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Perhaps not altogether presumptuous in supposing you have a total autonomy over your time and a straightforward economic plan that you can depend on when going somewhere you crave, why not consider signing up for cheap flights to Jinjuthen?The city has enjoyed an esteemed position as the capital of Gyeongsangnam-do (before being replaced by Busan),and secured a pivotal role in the database of South Korean history and its frequent collisions with its Japanese counterpart. Metamorphosed into one of the country’s enterprise cities of significant industrial standing- years ago, or decades, if memory serves, culturally the city remains just the same. Tourists to South Korea digressing beyond Busan and into the South Eastern portion of the country may linger on the taste of what they read as digital content here when they find for themselves how Jinju contributes to the anthology of their journey!

Jinju- Sites to See and Things to Do:

A better way to make the most out of Jinju is to see it as less of a rendezvous point for further trips on the South Korean circuit and more of a tourist destination; in and of itself a complete visitor package. Once given some attention, Jinju reveals a tableau of both still life paragons and stunning kinetics. A military garrison as Jinju has been over the years, The Jinjuseong Fortress naturally stands out as the choicest of tourist attractions. The architectural durability truly attests the historical character given of it, namely its resistance against the invading Japanese army. Just within a stone’s throw is the Chokseongnu Pavilion- a site with sufficientmaterial to fill those insider emails and photo attachmentsyou would be shooting your friends and family. Closing in on the western end of the fortress, reach into your pocket for some cash as the Jinju National Museum is close by and not to be missed at any cost. Plus visitors get to see a 3D animated adaptation of the First Battle of Jinju as a freebie: it’s on the house!Further west is the ever famous Musical Fountain. The waterworks and brilliant light shows have their own soothing effects on foreigners feeling alienated in a new country. Sightseersof a rather feminist persuasion but generally anyone can pay homage to theNongae Shrineand get acquainted with the particularhistorical lore.

Even more so than tourist sites, it is the society that acts as a litmus test for determining the quality and duration of your stay. South Korean natives in general and Jinju locals in particular are pretty friendly folks, big on the please and thank yous, making sure your desire for want of good company is properlycompensated. Jinju is not a densely populated city and has a high percentage of senior citizens.Lotte Cinema and MBC Cinema are two of the likeliest places to find likeminded fans of the big screen as well as get in touch with Korean showbiz. Eunyeolsa Shrine is another option to keep in mind when looking for a slightly different demographic. Still many sites remain to be seen but that tourists can accomplish on their own. Most often than not, tourists with anawful sense of direction usually end up in the coolest and weirdest of places, so do not hesitate to take risks.First time visitors planning to catch up only withthe most basic of sites can try budget friendly bus passes which can be bought from any grocery store. But deluxe cabs are also available should you choose to map out your own personal trip.Joong-ang central marketis recommended for being the most renowned as well as being stacked with souvenir items ranging from silk fabrics to multi-coloured tapestries.Go on in folks, have a great time.

Jinju- Peak vs. Off-Peak Season:

Winter does not walk in tiptoed and climatic transitions can be felt well in time. Like Busan, this renders the October-November period ideal for visitors to and commuters throughJinju. But thou shalt pack in your suitcase a jacket or two just in case. The period is peak-season on a cultural note also.Street lamps and lanterns slide by if you happen to visit Jinju during this time of the year. The Jinju Namgang Lantern Festivalis an exclusive ten-day Jinju festival celebrated to honour the blood of the Imjin War Martyrs. Held in the same month is the Gaecheon Arts Festival which brings artisans and performers from all across the city and beyond.The Jinju National Bullfighting Contestis another excuse to visit Jinju during October.April and May are peak season early in the year but not many festivals though, except for The Nongae Festival.

Flights to Jinju:

Flights from London to Jinju are all connecting flights, most with a couple of stopovers in the least. Korean Air and Asiana Airlines offer indirect flights via Seoul and Jeju whereas Air Chinaand China Easternfly via Beijing and Jeju usually taking more than 16 hours to reach the Gimhae International Airport (Jinju).

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