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19/05/2022 - 19/05/2022
Home to more than 1.2 million British people of Pakistani descent, Pakistan invites many residents of the UK to their ancestral land. As such, numerous airlines are offering very Cheap flights to Pakistan from the major airports of the UK.

By offering flight tickets to Pakistan for a lot less, Travelhouseuk aims to empower everyone who wishes to fly to Pakistan in order to connect with their own land of fascinating landscapes and hospitable folks. Others crave the mesmerizing beauty of northern highlands, and a large fraction is attracted to the diversity in the culture of Pakistani provinces. Besides British airways and Virgin Atlantic, there is rising demand for other airlines and we are not short of customers looking for Emirates flights to Pakistan via Dubai. In addition, many Middle Eastern airlines are also operating regular flights for Pakistan. Moreover, it is advised to secure your Pakistan flight ticket well ahead of time to avail the budget deals and avoid any inconvenience of last-minute flights.

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Cheap one-way & return flights to Pakistan 2022/2023

Pakistan International Airlines
BHX - ISB Birmingham to Islamabad
27 Sep 2022 Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Turkish Airlines
LON - KHI London to Karachi
08 Oct - 30 Oct Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Pakistan International Airlines
LGW - ISB Gatwick to Islamabad
18 Jun - 18 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Saudi Arabian Airlines
LON - LHE London to Lahore
18 Jun - 03 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Aer Lingus
GLA - LHE Glasgow to Lahore
10 Jan - 10 Feb Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Gulf Air
LHR - PEW Heathrow to Peshawar
31 Aug - 02 Oct Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Pakistan International Airlines
LHR - UET Heathrow to Quetta
05 Jul - 08 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only

Airlines that operate flights to Pakistan?

  • British Airways (BA)
  • Virgin Atlantic (VS)
  • Pakistan International Airlines
  • Emirates (EK) via Dubai
  • Turkish Airlines (TK) via Istanbul
  • Etihad Airways (EY) via Abu dhbai
  • Qatar Airways (QR) 
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV) 
  • Oman Air (WY)

Which airlines have flexible booking policies travelling in May for flights to Pakistan ?

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates have flexible booking and cancellation policy for flights to Pakistan. You may change the date or destination (EK and BA only) in case your travel is postponed or delayed. This policy is subject to the terms and conditions of the airline. Also, we advise you to check the current airline’s policy of their respective websites.

How long is the flight to Pakistan from UK?

  • Fly direct from London to Islamabad (ISB): 7 hours and 30 minutes.
  • From London to Lahore ( LHE): 7 hours and 50 minutes.
  • Heathrow to Islamabad via Dubai: 11 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Direct flight from Manchester to Islamabad 7 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Manchester to Karachi via Dubai: 13 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Birmingham to Lahore via Dubai: 12 hours and 45 minutes.

Flights to Pakistan with British airways

At present, there is an ever-increasing demand for flights to Pakistan with British Airways. The airline now operates 3 direct flights per week from London Heathrow to Islamabad. The flight duration is 7 hours and 50 minutes. On the other hand, we have 2 direct flights in a week from London to Lahore. British Airways offers a generous baggage allowance of two pieces of 23 kg each in addition to a handbag of maximum 23 kg. This, of course, is for the Economy Class passenger. In the ongoing context of the pandemic, Travelhouseuk is offering flexible booking options on flights with British Airways. This way, travellers can get a date change without incurring any charges. All policies are subject to certain terms and conditions.

Are there any direct flights to Pakistan from London?

You can get direct flights to Islamabad and Lahore only when flying to Pakistan. You can continue your journey by booking a domestic flight within Pakistan for other cities. Otherwise, you may also pick an airline that offers one-stop flights from London to your city of arrival.

Can I book one-way flights from Pakistan to the UK?

If you’re looking for one-way flight tickets from Pakistan to the UK, you can contact our consultants anytime. We help you make an informed decision to travel based on local government restrictions of both countries. You will be required to provide a negative COVID –test report performed no later than 72 hours before departure. Given your eligibility, we shall book your one-way flights from Pakistan to the UK at the lowest possible prices.

How to get cheap flights to Pakistan from Manchester?

Travellers can avail cheap flights to Pakistan from Manchester by setting up price-drop alerts, subscribing to newsletter offers, and keeping an eye out for flash sales. All this, and much else besides, can be done simply by approaching Travelhouseuk for some expert help. You can chat with us and enlist your priorities using Facebook. Early access to some of our special offers and seasonal sales is another perk. Already, we have a good number of deals on flights with Pakistan International Airlines, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, and others. Join us on WhatsApp (02031372316) to check them out.

Reasons to book your flight to Pakistan with Travel house ?

