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Unlike Tokyo, Fukuoka is a relaxed alternative for the visitors. This beautiful city in the south of Japan is famed for its multiple ancient attractions and a contrasting modernly developed skyline with stunning shopping malls, museums, and brilliant natural attractions making it all worth a visit. It lies on the Kyushu Island and was once a significant port in history. Due to a prominent past, there are numerous attractions worth exploring. The Ohori Park, Kushida shrine, a couple of Cat Cafes and Maizuru Park are some of the highlights of this bustling metropolis. Finding cheap flights to Fukuoka can be availed without much ado from the Travelhouseuk. Our experts can help you in planning your vacation in the best possible way.

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This city is famed for its ample amount of cherry blossom trees, which are in full bloom during the spring season. Visitors from all across the country and from other countries come here to relish the sight of beautiful hues of purple and pinks covering most of the areas. Similarly, the autumns are also very pleasant for expedition and for site seeing. Therefore buy cheap flights to Fukuoka during the months of March April or September October to find the city at its best.

places to see and things to do

The city lies in the southern part of the country and is one of the oldest port cities. Many ancient structures are there to reflect its history and the city is remodeled to offer a blend of antiquity and avant-gardism. Its high rising shopping malls, prehistoric shrines, illuminated roads, manicured parks, chic and trendy bars, street foods and high-end restaurants make it a haven for the holidaymakers coming here after taking cheap flights to Fukuoka.

Ohori Koen is an expansive and stunning park in the city. It is famed for providing an aesthetic feel to its visitors who are looking for a traditional Japanese retreat. It is situated around a beautiful lake, which comprises of three small islands. These scenic islands are connected with bridges and are at their best when the cherry blossom trees are in their full bloom. These islands offer a stupendous retreat for the sore eyes during the spring. The Fukuoka Castle located in the heart of the city is another attraction worth visiting. This beautiful castle lies in the Maizuru Park, which itself is a beautiful place to visit. The castle was built during the 17th century as an emblem of then monarch. Later on, it was destroyed and its ruins are standing there still as a piece of history. There are a number of walking paths to reach the castle and during the spring, the whole park becomes very beautiful with cherry blossom trees.

Kushida shrine is another picturesque spot to visit. It was built in 757 AD and holds an important position in the area. During the month of July every year, the biggest festival of the city is being organized here known as the Yamakasa Gion Matsuri. In this festival colorful giant floats are displayed which offer an interesting sight for the visitors. Shofuku-ji temple is an 8th century old temple in the city. It is one of the main attractions of the city. Eisai the first priest to embrace this religion built it. Sumiyoshi Jinja, is the oldest shrine of all. It is said to be created for the god who takes care of the travelers. Located amidst the thick cedar and camphor trees, it offers a tranquil and surreal escape with panoramic views.

For the families Marine World Umino-nakamichi is an impeccable attraction. With sea otters, dolphins and thousands of marine species on display, it is one of the most recommended aquariums in the country. Its main feature is the walk through tank where you can come face to face with sharks and other colorful fish. If you want to scuba dive, you can also opt for that in the tank.

Buy cheap flights to Fukuoka as there are a number of other places to delve in as well. Fukuoka Art Museum is a beautiful building, which holds Asian art exhibits. Many ancient and contemporary artworks are displayed here. Kyushu National Museum is a huge complex with futuristic style architecture. Its main focus is to highlight the history of the city more than art. Moreover, Fukuoka Tower is a brilliant Japanese skyscraper on the seaside. It offers excellent views of Hakata Bay and the adjacent areas.

hotels and accommodation:

There are numerous of accommodation options for the travelers in the city. Cheap flights to Fukuoka can be availed along with affordable hotel packages by some advance planning. As the tradition and culture of the country so indicates, the hospitality services in the city are very adequate. Where ever you go, you will find the staff gracious and very humble so staying in any of the hotel will be very comfortable . Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin, Vessel Inn Hakata Nakasu, Fukuoka Hana Hostel, Hotel Hokke Club Fukuoka, Hotel MyStays Fukuoka Tenjinminami etc., are some of the classic options in the city offering well equipped sophisticated rooms, free Wi-Fi facilities , local and foreign restaurants etc.

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