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best time to visit

In Chongqing, the summers from June to August experience a subtropical climate making the atmosphere rainy and humid. Alternatively, the winters are cold and foggy. Therefore, the best time to visit the city, by taking cheap flights to Chongqing are the spring and autumn seasons. In spring the orange blossom bloom to their fullest making the city more picturesque and in autumns, the lush green grasslands along with pleasant weather make it quite a worthwhile experience to explore the city.

places to see and things to do

Although Chongqing is a relatively recent settlement, today it stands as one of the most important regions in all of China. The city is a place of great natural beauty and is also rich with its historic background and cultural dynamism. It is a modern port city, which makes it more accessible. It has experienced rampant development over the years but is successful in maintain natural ambiance. Cheap flights to Chongqing are available to visit this city’s numerous attractions.

It is well known in China for its historic structures. The Treasured Summit Hill is a famous historic site bound to attract visitors from all over the world. It is filled with stunning sculptures dating back to the 11th and 12th century, centering a massive masterpiece featuring the Buddha entering nirvana, its takes travelers back in time. Moreover, the Hunguang Guild Hall is worth spending hours at, while appreciating its beautifully restored museum complex as well as for exhibiting exceptional artwork, furniture and artifacts from decades ago. Among the founding members of China’s mainstream communist party was Zhou Enlai, whose residence is preserved as an official museum in Chongqing. Another unique historical landmark is the General Stillwell Museum, dedicated to an American General during the times of the Great War, similar to General Jiang Jieshi’s military headquarters preserved in the mountains right beyond the city. Song Qing Ling Residence and Zha Zi Dong Prison are additional landmarks giving an insight into the city’s political roots.

For interesting outdoor activities heading out to the Fishing Town Fortress is a splendid idea, as it is famed for being a part of China’s ancient historical battlefield. The 700-year-old fortress is surrounded by cascading rivers, providing a great natural experience. Many travelers undertake cheap flights to Chongqing to visit the fortress. Upon visiting, many other things including the Buddhist carvings, gravestones and ruins at Dazu are expected to fascinate travelers.

Nights are best spent on City River Cruises as neon lights perfectly flash on the water, making it truly mesmerizing. The massive river system touching the city includes the famous Three Gorges, notably the Qutang Gorge and the Wu Gorge, along with the third Xiling Gorge offering traditional venues for river tours. Facilities have been developed for sightseeing tours of the countryside, may it be a cable car ride over the Yangtze River, or one of the longest escalator rides of the world connecting the Caiyuanba Railway Station in the highlands with the main road.

Chongqing’s landscape is geologically rich as well, with numerous major hot spring spots facilitating commercial services for relaxation therapies. Among them, the main ones are the Tianci, Northern and Southern Hot Springs Parks. It is worth noting that Chongqing offers a rather happening food scene by catering to various distinct cuisines, both national and international, at main places like Chaotianmen, Hua Yuan Tourist Spot and Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street. Therefore, visiting this dynamic city by availing cheap flights to Chongqing is a memorable experience.  

hotels and accommodation:

With a wide array of spectacular hotels to choose from, Chongqing also offers a few budget hotels making your vacation a breeze after taking cheap flights to Chongqing. Apartments are also found in many variations, either a part of a soaring high building offering exquisite views and luxury facilities as well as low key ones offering comfort and cleanliness. To enjoy mid-range hotels and apartments, visitors are best advised to consider the Downtown part of the city. Being still in touch with its vintage cultural roots, this area is bound to offer budget friendly accommodations, leaving visitors pleased. The luxury segment of the hotels is either focused on the main public parks of the city or the commercial plazas in the area. Inns are equipped with simple rooms available with both shared and single options. Some of the biggest offers are the dormitories and hostels directly overlooking one of the main rivers of Chongqing. However, for the affluent, who are conscious to avail the very best of globally distinguished services can opt for one of the branches of international hotel chains on affordable holiday package deals along with cheap flights to Chongqing from Travelhouse UK. There is a minimal trend of accommodations from the boutique category. Among exclusive guesthouses, the railway guesthouse remains the only prominent facility having a reputation of catering for guests.

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