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Which airline operates flights to Philippines?

  • Philippine Airlines (PR) direct flight
  • Turkish Airlines (TK)
  • Air China (CA)
  • Emirates (EK)
  • Etihad Airways (EY)
  • Kuwait Airways (KU)
  • Qatar Airways (QR)
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ)
  • Saudia Airlines (SV)
  • Thai Airways (TG)
  • Oman Air (WY)

How long is the flight to Philippines from UK?

  • Flights from London Heathrow to the Philippines with Philippines airlines (LHR-MNL): 13 hours 55 minutes
  • Flights from Birmingham to the Philippines via Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways (BHX-AUH-MNL): 21 hours 50 minutes
  • London Gatwick Airport to the Philippines via Dubai with Emirates (LGW-DXB-MNL) : 16 hours 55 minutes
  • Flights with Cathay Pacific from Manchester to the Philippines via Hong Kong (MAN-HKG-MNL) : 17 hours 25 minutes
  • Flights from Heathrow to Philippines flying with Thai airways with a stopover in Bangkok (LHR-BKK-MNL) : 16 hours 25 minutes
  • Flights from Manchester to Philippines ( Manila-MNL ) with Malaysian airways via kuala lumpur (LHR-KUL-MNL) : 22 hours 20 minutes

What is the cheapest month to fly to Philippines?

Those flying to the Philippines in the country’s wet season, that is, from May till October are likely to get cheaper deals. The aforementioned time duration also coincides with the typhoon and tropical storm season in the Philippines. There might be some turbulence experienced but the plane will eventually land safe and you can enjoy the low fare and prices of the low season. If you are lucky, you can expect a few sunny days and up to 40% off on your accommodation and travel fares.

Which airlines fly direct to Philippines?

Philippine Airlines fly direct flights to the Philippines from the UK. Flying from other airlines might be cheaper but, they come with stopovers and an average increase in flight duration of approximately 3 to 4 hours. In the high season, the direct flight might be £ 50 to £ 70 more expensive. People with disabilities or motion sickness should consider taking the direct flight.

Does TravelhouseUK offer last minute Philippines flight deals from the UK?

Yes. We are more than happy to keep our clients updated on the latest flight deals and holiday packages. Sign up for our newsletter to receive special discounts that we share exclusively with our newsletter community.

What is the average cost for flights to Philippines from UK?

Fares fluctuate from season to season but the average price for a return ticket to the Philippines these days ranges from £ 382 to £ 852. Generally, the highest rates are of the direct flights in the high season, and they sometimes go beyond £ 1000. The lowest fares, however, are of low-cost carriers that add a stop or two to the flight with additional flight time.

Weekly schedule of different airlines flying to Philippines from UK
  • Flights from London Heathrow to Philippines:

    • Philippine Airlines: Monday-Sunday, one daily direct flight can be availed for LHR-MNL route.
    • Emirates: Flights may be opted on any day of the week.
    • Turkish Airlines: Turkish Airlines offers a few number of Philippine flights via Istanbul on daily basis from Monday to Sunday.
    • Thai Airways: Seven days a week.
    • Qatar Airways: Flight connections are operated on all the seven days of the week.
    • Cathay Pacific: Philippine flights can be booked on each of the seven days a week, as needed.
    • KLM: Feel free to book flights for Philippines from the UK through Monday to Sunday.
    • Etihad Airways: Catering to the flight needs of larger population, Etihad Airways operates flights on seven days a week.
    • Air China: Flights are operated via Beijing through all the seven days of the week.
    • China Eastern Airlines: En-route to Philippines, China Eastern Airlines operates flight from Monday to Sunday via Shanghai.
    • Malaysia Airlines: Another choice available for daily flights from UK to Philippine is Malaysia Airlines.
    • Oman Air: Similarly, Oman Air also connects UK to Philippines on all the days of the week.
    • Saudi Arabian Airlines: Either via Jeddah or Riyadh, flights are operational for LHR-MNL route on each day of the week.
    • Singapore Airlines: Flight connections are scheduled between Heathrow to Manila on all the days of the week.

