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Fly to the heart of Afghanistan to discover the unexpected, by visiting the ‘metropolitan hub’ of the country, Kabul. Despite surviving through excessive civil war and resurgences which have waved over the country, Kabul has revived economically as well as collaterally. Representing its distinct history as a major transit destination for international trade routes, it is home to landmarks from empires and sultans involving Sassanids as well as the Mughals. Khawaja Rawash International Airport caters for all aviation needs of the entire province of Kabul, hosting hundreds of international and domestic flights on a weekly basis. With cheap flights to Kabul landing you to the main airport of the city, you can have a plethora of options from attraction to hotels to choose from. Get the best airfare deals of leading airlines from Travelhouse UK.

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Best time to visit Kabul

Afghanistan is a landlocked nation and lies in a strategically significant location in Asia. The reason being an important trade route and a treasure trove for the history buffs, it is visited quite often by the foreigners. The best time, however, is the spring and the autumn season. Many travelers take cheap flights to Kabul during the spring as the hills are covered with green vegetation and the cascading rivers provide impeccable scenery. Summers are smelting hot with dryness and dusty winds making quite unpleasant to visit the capital.  The autumns draw most of the travelers, as the days are cool and nights very pleasant with abundance of fruits everywhere.

Places to see and things to do in Kabul

The city that links the East from the West, provides a crossroads where great civilizations meet and is the hub of diverse food, traditions, arts and languages, Kabul the capital of Afghanistan exhibits the artefacts and historical places beautifully can be visited by taking cheap flights to Kabul. 

The bustling city has a lot to offer in terms of all there is to see and do. This is a city that takes pride in its heritage and its prime location at the Kabul River. Witness scenic brilliances of unmatched views by the River Kabul and get ready to be charmed by the displays at the museum, Kabul Museum. Start your journey by discovering the Afghan National Museum, which boasts one of the finest collections of artifacts that exhibit the history of Afghanistan. Since the year 1920’s, the museum holds treasures such as the Bagram Collection. 

Kabul BalaHisar was built around the 5th century B.C. This ancient fortress is situated towards the south of the contemporary city center at the end of the daunting Kuh-e-Sherdarwaza Mountain. These are known to be the 20 feet high “walls of Kabul” which extend towards the mountains as well. For some outdoor recreation, head over to the Bibi Mahru Hill, which has a scenic walking track. 

Witness the tomb of the “Iron Amir” that is located at the Zarnegar Park, the ideal place to find a get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Sherpur Mosque which is located nearby is another attraction that should not be missed out on. The blue tiled mosque was built in 1957 and is referred to as the Masjid-e Haji Yaqub.

In addition to this, one can enjoy the weather and the pleasant sunrise at the Gardens of Babur. This is an excellent place for family and friends to relax especially during the summer days as it boasts a huge swimming pool. This picnic park is also known for the tomb of Mughal Emperor, Babur, who laid out these gardens during the 16th century. The terraces of the garden provide stunning views of the skyline of Kabul. The Gardens of Babur have been a favorite amongst tourists since years who come here by taking cheap flights to Kabul, especially after Amir Abdul Rehman made renovations. Sultani Museum is another attraction of Kabul that has lured many due to its massive assortment of artifacts and historical wonders.

The highlight of Kabul are the mosques. The rich Islamic heritage is evident from the stunning architecture from these mosques. Id Gah Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Kabul and a prime spot for all the religious celebrations. Another is known as the Mosque of the King of Two Swords, this mosque was built in the 1920s and has a modern touch to it that no other mosque has. Shah e DohShamshira Mosque is a two storied building with the tiny minarets showing the real purpose of this Italianate Baroque.  

If you are in need of some recreation, make sure you head over to the Kabul Zoo, which is a home to animal lovers across the world. Chai Khanas are traditional stopover point for locals. Beautifully decorated, these tea places are worth visiting for a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea. 

Hotels and accommodation in Kabul:

Kabul does not lack hotels; nonetheless there are only a few that meet western or international standards. Other hotels offer basic amenities and are bearable at best. Some of the 5 star hotels are nestled at the foot of the Hindu Kush Mountains and provide breathtaking views of the entire city. These hotels are centrally air-conditioned and provide deluxe suites as well to make your stay a memorable one. In addition to this, the five star hotels are also equipped with conferencing and banqueting facilities. Head over to the Froshgah Street to stay at some of the best hotels that Kabul has to offer. With facilities such as free Wi-Fi services, centrally air conditioned rooms, mini bars, complimentary newspapers and coffee-making facilities, the luxury suites will pamper you to the core. Another top hotel of Kabul is situated near the embassies and the airport. The close proximity to these prime locations makes it the first choice for most travelers who come here by availing cheap flights to Kabul. The hotel has over hundreds of rooms, each more luxurious than the last. Budget hotels can also be found near the airport at a 15-minute drive.

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