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Air China
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 19 May - 02 Jun
£ 719.17
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return Deal found: 04/11
Qatar Airways
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 835.07
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return Deal found: 04/14
MAN ➞ NRT Manchester - Tokyo 04 Jun - 11 Jun
£ 850.68
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return Deal found: 04/16
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 862.16
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return Deal found: 04/12
Lot Polish Airlines
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 878.48
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return Deal found: 04/08
British Airways
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 913.08
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 04/11
Etihad Airways
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 936.91
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return Deal found: 04/08
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 975.98
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return Deal found: 04/11
Air France
MAN ➞ NRT Manchester - Tokyo 04 Jun - 11 Jun
£ 992.28
Pick Dates
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 19 May - 02 Jun
£ 719.17return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 835.07return
MAN ➞ NRT Manchester - Tokyo 04 Jun - 11 Jun
£ 850.68return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 862.16return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 878.48return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 913.08return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 936.91return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 01 May - 16 May
£ 975.98return
MAN ➞ NRT Manchester - Tokyo 04 Jun - 11 Jun
£ 992.28return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 08 Nov - 18 Nov
£ 2704.47return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 03 Oct - 24 Oct
£ 2917.21return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 03 Oct - 24 Oct
£ 3184.18return
LON ➞ NRT London - Tokyo 13 Oct - 26 Oct
£ 3203.64return

Flights from Tokyo to London

NRT ➞ LON 03 Nov - 22 Dec Check Fare  
£ 818.47 return
NRT ➞ LON 03 Nov - 22 Dec Check Fare  
£ 1022.19 return
NRT ➞ LON 03 Nov - 22 Dec Check Fare  
£ 1025.49 return
NRT ➞ LON 03 Nov - 22 Dec Check Fare  
£ 1053.49 return
NRT ➞ LON 03 Nov - 22 Dec Check Fare  
£ 1077.87 return

How can I find cheap flights to Tokyo with TravelhouseUK ?

There are times when our search engines are unable to provide our customers with a list of flight options. Some airlines go to Tokyo on specific dates; if you have not selected those dates in your travel plans, the listings are not going to be populated. Try entering different times in our website search engine for better results and a more diverse set of options. Most people who are looking for last minute flights to Tokyo get few search results as well because by that time most seats have already been booked. We advise all those looking for an urgent Tokyo flight to call our agents. Maybe there are a few cheap seats still available in our systems with your name on it.

Which airlines operate flights to Tokyo from UK?

  • Air France
  • Air China
  • All Nippon Airways
  • KLM
  • Swissair
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • British Airways

How long is the flight from UK to Tokyo?

  • The flight trip starting from London Heathrow Airport takes 16 to 17 hours to get to Tokyo. Depending on the route the airline takes, you would have one stopover during your journey, either in Paris or Beijing.
  • All Nippon Airways and Swissair offer the best flights to Tokyo from Manchester with just one stop. These flights are only 15 to 16 hours in duration.
  • KLM provides a one-stop trip to Tokyo from Birmingham, which is only 14 to 15 hours long. These flights have a brief layover in Amsterdam.
  • Taking off from London Gatwick Airport you can reach Tokyo in just 19 hours. Air China offers the cheapest flights, and they have a stopover in Beijing.

Are there any direct flights to Tokyo from London?

Yes, there are direct flights to Tokyo from London alone and are offered by Japan Airlines and British Airways. These flights only have a duration of 12 hours but are almost twice as expensive. If you are looking for a Non-stop flight to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics in July , please call our agents now for a cheaper deal and bring along your friends for more discounts.

Which airlines operate flight to Tokyo more Frequently?

Every international airline aspires to land its aeroplanes with both London and Tokyo, which is why there are numerous airlines connecting Tokyo with the United Kingdom. The cheapest of them all is Air China and Philippine Airlines. Other airlines like British Airways, Brussels Airlines, KLM and Lufthansa are also available to transfer passengers from the UK to Tokyo, but they are a bit more expensive. Turkish Airlines can be at times affordable, depending on the season.

How many flights are there from London to Tokyo daily?

British Airways, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, LOT Polish and Lufthansa all have daily flights to Tokyo. Thai Air, which is one of the most economical airlines operating on the UK to Tokyo route, also conducts daily flight services to Tokyo from London. In total, there are more than a hundred flights per week flying out of London for Japan’s capital city.

How can I get cheap Business Class flights to Tokyo?

Many travellers still believe that ‘cheap flights’ is only an Economy Class thing. We are happy to report that travelhouseuk also offers cheap Business Class flights to Tokyo from major UK airports. All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines, KLM, and Air France continue to be the top-ranking luxury airlines operating this route. In order to fly for less, waiting for the right limited-time offer or a flash sale is the rule of the day. With a newsletter subscription from travelhouseuk or the follow button pressed for one of our social media pages, you get to see the latest deals and discounts. If you find our quote still on the expensive side, we also have an instalment plan option to facilitate you.