  • Flights from Manchester to Philippines:

    • British Airways: British Airways operates flights connections with Philippine Airlines on each day of the week.
    • Cathay Pacific: With Cathay Pacific, operating maximum number of flights all through UK to Philippines, you can avail flight on any given day of the week.
    • Emirates: With continuous devotion for expanding network, Emirates offers flight on daily basis for the whole week.
    • Qatar Airways: Seven days a week.
    • KLM: With KLM, you can book flights on any day of the week.
    • Lufthansa: Lufthansa makes flights available for the passengers via Frankfurt on daily basis.
    • Oman Air: Oman Air is also dedicated to offer flights every day of the week.
    • Singapore Airlines: Monday to Sunday.
    • Air France: Operating flights connections with different airlines, Air France offers flights on seven days of the week.

  • Flights from Birmingham to Philippines:

    • Emirates: Emirates connects UK to Philippines on regular flights throughout the week.
    • Cathay Pacific: With Cathay Pacific, flights may be opted on any given day of the week,
    • KLM: KLM operates flights through all the seven days of the week from Monday to Sunday.
    • Lufthansa: Lufthansa, in connection with other airlines operates flights to carry passengers from UK to Philippines on regular basis.
    • Turkish Airlines: Turkish Airlines also connects UK with Philippines regularly in a week.

  • Flights from Edinburgh to Philippines :

    • British Airways: Flights connections are effectively operating from Monday –Sunday.
    • KLM: KLM facilitates a large number of passengers from the UK to Philippines regularly in every week.
    • Cathay Pacific: You can avail flights on all the days of the week regularly.
    • Emirates: Emirates offers flights on daily basis.
    • Etihad Airways: Seven days a week.

  • Flights from Glasgow to Philippines:

    • Emirates: Flights can be availed on daily basis of the week.
    • Cathay Pacific: With Cathay Pacific, flights may be opted from all the days of the week.
    • KLM: KLM offers daily flights through all the seven days of the week.
    • British Airways: British Airways also offers flights on daily basis from the UK to Philippines on each day of the week in connection with other reputable airlines, mainly, Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong.

  • Flights from Gatwick to Philippines:

    • Cathay Pacific: Daily flight connections are also available from Gatwick Airport.
    • Emirates: Emirates is also top of the line for operating flights throughout the week for the same route.
    • Turkish Airlines: Seven days of the week.
    • Etihad Airways: Flights are available on seven days of the week from Monday to Sunday.

Does Philippine airlines operate daily flights from London Heathrow to Philippines?

Yes. Philippine Airlines operates ONE daily flight from London Heathrow. Flight PR 721 departs at 10:20 PM (GMT) and reaches Manila at 6:45 PM (Manila Time) the following day. At present, all Philippines Airlines flights, both inbound and outbound, use Terminal 3 of the London Heathrow Airport.

We are more than happy to keep our clients updated on the latest flight deals and holiday packages. Sign up for our newsletter to receive special discounts that we share exclusively with our newsletter community.

Which terminal does Philippine Airlines arrive and depart from Heathrow ?

At present, all Philippine Airlines flights, both inbound and outbound, use Terminal 3 of the London Heathrow Airport.

Which are the main international airports in the Philippines?

  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport
  • Mactan-Cebu International Airport
  • Francisco Bangoy International Airport
  • Clark International Airport
  • Bacolod-Silay International Airport

When is the best time to visit Philippines?

If you are going for a holiday, weather-related information should be your prime concern. Since the Philippines lies in the hot and tropical region, its climate can be divided into two seasons.  The wet season starts from May and ends in October, whereas the dry season starts from November and ends in April. The dry season is the best time to visit the Philippines. However, even during the wet months, rain is not extensive and most days are hot and sunny, with downpours only occurring at dusk. The most pleasant months for travelling and exploring are January and February. From March to May, the weather is really hot and temperature can reach up to 36°C. If you want to explore the Philippines in wet season, then Palawan and Visayas are best, as these regions are less prone to typhoon.

But if you are going to visit your family and a budget flight is your top priority, you must book in advance. If you are planning to book flights to Philippines for March 2018 or July 2018. For any other month, Travelhouseuk will keep you updated with latest flight offers from different airlines as soon as they are launched. Looking for last minute flights to the Philippines is always a gamble. you might be lucky to grab a deal but normally the Philippines being one of the popular destinations for travellers, its always advisable to book in advance.

When to travel and when not to travel to Philippines?

