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Ulsan Metropolitan City, the dynamo of South Korean economy, sparked into action upon its inauguration as an open seaport- an immediate manifestation of the country’s first five-year economic plan-is to be found in the south-east of the countrynearbyits rival city, Busan.The Ulsan Industrial District was a small step for the local municipality, but a giant economic leap for South Korea at large. As a technopolisit succeeds, as an economic zone it succeeds and even as a tourist destination that offers on-your-owncoastal trips as well as guided industrial fieldtrips, it succeeds.Ulsan houses and showcases mega-structures such as the world's largest automobile assembly plant owned by the Hyundai Corporation;the world's largest shipyardrun by a subsidiary of the same conglomerate and the world's second largest oil refinery, an asset of SK Energy.

Major Attractions, Sights to See and Things to Do:

Ulsan indulges tourists in its own standard which is clearly high. Ganjeolgot in general and the lighthouse in particular is the main course for travellers booking cheap flights to Ulsan. Gangdong boasts its own singularity in having a black pebble beach which seems to have retained its freshness since ages. And though there is no accounting for taste, many believe and spread the word that Mount Gajiis a win-win enterprise for all sorts of adventurers and time-killers. Stepping onto the grainy incline of the hiking trailof the mountain in question is definitely how a trekker’s mind conceives the idea of ramp walk. Spending a day full of hakuna-matata/strenuousenjoymentdefinitely works up an appetite and the coastal city offers platters of sea food ranging from sliced raw fish to chunks of whale meat! Surely for those trying to stick to a more agreeable diet plan, European chains and Indian restaurants are also common on the city’s food map.

Drifting towardsIlsan beach, youoften findyourselfbeing recommended to visit the Daewangam Songnimforest, which, according to those who love it, always steals the show.Mt Daeunand its adjacent valeof Naewonam, when visited anytime during the summer monsoon,unveils a rain-washed prospect that makes it a dreamscape you would want to enjoy it and keep coming back for more.Mt Sinbultallies another foil to the plain city sector and raises not just the slope but even the hope of a manifold experience not simply limited to urban spread-outs.

With that said out loud and clear, it seems necessary to expand upon the urban attractions for tourists which include Ulsan Petroglyph Museum, Ulsan Sports Complex, Jangsaengpo Whale Museum and Whale Experience Hall (which is one of its kind) and the intricate subway system (the means hold somewhat the same wonder as their ends) and more depending on what you classify as an attraction. If staying up late is nothing out of the ordinary for you, why not hit the bar? Names like Cima, JJ's, Purple Haze, Pub HQ and Pub Thursday's are some of the best matches for booze lovers who happen to crave it once the sun goes down.

Hotels and Accommodations:

Ulsan City Hotel, Seacore Hotel, Lotte Hotel Ulsan andHaeya Boutique Hotel are the best lot to pick from when quality accommodation amounts to deluxe suites, king-size beds, spa services and gourmet meals. Tourists on a tight budget can have a slightly less-polished but comfortable enough stay at any of the many motels and guest houses in Ulsan; Olympia Hotel and Ulsan Hotel to name a couple. Freeloading is neither ethical nor advisable.

Peak vs. Off-Peak Season:

Flowers, butterflies and vacations smell like summertime which is not the best time for having second thoughts. With a warm sunny weather averaging between 25 and 30 °Cwith episodic showers, the June-August periodis high season for cheap flights to Ulsan.The slightly damp monsoon blanket covering the city makes the season ideal for outdoor activities and for visiting open air tourist attractions.The monsoon effect wears off after a while.However the city itself may feel claustrophobic during this time of the year if you plan to stay inside the walls.November-December transit then, would serve as the choice by default.

Flights to Ulsan:

Knowing that no direct flight operates from London to Ulsan can cause a sweat drop to appear on your forehead but considering the quality air service of the following airlines, these apprehensions will just be that…apprehensions! British Airways and China Southernoffer the quickest possible route via Beijing andSeoul.ANAandKorean Airfly viaTokyo andSeoul, roughly taking up the same time.Korean Air, however, offers another route as well in line with flight paths shared by Cityjet, Asiana Airlines and KLM i-e by way of Amsterdam, Beijing andSeoul.

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