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Esteemed for being the fourth largest city of South Korea, Daegu Metropolitan Citystands out and reveals the sweat and labour of years of hard work finally paying off. The Daegu basin has long been warping itself into the centre of techno-economic gravity in the South-East of the country, where it is located, and streamlining potential tourism from across the globe with speedy incentives like cheap flights to Daegu.

Daegu- Sites to See and Things to Do:

Swearing to hike upthe Biseulsan Mountainuntil flesh and bones fail them, tourists have rediscovered that old maxim that the journey is more important than the destination. Even the hardest trekking can be rendered agreeable by a chat with a friend or engaging with one’s own stream of consciousness. The mood is sure to lighten up as your car crunches the gravel and stops before Apsan Park. The cable car service is available but it only gets you so far on the way and the peak experience (pun very much intended) is short-lived. Daegu Bangjja Brassware Museum, Daegu Art Museum and Daegu National Museum are the best centres of heritage that the city preserves with true devotion. Before history starts taking its toll on your mental health, better lube it with some natural marshy goodness. You do not appreciate poetry until someone shows you how to do it. Let us take our amphibious travellers to Upo Wetland then. Eyes and ears open everyone! Outlandish species of birds and insects fill the air with unfamiliar whistles and exotic tunes making this a totally peerless involvement.Bullo Dong Tumuli Parkand Daegu Duryu Parkare best for family picnics and work just as fine as dating spots. And if you must have a snack, and quickly, there are cafés and snack bars for some fast food on a quick evening ramble.

Realizing the years of toil and sweat that have gone into constructing Daegu’s pagoda structures is prompting enough to pay a few visits. Give yourself credit for selecting the Yugasa Temple. Having a feeling this could be a very long day, why not take out some time for meditation and mute ruminations in the nth dimension? The same can be said about the quaint stateliness of the Gatbawi Buddha and the Pagyesa Temple.

A fancy domicile in the vicinity of Banwoldangis a big comfort to hesitant tourists wanting everything at their doorsteps. Say “open sesame” and Banwoldang unfolds restaurants, night clubs, and even mega stores for impulse shopping. Make it a point to go out on an empty stomach and stay close to markets, restaurants and food stalls that sell, in particular, signature dishes like thekalguksu noodles, gopchang and dakttongjip. Besides these two, Chilseong Market andSeomun Market you will never see again ginseng and garlicside by side dog meat and snake skins. Now, if you are a fan of steamed ribs (or want to become one), do try the pepperyjjim-galbi.And if South Korean cuisine throws you off scent, or somehow disagrees with your stomach, English restaurants and American chains are also commontemptations. As is usually the case, too good a mood does not want to be bothered withtrifling squabbles. And a mind too focused on tourist attractions becomes a natural prey for bothpickupand rip-off artists; which is why hitchhiking is not advisable at all; cabs to a minimum, and luxury hotels a must!

Hotels and Accommodation:

Reputable hotels include Hotel North Tel, Benikea Hotel susung, Hotel Airport, Queen Vell Hotel, Sooseong Gwangwan Hoteland Novotel Ambassador Daegu to crown the whole. If you have this basic need met, you have something to fall back on; a safety net- when you panic, or when your travel anxiety becomes overwhelming.Mercuric travellers most likely prefer bed & breakfast accommodations and Daegu proudly presentsGoodstay New Grand Hotel, HotelPink andFebruary Boutique Hotelamong manyin an inexhaustible scroll of places to check-in.

Daegu- Peak Season vs. Off-Peak Season:

Daegu is sunny, dry and overall warm during the summer and equally cold during the winters. Spring and fall are therefore, peak seasons for cheap flights to Daegu. The Textile Festival andthe Dalgubeol (Lantern) Festivalare colourful civic jubilees commemorated during both spring (March to May) and autumn (October to November). The Dongseongno Festivalis celebrated in May and becomes the reason for spring/early summer peak season. Again, this is the time, should you be visiting the Biseulsan Mountain, to see the hilltop carpeted with flowers and undergrowth.

Flights to Daegu:

Travellers in a hurry to reach Daegu find Asiana Airlines and Korean Air to be offering the quickest route to Daegu International Airportvia Seoul(within 15 hours, there or thereabouts).If time is not your concern, Lufthansa and China Eastern reach the same destination via Frankfurt and Shanghai respectively.

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