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best time to visit

Japan’s winter provides skiing and hot springs, summer offers beaches, foliage & moderate temperatures during fall season and the cherry blossoms in spring. In short, its a year-round destination.

places to visit and things to do

Setting an example for the modern world in terms of organized progress, the country has preserved much of its original roots to represent its culture. Here are the things that would help you decide your trip tp this country and book cheap flights to Japan. It still follows a monarchy, symbolized with its Imperial Palace present in the heart of the capital, Tokyo. Shogunates and samurai warlords have ruled over these lands for centuries, leaving behind a legacy of castle heritage which is highly preserved today. Every castle has left its own mark on the country’s history; Hirosaki Castle noted for its samurai museum and cherry blossom fields, Kochi Castle being among the last few original white castles, Mount Gagyu’s Bitchu Matsuyama being the only mountain castle, Hikone Castle serving as the national treasury, Maruoka Castle being the oldest Keep of The country, and the Nagoya Castle, one of the main standing traces of the rule of dynasties before the country became officially recognized as a state.  Itsukushima island, Lake Ashi, Hashima Island, Amanohashidate sand bar, Nishihama beach, Yonaha Beach and Yakushima Island are all protected reserves of natural growth and birdlife present in The country. Nationally acclaimed gardens like the Kairakuen, Korakuen, Kenrokuen and Ritsuren, along with whole parks like Arashiyama, Yakushima, Nara Park and Jikogudani park not only serve to protect biodiversity but also local animal habitats. Art is highlighted in large sculptures at Koyasan Okunion, or entire structures of contemporary architecture at the Hakone Open Air Museum. Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum and Studio Ghibli Museum are other art speciality institutions in the country. The The countryese heritage is highly affiliated with Buddhist influence, which makes religious sites as important landmarks to witness the local culture. Kiyomizudera Temple, Yasukuni Shrine, Todai-ji Temple and Meiji Shrine are places of worship surrounded by courtyards and gardens. Religious diversity in this part of Asia varies between Shintoism, Buddhism and Confucian. This shed light on why there are so many different designs on some of the world’s oldest structures present here, such as the Horyuji Temple, Grand Ise Shrine, Izumo Shrine, Seta Utaki site and Asumui site. Specialty highlights like Geisha dances, sumo wrestling matches and Anime Harajuku Parades of youth fashion are of prime importance. The The countryese lifestyle has a specific taste when it comes to family based entertainment, using anime characters for highlighting theme parks and rides for adults and children alike. The Fuji Q Highland is the largest amusement theme park with tall rides of rollercoasters to get a good view of the landscape, surrounded by the range of Mount Fuji. Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium ranks in the largest aquariums to showcase giant marine life, along with the public aquarium at the port of Nagoya, which has a trained dolphin and whale display of acrobatics. If that’s not enough to encourage you to book your cheap flights to Japan, then check out details on the Huis Ten Bosch follows the entire theme of being a settlement of Netherlands, complete with fountains, flower gardens and windmills to create that same ambience of the famed tulip fields. International brands like Universal Studios theme park, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Resort are also present. 

hotels and accommodation

The country is a great destination for those hoping to get a unique experience of culture and lifestyle. It is always advisable to add a hotel to your reservation when booking cheap flights to Japan. Owing to the discreet mind-set prevalent in the community, homestay options are non-existent. Traditional guesthouses termed as Ryokan facilitate luxury and hospitality with standard traditions. They also are segregated by category. Budget accommodations are also differentiated, depending upon the area for a stay. Large cities have adapted to their populations by providing capsule hotels confined with a space for a single mattress within a cubicle or a capsule. There are cramped business hotels as well to cater for the working class citizens settled alone in urban areas. In suburbs and rural towns, campsites also exist for backpackers, while hostels and certain temples have rooms charging very nominal rates for a stay. Local options also include inns facilitating bed and breakfast, along with basic services. Global cities like Tokyo or industrial hubs like Osaka are decked with international hotel chains or ‘Western hotels’, consisting of high rise towers, providing deluxe rooms and suites with good views, relaxation services like pools and spas, continental restaurants and cafes for snacks and desserts, and shopping arcades. Overall, the standard etiquette is that accommodations charge their guests at the rate of per person, not per room.

estimated expenses to keep in mind while booking cheap flights to japan
  • A single meal at an international fast food chain: £ 3.4
  • A large bottle of mineral water: £ 0.75
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 2.4
  • A regular bottle of soft drink: £ 0.7
  • A local commutation ticket: £ 1.06
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 16
  • A local The countryese inn (per person): £ 38
  • A high-rise metropolitan hotel (individual stay): £ 90
  • Traditional exclusive stay at a Ryokan or as a paying guest at the high temples: £ 180
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