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why travel to kathmandu?

The very happening and chaotic metropolis of Nepal, Kathmandu is the hub of the country's epic wonders. Beautifully set in a valley of an altitude of 1300 meters, Kathmandu has over the years attracted tourists for not only its indulgent beauty but also the exotic blend created by the various ethnic groups and the wealth of historic buildings that accompanies it. Uniquely designed by the epic works of craftsmen and traders that took inspiration from the neighbouring countries, the city of Kathmandu boasts an air of its formal glory while retaining the fast-paced life that is reminiscent of a sprawling city.

Begin your journey unravelling the miraculous wonders that Kathmandu's Old City depicts. This is where you will get to explore the beauty of the golden era in Nepal’s development of extraordinary architecture. The Old City boasts a web of alleys amidst the central Durbar Square. The historic beauty of the narrow alleys with the vast number of exquisite temples located to the north and south of the Square creates that picture-perfect moment guaranteed to stay etched in your minds forever. The central Durbar Square located in front of the Old Royal Palace is one of the three durbar squares that have been categorized in UNESCO's World Heritage listed sites owing to its historic significance. The square once stood as the place assigned for the crowning of the kings and as such showcases the beauty of the old iconic architectural edifice. The immediate vicinity of the square is dominated by the ancient Newari architecture that makes it a must-visit destination and all the more fascinating to explore. The Royal Palace opposite the Durbar Square, also called Hanuman Dhoka, will take you through many small and big palaces and their massive royal courtyards that make for an interesting visit. There is also a small museum attached to the palace for those intrigued to unravel the life of the royals that once prevailed in Nepal. Another one of the museums not to be missed while in Kathmandu is the Patan Museum. Housed in one of the former residences of the Malla Kings, this museum exhibits fascinating displays of religious art and the inspiration behind the prevalent architecture of Nepal. 

There are also a number of exquisite age-old temples and shrines in Kathmandu that are best to getting the gist of the old world culture and traditions.After all, you can't visit this city popularly also named as the "city of temples" without visiting one of its iconic temples. TheBodhnath Stupa located a short distance from the city center houses one of the largest stupas in the world that makes it an interesting place to visit. The huge white-washed dome of the stupa displays the iconic Buddhist art that you will love exploring as it also represents one the holiest of Tibetan Buddhist site outside of Tibet. Furthermore, the Golden Temple or Kwa Bahal, located just north of the Durbar Square houses another one of those fascinatingly thrilling sites that will leave you mesmerized. With its ornate stone doorway and extraordinary sculptures painted gold and bronze, the temple exhibits one of the stunning temples of Kathmandu believed to be founded in the 12th century. 

If all these history-laden attractions make you want to escape to a world of indulgent natural beauty, then Kathmandu's famed Garden of Dreams is just the place for you. This park-like enclosure boasts European styled landscaping and architecture with gorgeous gardens, soothing fountains, ponds and exotic flora, making it one of the top rated attractions of this beautiful city. Visitors are often seen relaxing or picnicking in the stunning expanse of this European inspired gardens. 

what are the air operators providing cheap flights to kathmandu from uk?

Some of the leading airlines offering cheap flights to Kathmandu city from the UK are Air India, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Jet Airways and Virgin Atlantic. 

are there any direct flights from london to kathmandu?

There are no direct flights to Kathmandu from London as of the latest flight records. 

what is the average flight time from london to kathmandu?

The average flight time from London to Kathmandu is 11hours 40minutes. 

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu's main airport, is located at a distance of approximately 6 km from the city center. 

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Tribhuvan International Airport offers some convenient and reliable ground transportation options. The most popular mode of reaching the city is via the taxis. Both local and pre-paid taxi options are available at Kathmandu's airport. Taxis can easily be hailed upon exiting the terminals of the airport. Kathmandu's airport also operates local and private buses that offer a comparatively cheaper option of travelling to the city as compared to the taxis. 

Car rental companies are also available at Kathmandu's airport for those seeking to hire their own private vehicles for reaching the city. 

Many of Kathmandu's hotels also offer private shuttle services for its valued guests arriving at the airport. The shuttle services offered by these hotels then offer convenient transportation to and from the airport. 

how to get around kathmandu?

Kathmandu city offers an extensive public transport within the city. 

A popular mode of getting around the city is via the taxis. These can easily be distinguished by the prevalent Taxi sign accompanied by the black number plates of the vehicle. Taxis in Kathmandu are generally metered although you may find many taxi drivers unwilling to charge by the meter. Bargain for the fare to your intended destination of travel for these unmetered taxis prior to boarding the vehicle. Night-time rates, between 10pm and 6am, will be 50% more than the fares charged during the day. Many tourist sites of Kathmandu also have rickshaws offering cheap fares for the ride. These are three-wheeled vehicles offering only two passenger ride in the backseat with only the driver's seat upfront. 

The cheapest mode of getting around Kathmandu city is via the bus. However this may not be a feasible option for many foreigners not accustomed to the crowded buses of this city. Route numbers of the buses and the destinations to which they are travelling are also predominantly written in Nepali language rather than English. However the cashier or attendant present in every bus will convey the destination to which the bus is heading to. Buses offer transport within the city and beyond. 

Many agencies in Kathmandu also offer bicycles for rent. This might not be a feasible option for those having any sort of dust allergies given the traffic concerns of the city. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in kathmandu?

Kathmandu offers a range of accommodation options that include high-end to mid-ranged hotels, lodges and guesthouses. Many of the luxury and budget hotels of Kathmandu are carefully designed in the prevalent architectural style Nepal with some reminiscing the temples and palaces. Local culture is what you will find being observed in all. In the high-end category, Kathmandu houses a number of extravagantly-styled hotels nestled in between the iconic greenery of the country. There are also a number of some of the leading international chain of luxury hotels known for their indulgent living and impeccable service to choose from. Facilities offered by these hotels are 24 hour stand-by generators given Nepal's power cuts; indoor and outdoor swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, and airport pick and drop services. These high-end hotels can be found a short distance away from Durbar Marg near the former Royal Palace. Many of the other tourist popular hotels are located in Thamel. 

Budget hotels and guesthouses are also easy to find in Kathmandu that is located close to some of the city's main tourist attractions. These offer spacious rooms equipped with all the modern amenities that don’t come with a hefty price tag. Hotel fares are usually dependent upon the prevailing season. The months of October to November and February to April usually witness an influx of tourists and therefore fares are usually expected to rise.

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