the city of Doha is sure to guarantee an interesting holiday. And with the world's biggest sporting event to be scheduled for the year 2022 in Qatar, the city has gradually seen more development than ever before. So if you have been looking to vacation in style, the time is now and the place is Doha. 

Begin your journey with a visit to the cultural heart of the city also known as the Katara Cultural Village. Displaying stunning paintings and sculptures in its art galleries and also featuring classical music recitals, this cultural village is a perfect place for anyone seeking to explore the traditions and culture of this beautiful Arab country. You will find many restaurants and cafes particularly boasting the traditional vibe that is all overwhelmingly fascinating. Exhibitions and performances are frequently being hosted here so it makes a visit to this cultural village all the more worth it. A further treat for the art lovers will be granted with a visit to the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art. Developed with a vision to promoting the beauty of Arabian art, the museum showcases some outstanding works of artists from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Qatar itself, that are definitely a must-see. To further take things up a notch, plan a trip to the Museum of Islamic Art. Boasting one of the world's most stunning architecture of museums that is designed by IM Pei, this museum not only offers a thorough insight into the extravagant works of Islamic Art from across the Islamic countries, but also makes up for an extraordinary experience. Exhibits range from an extensive collection of wall-hangings, ceramics, illuminated Qurans, and stunning works of calligraphy. 

While Doha has no short of glittering modern malls, the traditional Souq Waqif is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in a perfect traditional Arabic shopping experience. Stocking everything under the sun; from exhibits of pure honey, gold, spices, cloth, jewelry etc., to also boasting local restaurants and cafes in a traditional setting, Souq Waqif offers an authentic traditional experience unlike any other. For some added thrill and adventure, Khor Al Udeid,boasting an expansive desert uniquely set close to the sea is where you need to head out to. With gigantic sand dunes that are ideal for dune bashing, Khor Al Udeid also feature camp sites organized by a number of tour companies and local restaurants where you can relax after a tiring day out in the desert expanse. 

what are the air operators providing cheap flights to doha from uk?

Some of the leading airlines offering cheap airfares for flights to Doha from the UK are Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa. 

are there any direct flights from london to doha?

Yes, at present Qatar Airways is the only airline offering direct flights to Doha city from London. 

what is the average flight time from london to doha?

Average flight time for direct flights from London to Doha is 6hours 35minutes. Indirect flight time to Doha city from London will take an average of 9 hours. This will vary depending upon the duration of stay at the stopover destination. 

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Hamad International Airport is located at a distance of approximately of 13km south east of the city centre.

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Hamad International Airport offers reliable and convenient modes of travelling to the city from the airport. Taxis are one of the most common modes of reaching the city. These can be hailed easily from the taxi pavilion in the passenger terminal upon exiting the arrivals section of the airport. Taxis are metered, air-conditioned and are available round the clock. Carrying sufficient Qatari Riyals is advisable since only cash is accepted by the taxi drivers. All airport taxis are operated by the state-owned company of Mowasalat. Limousines can also be hailed from the airport. 

Public buses are also being operated from the airport to destinations across the city of Doha. Buses can be hailed from the bus pavilion upon exiting the arrivals hall of the airport. Signposts for the bus pavilion are available across the arrivals hall for the arriving passenger's convenience. Bus fares can only be paid with Karwa Smartcard. A disposable Karwa Smartcard can be purchased from the bus driver. These buses are spacious and also contain a stow area for the luggage. 

Many international and local car rental companies are also available at Hamad International Airport. Renting a car is a more feasible option if you are staying in Doha for a longer period. 

how to get around doha?

A popular mode of getting around the city of Doha is via the taxis. Taxis, buses and limousine services are all operated by the state-owned company of Mowasalat. Taxis are metered so there is no chance of being overcharged for your journey. Taxis can either be flagged from the road or be hailed from the number of taxi stands located around the city. Taxis can also be booked prior by making a telephone call. Larger vehicles or limousines can also be booked but with double the fare. 

A comparatively cheaper option is using the public bus service. Bus fares can be paid using the Karwa Smartcard which can be purchased from the bus station. Tour buses are also being operated by Doha city. 

Vehicles can also be rented from the number of local and international car rental companies located across the city. This is a more feasible option if you are staying in the city for a longer period. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in doha?

Doha city boasts a range of opulent resorts and hotels ensuring that your stay in the city is a pleasurable experience. The list of high-end hotels not only includes a range of some of the international chain of extravagant hotels but also a number of local luxury hotels and resorts specializing in an indulgent stay. Doha's man-made artificial islands boast extravagant deluxe apartments and continue to expand its list of high-end hotels and resorts. all these luxury hotels, resorts and suites host facilities that include a number of top-notch restaurants specializing in Thai, Mediterranean and continental cuisines; bars; exotic views with some overlooking the Arabian Gulf; both indoor and outdoor swimming pools; health and fitness centers. 

Doha also has a number of hotels that are reasonably priced for the budget travelers. These are either located in the heart of the business district or the Souq Waqif. Hotels in this category are stylized and boast exquisite rooms that are not too heavy on the price.

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