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Gulf Air
BHX ➞ DOH Birmingham - Doha 13 Apr - 19 Apr
£ 598.31
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return Deal found: 04/10
Qatar Airways
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 611.18
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return Deal found: 04/04
British Airways
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 643.55
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return Deal found: 04/03
Turkish Airlines
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 681.87
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return Deal found: 04/03
Royal Jordanian
LON ➞ DOH London - Doha 25 Apr - 29 Apr
£ 704.01
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return Deal found: 04/08
Middle East Airlines
LON ➞ DOH London - Doha 25 Apr - 29 Apr
£ 710.81
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return Deal found: 04/04
Vueling Airlines
LGW ➞ DOH Gatwick - Doha 16 Oct - 31 Oct
£ 720.18
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return Deal found: 04/04
LON ➞ DOH London - Doha 18 Apr - 25 Apr
£ 724.11
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return Deal found: 04/10
Etihad Airways
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 735.58
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BHX ➞ DOH Birmingham - Doha 13 Apr - 19 Apr
£ 598.31return
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 611.18return
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 643.55return
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 681.87return
LON ➞ DOH London - Doha 25 Apr - 29 Apr
£ 704.01return
LON ➞ DOH London - Doha 25 Apr - 29 Apr
£ 710.81return
LGW ➞ DOH Gatwick - Doha 16 Oct - 31 Oct
£ 720.18return
LON ➞ DOH London - Doha 18 Apr - 25 Apr
£ 724.11return
MAN ➞ DOH Manchester - Doha 27 May - 31 May
£ 735.58return

What is the Best time to Book cheapest flights to Doha?

The cheapest time of the year, naturally, are the months of June and July when the sun ceaselessly scorches the desert sand around Doha. The temperatures regularly remain in the early forties in the high summer. Fortunately, Doha is an ultra-modern city that has been developed keeping the adverse weather condition in mind. Travellers coming to Doha in the summer would be driving in air-conditioned cars, walking in climate controlled malls and staying in centrally air-conditioned hotels. Your exposure to the heat would be somewhat limited. Ordinary travellers avoid visiting the Middle East, in general, in the summers, so the prices come down a bit. You can get a hotel room and a ticket for a bargain in July.

Which Airlines Operate Flights To Doha from UK?

  • Middle East Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Oman Air
  • Jet Airway
  • Qatar Airways
  • British Airways

How long is the flight to Doha from UK?

  • The connecting flight from London Heathrow Airport to Doha’s Hamad Airport takes ten to seventeen hours to land. There is a direct flight, the details of which are listed below. Connecting flights to Doha can have a stopover either at Istanbul, Amman or Muscat.
  • Depending on the airline you fly with, the indirect flights to Doha from Manchester are ten to sixteen hours long. These flights have a stopover at Istanbul or Muscat.
  • The indirect flights from Birmingham to Doha tend to be twelve hours long and they either layover in London, Amsterdam or Istanbul.
  • The journey via connecting flights from London Gatwick Airport to Doha completes in 12 to 16 hours. These flights have a stopover at Istanbul or Amman.

Are there any direct flights to Doha from UK?

There is a direct flight from all major airports in the United Kingdom to Doha. These airports in the UK include Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports. All these direct flights last for seven to seven and a half hours. Qatar Airways and British Airways operate these direct flights from all the UK airports mentioned above.

What is the best time to visit Doha?

Qatar has been blessed with mineral recourses, wealth and all sorts of attractions, but when it comes to weather, the country can have sweltering summers. The best time to visit Doha is in between the months of December and March. Visiting Doha in the winters can resolve this issue, as the temperature remains from15°C to 25°C during the above mentioned time frame. The city receives little to no rainfall during this season as well, which makes it the best time to explore Doha and all her wonders.

What are the major international airports in Doha?

Hamad International Airport (DOH) is the airport that serves the shining city of Doha. The airport replaced the older Doha International Airport and was opened for traffic in 2014. The new airport has been designed to process 50 million passengers a year. Hamad International is the primary airport for Qatar Airways, which is one of the leading airlines in the world. 35 million passengers went through the gates of the airport. Hamad International Airport has been made on reclaimed land and is only 13 kilometres from the city centre (Al Koot Fort). The car ride from the airport to the fort only takes 16 minutes.

What are the entry requirements to Doha for British travellers?

British citizen can obtain a 30-day free tourist visa-waiver at the airport upon arrival in Qatar. Please note that you should have a British Passport valid for at least six months from the date you arrive in Qatar.

What are the major landmarks in Doha?

Doha is a world metropolis. It is one of the financial capitals that are vying for dominance in the Persian Gulf. The city has built many museums and squares in recent years, and also preserved the culture and tradition that Qataris hold dear to their hearts.

  • The Souq Waqif is a traditional marketplace not far from the city centre and near the beach. The souq is among the last remaining cultural buildings in Doha that were made using traditional techniques. The building is still rough plastered. The Souq Waqif has many shops, cafes and restaurants, usually dishing out true Qatari cuisines and delights to its loyal customers. The sheesha parlour at the souq is often full of groups of friends and laughter. The Souq is more than a hundred years old, but the recent renovations have made the area a cultural hub and a social networking monument. Visit the Souq Waqif for a unique experience in Doha.
  • The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha is regarded as a marvel of architecture in itself. The building was planned by I. M Pei, who is a world-renowned architect. The museum has a comprehensive collection of Islamic art originating from Moorish Spain, India, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. The exhibits range from calligraphies to illustrations, textiles and woodworks. The museum is also free for tourists who come to the museum to see the artistic heritage of the Muslim world.
  • Aspire Park is located in the Al Waab district. The Aspire Zone is Doha’s Sports city that was specially constructed for the 15th Asian Games in 2006. The eighty-eight-hectare park contains the only lake in Qatar and has green gardens and pavements. The Park is an excellent place for people who love long walks and picnics. Aspire Park’s key feature is the Aspire Tower, which was the giant torch for the Asian Games. At night the park is illuminated by lights that grace it additional charm.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Doha?

Next to the Gold Souq is Doha’s central bus station. From there the city is covered by rings of bus routes that go beyond the city limit. Finding a bus in the city is straightforward. The coaches are air-conditioned, and even some of the bus stands are climate controlled. There are two types of taxis in Doha: Karwas and limousines. The Karwas are metered and are much cheaper than the limos. The driver charges the passenger four riyals at the beginning of the trip. You can also employ the services of Uber, which has been operating in the city since 2013. Waving to stop a taxi is next to impossible in Doha since there is a shortage of taxis in this growing metropolitan. So plan accordingly, when you are getting around Doha.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Doha?

Doha is the place for opulent and luxurious hotels. The hotels are designed to provide the best environment and comfort to its temporary residents and are staffed with professionals in the hotel industry.

  • Oryx Rotana Doha
  • Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels by Tivoli
  • Sharq Village & Spa
  • Golden Tulip Doha
  • Doha Marriott Hotel

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