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Cheap flights to Sialkot

If you need Cheap flights to Sialkot, you have reached the right place. Travelhouseuk offers the best possible airfares for Sialkot flights. Even though there are no direct flights to Sialkot from UK as yet, there are one-stop connecting flights with Emirates and PIA. If you want tickets to Sialkot all the way in one itinerary, then these are the only two airlines. You have a multitude of options if you opt to connect on a domestic via any of the major airports like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. This way you can book tickets to Sialkot with all other leading airlines such as Qatar, Etihad, Kuwait, Turkish and Saudi Airlines.

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airlines that offer sasti flights to sialkot
  • Pakistan Intertional Airlines (PK)
  • Emirates (EK)
  • Gulf Air (GF)
why travel to sialkot?

Sialkot, a city known for its industrial and historical significance, is located in north eastern Punjab, near the river Chenab. The ‘Modern Sialkot’ is one of the major industrial cities of Pakistan. Sports, surgical goods, leather garments, uniform badges, musical instruments, stainless steel utensils, health gloves and many other exportable items are produced in Sialkot. Adidas has a factory located in the city and the footballs used in the FIFA World Cup editions of 2006 and 2014 were made in the city. The shrines and tombs in the mausoleum complex of Sialkot consist of narrow streets leading to multiple shrines including the shrine of Imam Ali UlHaq, the 13th century caliph famous for converting a majority of Sialkot’s population to Islam through his nobility and humbleness. The Sialkot Fort is located in the city premises, famous for being the site of the original stronghold of Raja Salivahan. The birthplace of Allama Mohammad Iqbal, the famed poet and philosopher of the subcontinent who inspired the Pakistan Movement, is located in Sialkot as well. It has been developed into a small museum, IqbalManzil, home to some of his original books and belongings. Among major mosques and tombs is the Jamia Masjid, the Grand Mosque of Sialkot with one of its minarets being the tallest landmark of the city. Other places of interest include the tombs of great Muslim scholars, Hakim Khadim Ali, Hafiz Muhammad Alam and Mullah Abdul Hakeem Sialkoti. The Trunk Bazaar, Tehsil bazaar, Saddar bazaar and Lahai bazaar make up the major city markets for getting hands on locally produced goods.

how far is the airport from the city centre?

The Sialkot International Airport is located 10 to 12 kilometres west of the city near the town of Sambrial. It is categorized to be the airport with the longest runways in Pakistan. 

which major airlines fly to sialkot from the uk?

Gulf Air and the Emirates are the major airlines that fly to Sialkot from the UK.

how to travel to the city centre from the airport?

The airport parking is usually flooded with taxis and rickshaws to take arriving passengers to their respective destinations. Rental car services are also available but they have to be booked beforehand.

how to get around the city?

To get around Sialkot conveniently one should try renting a car or using a taxi service if you don’t know your way around the city. Local transport options include the Quinqi, a Chinese motorcycle rickshaw for allowing travel to be real cheap.

best time to visit sialkot?

Sialkot is chilly in winter and humid in summer. Arguably the best time to visit the city is in spring, when the weather is pleasant to enjoy a day out exploring the city. 

average flight time from uk to sialkot?

Average flight time from UK to Sialkot is 8 hours and 30 minutes.

is there any direct flight to sialkot from uk?

Emirates offers direct flights from London to Sialkot.

where to stay in sialkot?

The city is home to numerous hotels, the best among them being Javson Hotel and the Jeevens Hotel. All the accommodation options are local. Located nearby the city are other hotels like the Jewels and the Jammu International. A trend exists of providing apartment hotel rooms to all the guests. Guest houses are rare options in the city.

Places of Interest near Sialkot Airport Airport

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