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China Eastern Airlines
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 633.19
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return Deal found: 07/15
Air China
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 711.39
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return Deal found: 07/18
Cathay Pacific
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 907.29
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return Deal found: 07/18
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1211.49
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return Deal found: 07/24
Hainan Airlines
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1315.49
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return Deal found: 07/19
Singapore Airlines
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1526.99
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return Deal found: 07/21
British Airways
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1586.29
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return Deal found: 07/17
Air France
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 6684.19
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LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 633.19return
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 711.39return
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 907.29return
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1211.49return
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1315.49return
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1526.99return
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 1586.29return
LHR ➞ NKG Heathrow - Nanjing 12 Sep - 03 Oct
£ 6684.19return
best time to visit

Nanjing is an exciting city to explore, but only when you choose to travel to it wisely. The summers in Nanjing are particularly very hot which make the city one of the hottest in China. Therefore m it better to avoid the scorching heat also because July is the rainy season. The winters are cold and snowy sometimes with January being the coldest month, so if you are willing to brave the weather then you can visit the city by taking cheap flights to Nanjing, in falls. The best time, nonetheless, to visit Nanjing is during the autumn and spring season. The plums are in full bloom and serves as a pleasant weather that is perfect for any daily expeditions. 

places to see and things to do

Nanjing is a prehistoric city hidden away in China which has recently gotten the attention of all those who are looking for unveiling ancient historic wonders. This city is filled with boast worthy historic stories that shaped its present stature. Its rich history can be witnessed through the ancient architecture and the culture is well observed among the locals. With so much to offer, cheap flights to Nanjing help the vacationers to be more interested in exploring the city.

 Starting from the honored Purple and Gold Mountain, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Qinhuai River, Nanjing City Wall, Confucius Temple, Nanjing Museum to the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, are some of the most beautiful and stunning sights of Nanjing. These Nanjing sights offer the best chance to realize and breathe in this ancient city. No travel to the city can be complete without witnessing these must-see attractions first hand in Nanjing.

Being the capital of several Chinese imperial dynasties, Nanjing has a cultural heritage that is evident from the imposing mausoleums, traditional buildings and old temples. Once in the city, it is a must that you visit The Purple Mountain Area which is also called Zijin Shan or Purple-God Mountain. this area boosts most of the attractions of the city. It not only covers half of the fascinations that have attracted thousands in this city's suburbs but it dominates the northeastern skyline. Some of the must visit attractions include the father of China's great revolution, Xiaoling Mausoleum of the first Ming emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang, and the temple of antiquity.

One of the many attractions that define Nanjing is the Confucius Temple which is known to be one of the oldest structures in the history of Nanjing and it now comprises of an enormous bronze Confucius statue, erected  at 4.18 meters high and weighing approximately two and a half tons is simply a must visit. 

From the presidential Palace to the Jiming Temple, there is simply a lot to see in Nanjing especially when it comes to unique architecture. Moreover, relish the intricacy of the 1500 years old Linggu Temple. This temple is one such site, which should not be missed out on. It is the most iconic Buddhist temple on the world.

If you are a Chinese food lover, then take cheap flights to Nanjing, to taste some of the excellent delicacies because, the food culture in Nanjing is also very exciting. There are a number of restaurants offering traditional Chinese dishes with authentic flavors. The Fuzimiao dining street, offers stalls where you can find delicious food on very low price. In addition to that, visit Liu Feng Ju to taste the extraordinary foodie delights. Some of the common delicacies are the pressed duck, Fried Spring Onion Pancake, The salty soup duck, Dou Fu Nao, Gan Si etc.

hotels and accommodation

Nanjing provides a good deal of high-end accommodation as well as budget stays. With cheap flights to Nanjing in hand, you can find a good accommodation option without much ado. If you are looking for luxury hotels then head over to the commercial center Xinjiekou. However, it should be noted that some five star hotels are located in Tangshan, which is a famous mountain with natural hot springs situated in the suburbs. 

Nanjing is home to some of the tallest buildings, which offer luxury hotels with stunning views of the city skyline and provide top notch facilities. From unlimited WiFi access to personalized customer service, these hotels really know how to pamper their guests. These hotels represent Chinese architecture and hospitality wonderfully and provide its guests with a true Chinese experience like never before. One can also find many cost efficient hotels on the Zhongyang Road. These budget hotels are plentiful and usually cost less than RMB 200 which is approximately US$32 per night with the exception of some branches that only provide accommodation to local guests.

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