If it’s the warm beaches you crave in the Philippines then plan on going to the country between November and March. During the high season, the ticket prices might be a bit higher but walking in the sun on the beach on a clear day is worth it. On the contrary, May to October is the wet season, and it can rain heavily. There are typhoons swirling regularly in the area in July, and even if the country is not hit directly, the deluge that the typhoon brings about can make a vacation less festive.

How long can you stay in Philippines on a tourist visa?

The Philippine Embassy issues a general tourist visa that allows you to stay for 59 days in the Philippines. However, the stay can be extended by putting in a special request with the Bureau of Immigration. The British Government strongly advise its citizens, to not to overstay the visa tenure, as it might result in fines, detentions and voluntary deportation.

Baggage allowance of popular airlines offering flights to major destinations in Philippines.

This aspect is important in choosing the right airline for your destination. Backpackers and businessmen prefer to pack smartly. However, tourists on vacations want more baggage allowance.  Following are main airlines with their baggage allowance:

  • With Philippines Airlines, you can take 2 pieces of 23kg each in economy class and 2 pieces of 32kg each in business class to all Philippines destinations.
  • Turkish Airlines allows you to carry 25kg in economy class and 30kg in business class for any destination in Philippines.
  • When you choose Emirates, you can take 35kg in economy class (depending on fare type), 40kg in business class flights and 50kg in first class.
  • Baggage allowance on Singapore Airlines flights is 30kg for economy class, 40kg for business class and 50kg for first class.
  • KLM has checked baggage allowance of one piece of 23kg in economy class and Two pieces of 32kg each in business class flights for Philippines.
  • Qatar Airways allows you to take 32kg in economy class, 40kg in business class flights and 50kg in first class to Manila.
  • Baggage allowance on Etihad Airlines is 2 bag of 23kg each in economy class (depending on fare type), 2 bags of 32kg each in business and first class.
Do I need a visa to visit the Philippines from the UK?

If you plan on staying in the Philippines for less than 30 days you do not need a visa. Tourists wanting to stay in the Philippines for more than 30 days would definitely need a tourist visa.

Is it safe to travel in Philippines?

We are offering flights to only those destinations that are safe and where the recorded crime rate is low. Mother Nature is tough on the Philippines; it gives beauty to the island nation but sometimes accepts offerings. Philippines sometimes get in the range of a typhoon once every decade, a price it pays for being the tourist gem of the Asia-Pacific. Warnings are placed well in advance to prevent the tourist from harm. The Filipino Government knows that its economy is dependent on tourism and takes extra precaution. Apart from that, the Philippines are a safe place to visit with family to enjoy the safe and maintained beaches of Manila.

Which are the famous Places To Stay In Philippines ?

Manila is by default the best choice for tourists visiting the Philippines for the first time. It’s anybody’s safest bet. However, Cebu and Davao are also recommended for vacations. The country comprises of 7000 islands, at least one has to become your favorite. If you like to remain in seclusion with your loved one, it can be arranged in the Philippines. Some like to immerse themselves in the culture and cuisine of the Philippines can also take part in the local festivals as well.

Handy Tips you should know before your departure!
  • The quickest flight time to reach Philippines from UK is 14 hours.
  • Philippines is 7 hours ahead of UK
  • £1 is equivalent to 73 Philippine Peso
  • Out of the 72 airports Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport Manila, Mactan Intl Airport Cebu, Mati Airport Davao, Clark Field Angeles city and Mandurriao Airport Iloilo City are the five biggest airports in Philippines.
  • Manila is the top flight destination for Philippines.
  • Most flights from London to Philippines leave in the evening hours.
  • The distance between London, United Kingdom and Manila, Philippines is 6670 miles.
  • Each week around 1224 international flights depart from Manila.
  • You can fly to Philippines from 10 UK airports. 

All airlines flying to Philippines

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Does TravelHouseUK offer any special deals for Philippines flights? TravelHouseUK does indeed have special offers in terms of increased baggage limits per passenger allowed in specific airlines. Typically, regional airlines on the route like Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines and Cathay Pacific offer a baggage limit of 30 Kilograms per passenger for economy class bookings. TravelHouseUK often negotiates special family fare packages on a routine basis with the flag carrier Philippine Airlines, allowing luggage of 40 kilograms per passenger. Kuwait Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines even allow 2 baggage pieces weighing 23 kilograms each when passengers chose to book with us.

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