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Leading its identity in the world of technological development, South Korea may be declared as the modern liberal state in the Far East. This small nation is full of potential and somewhat one of the most advanced countries in the Asian Region. Apart from its reputation of being a hi-tech zone, Korea offers a variety of quintessential landmarks for the visitors. From its luscious rivers to green hills and cherry blossom trees, its dynamic landscape is one aspect that makes this country worth travelling to. Its capital Seoul is the heartthrob of the nation with most of the attractions accumulated in one city. Moreover, there are quaint coastal villages, stupendous beaches, geological landmarks, prehistoric temples and much more. Get to witness the tiger economy of Asia by availing Flights to South Korea under economy bookings.

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best time to visit

South Korea experience four distinct weather patterns. The spring and autumns are generally the optimum time to visit the country. There are blankets of cherry blossom trees and flowers covering the hills and cites of the country and it autumns the climate is so appropriate for the site seeing and to visit the hills. The summers however, are muggy and hot so better avoid it. Finding cheap flights to South Korea during the summers is quite easy however to find the best prices during the springs and autumns, its best to plan ahead.  Winters are harsh and in case you want to brave the weather then, you can visit its powdery snowcapped peaks in the north.

places to see and things to do

South Korea is much more than a technological giant. This nation stood tall from beneath the rubbles and became one of the most sought after destination in Asia. Its commercial value cannot be denied worldwide, but it also acquires a treasure of natural and manmade wonders. You can take cheap flights to South Korea and witness its natural attractiveness as well as it modern and contemporary ambiance.

Seoul its capital is amodern metropolitan, designed on contemporary design. It is famous for its futuristic structures, trendy bars, hypnotic hedonistic spots, hi tech subways, modern skyscrapers, and a rich heritage which is apparent from its temples and palaces.
Moreover, the snow-capped peak of mount Taebaeksan, the rocky trails of Mount Jirisan, the volcanic crater of Mount Hallasan and Mount Namsan are some of the biggest natural challenges for exploring the landscape dominating most of the Korean countryside. The coastal park of Taejongdae, Seoraksan National Park and Bukhansan National Park highlight the diversity of topography inhibited by this country.

Host to the most popular mountain trekking trails is Jirisan National Park, which has full fledge amenities including eating and night stopover services. Water bodies are also numerous in South Korea, with SeongsanIllchulbong, Gwangalli beach, Haeundae Beach, Hyeopjae beach and Udo’s hillside beaches providing impressive venues of a great family day spent outdoors. Developed areas with water-based services include the Hangang Park with its river walkways and pedestrian bridges connecting opposite banks of the Han River flowing through Seoul, the Anapji artificial pond constituting the main palace complex, the Yeojwacheon stream of blossom trees and the Sea Life Busan Aquarium by the main coasts. The Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is a refuge for anyone who seeks the cool under the shade of green overgrowth and calm waters. The Everland Natural Flower Theme Park, Water theme parks are preferred fantasy areas inYongin, Ocean World, Ocean 700 and Caribbean Bay are also very popular with rides, animations and their own series of events Changdeok gung Palace, Unhyeongung Palace, Deokseogung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Heungingjimun Fortress wall gate are landmarks of the royal family spread in every region, and now hold a status of national heritage. Visit these glorious landmarks, depicting Korean history by availing cheap flights to South Korea.  The Temples of Beomeosaestablished in a clearing upon the mountains are marked with a 7-storey pagoda in the middle of the enclosure. The Seokgurram grotto, Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple, HadongHongunsa temple are among the innumerable religious landmarks present all throughout the area.

There is a thriving art and culture scene as well, which can be explored by taking cheap flights to South Korea. The Lotte World Folk Museum depicts the cultural traits as well as ethnic architectures in complete models, arranged in accordance with major ceremonies and festivals. Mainstream heritage identifying national culture and traditions can be witnessed at institutions like the Gamcheon Cultural Village, the National Museum of Korea, the Korean Folk Village and the National Folk Museum of Korea.

hotel and accommodations

When it comes to preference, there are some specialized options for a stay in downtown areas and the rural countryside. Temple-stay options and homestay options give a detailed insight in the local Korean lifestyle and hospitality. Homestay options also vary ranging from separate rooms within the premises of a local residence, to simply beds or mattresses within the household. The trend of inexpensive motels is consistently booming throughout downtown and commercial areas, with basic bed and bathroom services available for night-stays for travellers arriving in cities. You can buy cheap flights to South Korea, and also opt forresorts and luxury lodges whichare mostly concentrated towards the eastern coasts, with secluded white beaches and luxury amenities for the guests. Foreign travellers prefer high-rise Michelin star hotels, many of which match the standards of any international hotel chain, and offer suites, deluxe rooms and service apartments for guests.


  • A meal at an international fast food chain: £ 3.2
  • A large bottle of mineral water: £ 0.7
  • A regular bottle of soft drink: £ 0.76
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 2.4
  • A local commutation ticket: £ 065
  • An average taxi trip within the city (8 km): £ 6.8
  • High-rise standard hotels in the city: £ 40

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