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Cheap one-way & return flights to Seoul from London

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China Eastern Airlines
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Mar - 16 Mar
£ 654.77
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return Deal found: 12/02
Lot Polish Airlines
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 789.58
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 11/30
Asiana Airlines
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 799.01
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return Deal found: 11/27
Korean Air
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 826.01
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 12/01
Qatar Airways
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 837.77
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 11/26
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 858.66
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 11/25
Virgin Atlantic
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 871.21
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 11/23
Cathay Pacific
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 873.71
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 11/26
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 897.18
Pick Dates
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Mar - 16 Mar
£ 654.77return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 789.58return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 799.01return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 826.01return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 837.77return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 858.66return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 871.21return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 873.71return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 02 Feb - 11 Feb
£ 897.18return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 10 Feb - 16 Feb
£ 1728.38return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 10 Feb - 16 Feb
£ 2615.61return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 10 Feb - 16 Feb
£ 2740.18return
LON ➞ ICN London - Seoul 10 Feb - 16 Feb
£ 2746.97return

Which Airlines Operate Flights To Seoul from UK?

  • Air China
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Alitalia
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Aeroflot
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways
  • Korean Air
  • Finnair
  • KLM

How long is the flight to Seoul from UK?

  • The flight from London Heathrow Airport can reach Seoul in 18 hours, but Air China flights (though are hundreds of pounds cheaper) get you to Seoul Airport in 32 hours. Depending on the passenger's plan, the flight can stopover at Beijing, Rome or Istanbul.
  • Flight from Manchester to Seoul usually takes around 14 to 17 hours to reach its destination. The flight stops over at London, Doha or Abu Dhabi.
  • The flights to Seoul from Birmingham are usually 14 to 16 hours long with stopovers in Paris, Dubai or Doha, depending on the passenger’s choice of travel.
  • Flights from London Gatwick Airport to Seoul are a bit longer but quite cheap. China Eastern Airlines dominate air routes to Seoul from Gatwick and take the passenger to the city in about 23 hours.

Are there any direct flights to Seoul from UK?

Yes, there are direct flights available that operate from Seoul to the UK and vice versa. These direct flights are offered by British Airways, Asiana Airlines and Korean Air. For just a few extra pounds you can be onboard a direct flight to Seoul that can get you to the city in just 12 hours and 30 minutes without any hassle.

What is the best time to visit Seoul?

The best time to visit Seoul is in the months of May and June, and most foreign tourists like to visit the city in these months too. Seoul has the best weather during this time of the year as the temperature keeps hovering between 16°C to 24°C. July is warmer but also brings along some rain that could make your vacation soggy. September and August also allow the tourist to experience pleasant temperatures without any rain drizzling over your trip. Many tourists also head to the city during this time of the year to see the engulfing colours of autumn in Seoul.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Seoul?

The cheapest time of the year to fly to Seoul is the rainy season. July, especially, brings at least 10 to 12 days of rain. The inflow of tourists dwindles sharply during this time. As a result, the cost of living dips a little and airlines look for passengers to keep their aeroplanes booked by lowering prices. It is an excellent opportunity to get to Seoul cheaply because few realise that out of the thirty-one days of July twenty days are still dry. You could be potentially saving hundreds of pounds right there.

What is the major international airport in Seoul?

Incheon International Airport (ICN) caters for all the international traffic that comes to and goes out of the city of Seoul. The airport was built in 2001 to replace the Gimpo Airport which now serves only domestic flights. Seoul’s Incheon International Airport is one of the fastest most efficient airports in the world. There is just a one in ten thousandth chance that your bag is going to get misplaced at this airport and it only takes, at an average, 20 minutes for a passenger to go through the customs. About sixty-three million passengers passed through the airport in 2017. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach downtown Seoul from the airport.

What are the entry requirements to Seoul for British travellers?

The entry requirements to visit South Korea are pretty simple for British passport holders. If you have a valid British citizen passport, you can stay as a tourist in the country for 90 days. Please show your return or ongoing ticket to the customs officer at the airport to prove that you intend to leave the country after your stay.

What are the major landmarks in Seoul?

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. The technological advancement of the country glows in the neon-lit glittering streets of Seoul, but that does not mean that the nation has been completely westernised. There are ancient temples and palaces with their foundation rooted in tradition in the city are fascinating to visit. Some of the top recommendations are as follows:

  • The Gyeongbokgung is a Royal Palace of the Joseon dynasty. The change of the Royal Guard held in October brings thousands to the gates of the palace.
  • Myeong-Dong is the commercial heart of Seoul. The street is brightly lit by neon lights and gigantic billboards affixed upon grand shopping centres, boutiques and high-end restaurants.
  • Insa-dong Street is also called the traditional street of Seoul. Simple setting and more natural ways of the teahouses on the street gives the tourist a new and more authentic experience. Korean calligraphy classes and demonstrations are regularly held in the dong.
Which events and festivals are celebrated in Seoul?

While South Korea is predominantly secular in nature, the culture still is deeply rooted in Buddhism and Korean Christianity. The Korean New Year or Seollal falls somewhere in early February. Clad in traditional dresses, Koreans visit their parents and family members with gifts of rich traditional foods and clothing. Watch the Koreans climbing the hills to be the first to lay their eyes on the new moon of the year at the Deoboreum or the New Moon Festival, in March. The first to see the rising moon would have good luck all year. Koreans celebrate the birth of Buddha in May at the Lotus Lantern Festival, when a brigade of dancers holding lanterns and beautifully decorated floats move through the streets of the city. Seoul welcomes the International firework festival in October when 1.2 million people pack the Yeouido Hangang Park for a stunning light and fireworks show. The Winter Solstice festival in December wards off evil spirits and celebrates the end of winter.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Seoul?

The Seoul underground rapid transit is the second most used metro system in the world. There are a total of 18 lines that web under the city and connect distant corners of Seoul with the centre station. The tickets are available at stations and can be topped up at many departmental stores in the city. A single short distance ticket costs 1250 Korean Won, which is about one pound. Besides that, there are taxis and cars for hire available in Seoul, but the city’s traffic jams are legendary. When in doubt of the status of the congestion on the streets, head to the metro station for a quick and easy conveyance.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Seoul?

There is an excellent range of hotels available in Korea that range from Victorian classical to New Age Futuristic and traditional Korean styles of architecture and décor. These hotels provide a luxurious stay and are staffed with world-class hosts. Please choose one of the hotels in the list below.

  • Lotte Hotel Seoul
  • The Shilla Seoul
  • Grand Hyatt Seoul
  • Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam
  • InterContinental Seoul COEX

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