Cheap flights to Tokyo with Air China

Air China is one of the most affordable options for travellers to Japan. Many of our customers have used the airline and gave us positive feedback. The airline is continuously improving on the level of service and with new aeroplanes joining its fleet; the airline is ambitious to go global. Using Air China, the flight is first destined to Beijing, and after a brief stopover, it continues onwards to Tokyo. This way the passenger does not need to travel off route and adds only 500 kilometres extra to the distance travelled by a direct flight from the UK to Tokyo. The airline offers two-piece luggage limit, enough for a family visit to Tokyo over the summer break. The Air China ticket to Japan’s capital costs around £450, which is a bargain for all those planning to tour Tokyo for the summer Olympics. So pack your bags and be ready to cheer on the UK team on the opening day of the Tokyo Olympics.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Tokyo?

Right before Christmas season, the month of November is the cheapest time to explore Tokyo. Fortunately, there are not many spots of rain or snow falling over the city during that month, but it is sure is a bit chillier. The average temperature is just 8°C during this time, which is not the ideal weather for a once in a lifetime vacation to Tokyo, but for the cheapest travel cost, November is perfect. The weather is not all that bad. Tokyo is surrounded by an urban heat island that keeps the temperature above freezing, even in the middle of winter. All you need is a jacket and an ambitious list of landmarks and bars you want to visit on your low-cost trip to Tokyo to keep you toasty.

Is There a Major International Airport in Tokyo?

Tokyo has two international airports, but usually, international passengers land on Narita International Airport (NRT). Last year, 87 million passengers moved in and out of Narita International Airport making it the third busiest airport in Asia and the fourth busiest international airport in the world. The airport is connected by the Tokyo monorail and as well as the Keisei underground trains that connect it with the other airport in Tokyo that primarily serves domestic flights. The airport is only one and a half hour away from Tokyo city centre by car.

Haneda International Airport (HND) is the other international airport in the city. However, the airport’s primary focus is to entertain domestic flights and be a landing spot for low-cost carriers. Last year, Haneda International processed 42 million passengers. The run from London Heathrow to Tokyo is among the ten busiest routes to Haneda International. Haneda International is connected with Keisei trains, Japan Railway and bus network to help people disperse across the country. Using the Metropolitan Expressway Wangan Line, a traveller can reach the Tokyo city centre by car in just 20 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Tokyo?

The best time to visit Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, is from April to June. Beyond those months the temperature can get warmer than most people like, with highs in the mid-thirties. However, these three months are pleasantly balmy and invite the tourists to go about Tokyo and check out the beautiful palaces and neon-lit streets of the city. During April, May and June the average temperature barely moves out of the 20°C to 25°C range. September and October exhibit similar temperatures; it’s the humidity that rises after the summer showers that keeps some travellers from having outdoor experiences. Due to these welcoming weather conditions, more tourists are coming to Tokyo in these early summer months. There is a slight - not substantial - increase in airfare and accommodation expenses during these months. However, for those who are on a budget, they should call our agents early for better deals and discounts.

What are the major landmarks in Tokyo?

  • The Tokyo Skytree is the second tallest structure in the world. At 634 meters height, it towers over the city and can be seen from every corner of Tokyo. The building’s actual purpose is to be a transmitting antenna for television and radio transmission, but there is also an observation deck on the higher floors of the tower where tourists can see a bird’s eye view of the entire city. The Tokyo Skytree is illuminated by LEDs that bathe the building in blue and purple light. The Skytree is the best place to come and get acquainted by the legendary city of Tokyo.
  • Senso-Ji is an ancient Buddhist temple and the oldest shrine in Tokyo with a tremendous cultural standing in Japanese society. Surrounded by futuristic skyscrapers, the Senso-Ji temple joins Tokyo’s past with its technologically advanced future. The temple was partially destroyed in World War II but has been remade and now titanium tiles that are stronger and lighter protect the roof. A tree in the temple’s courtyard that sprouted out of the charred husk of the fallen tree symbolises the rebirth of Japan after the war. The statues of the Shinto gods at the temple are relics that make Senso-Ji a site worth a visit.
  • The Meiji Shrine is struck in time, surrounded by customs and rituals. This Shinto shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken’s immortal spirit. The sanctuary gets a lot of visitors, especially on the Japanese New Year: a practice known as Hatsumode. The temple exists as an oasis of serenity and peace in the bustling heart of Tokyo when the cherry trees bloom. The Meiji shrine is a religious centre and the gardens around the temple host many cultural festivals throughout the year. There is also the ‘treasure museum’ that houses the many manuscripts of literary works by ancient Japanese emperors and empresses.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Tokyo?

  • The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
  • Pullman Tokyo Tamachi
  • Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo
  • Grand Hyatt Tokyo

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