  • Travelhouseuk takes pride in having a growing market share in the travel industry. More than 18,000 travelled with us last year.
  • Not only can travellers pocket the cheapest plane tickets available but also get them on a flexible policy.
  • If prices are more than a match for your budget, we give you a choice to book flights on instalments.
  • Our team of experts is ready to tend to your priorities and competent in finding the right flight for you.
  • We employ all modes of communication to keep seamless communication with our clients - telephone, e-newsletter, social media handles.
  • We are the preferred choice of budget travellers because flash sales make it possible to fly for less. We make such offers from time to time. Stay tuned.

When is the best time to book Sasti flights to Pakistan?

Travelers who are looking for the best time to book sasti flights to Pakistan may consider booking for the low season in May or later in September. British Pakistanis travel to Pakistan mostly during vacations to enjoy a retreat in their home country. Ultimately, the ticket prices are mostly high during July and December holidays. Also, if your travelling plans coincide with any religious or cultural events like Eid, it is advised to book in advance for cheapest flights to Pakistan.

Is Virgin Atlantic flying to Pakistan from the UK?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic is flying to Pakistan from the UK on every alternate day. You can have these flight options from Heathrow as well as Manchester. Available routes are Heathrow to Islamabad/Lahore and Manchester to Islamabad/Lahore. Non-stop flight covers in less than 8 hours.

Can I book flights within Pakistan through TravelhouseUK?

Travelhouseuk chips in its contribution to stimulating domestic travel in the country by offering affordable deals on flights within Pakistan. From limited-time flight deals to flash sales on top options like Pakistan International Airlines, Air Blue, and Serene Air, our offers have proven effective in serving the needs of travellers on a budget. Our promotions are fairly distributed and not limited to major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. We cater clients and quote reasonable prices on flights departing from other cities like Sialkot, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Gilgit, Skardu etc.

Please visit our Facebook handle for an extended list of deals. It would be good to subscribe to our newsletter for proper monitoring of airfares and how the price trends are panning out. Interested persons can take this opportunity to benefit from a conversation with our travel agent by dialling our number 020 3137 1339.

When will PIA resume its flights to Pakistan from the UK ?

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is set to resume direct flight operations between London and Lahore from December . The news piece just announced that the flights will depart from the London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and arrive in Pakistan at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore (LHE) and vice versa. After PIA resumed direct flights to Pakistan, travellers are now looking at a more affordable option for international flights, together with the several domestic routes that the airline offers within its home country. Travelhouseuk is offering exclusive deals and quoting attractive fares to ensure cheap direct flights to Pakistan with PIA for all travellers. Please check our latest offers and sales by visiting our Facebook handle, subscribing to our newsletter, or calling 020 3137 1339 to speak directly with our travel expert.

What is the best time to visit Pakistan?

The best time to visit Pakistan depends entirely on your choice. The climate of Pakistan is so varied that no matter what time of the year you go; you are likely to find pleasant weather. Mainly, Pakistan stands for all the four seasons and carries many charms. Winter (November -February) is the most appropriate time to visit Sindh and Southern Punjab. The rest of the country is most flamboyant in Spring (March to May) when vibrant and lush vegetation can be seen in abundance.

Can I book Umrah Packages as well with flights to Pakistan?

Now you can book your Umrah packages while travelling to Pakistan by adding a stopover in Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah. We have a vast network of hotels in Makkah and Madina for a comfortable stay in both Holy places. Contact our travel consultants and let them book a flight to Pakistan with Umrah with peace of mind.

Which airline offers best airfares for Business Class flights from UK to Pakistan ?

Why skip your chance to have the extra legroom, baggage allowance, and access to VIP lounge when you can have the cheapest Business Class flights to Pakistan? A sizable portion of our deals is dedicated to flights with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The national carrier of Pakistan offers the best airfares for Business Class flights from UK to Pakistan. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are world renowned for their in-flight entertainment and amenities. Now travellers can get amazing deals on flights with these airlines, which means budget constraints are no longer a hurdle. Travellers can find handpicked offers on our Facebook handle or call 020 3137 1339 to get the latest from our travel agent directly. Subscribing to our newsletter can be a parallel approach to keeping track of flash sales and promoted deals. Travelhouseuk has also made a payment plan option available to travellers who wish to book Business Class flights.

Can I pay for flights to Pakistan in instalments?

Yes. We, at travelhouseuk, cater to the travellers who wish to pay for flights to Pakistan in instalments. You can search and track the prices on our website, reserve your seat by paying the deposit amount as low as 25 GBP and schedule the payments for monthly or weekly instalments for the later months. For more details, connect to your personal travel expert at 020 3137 9202.

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