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which airlines fly to New Zealand from UK

  • Air New Zealand (NZ)
  • Malaysia Airlines (MH)
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ)
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines (CX)
  • Qantas Airways (QF)
  • Emirates (EK)
  • Air China (CA)
  • American Airlines (AA)
  • Qatar Airways (QR)

How long does it take to fly from uk to New Zealand?

  • Heathrow to New Zealand (Auckland) with Air New Zealand: 26 hours
  • Manchester to Auckland (AKL) via Singapore with Air New Zealand: 23 hours and 45 minutes
  • Heathrow to Christchurch (CHC) via Singapore with Singapore Airlines: 24 hours and 25 minutes
  • Manchester (MAN) to Auckland Airport (AKL) via Singapore: 23 hours and 45 minutes
  • Heathrow to Christchurch International Airport(CHC) via Singapore with Singapore Airlines: 24 hours and 25 minutes
  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Auckland Airport (AKL) via Dubai: 24 hours and 35 minutes
  • London Gatwick (LGW) to Auckland Airport (AKL) via Dubai with Emirates: 25 hours and 5 minutes
  • Glasgow (GLA) to Auckland International Airport (AKL) via Dubai with Emirates: 25 hours and 15 minutes

receiving airports for inbound new Zealand flights from the united kingdom:

Auckland Airport:

Auckland Airport is the major hub and gateway to New Zealand. Rendering flight services on popular routes to nearly 1.6 M passengers yearly, this airport remains the busiest and the largest of the country. In lieu of its efficient flight services, Auckland Airport is ranked as the best airport in the Pacific region. It caters to a number of international and domestic flights on a daily basis ensuring safe and quality air travel.

Christchurch International Airport:

With a relatively increasing number of passengers and aircraft, the Christchurch Airport is the second busiest airport after the Auckland Airport and an emerging centre on the receiving end of cheap flights to New Zealand. It remains operational 24 hours a day. Other than nearly 20 domestic flights, Christchurch Airport offers direct flights to 11 international destinations.

Wellington International Airport:

The Wellington International Airport is located in the capital city of New Zealand, near the suburb of Rongotai in Wellington. It is the third busiest airport regulating a major share of air traffic in New Zealand. The airport, besides connecting to various domestic destinations, also links the city with many international destinations with national and regional carriers.

Queenstown Airport:

Queenstown Airport is amongst the two international airports in the Frankton, Otago region, other being the Dunedin Airport. It is the major gateway to the South Island region of New Zealand. In light of passenger traffic, it is the 4th busiest airport in New Zealand. Moreover, domestic flights to Auckland are also carried out in a routine matter.

Dunedin International Airport:

Ranked as the fifth busiest airport in New Zealand, Dunedin offers flight services on international routes in and out of Dunedin. With Mainland Air based in the Dunedin Airport, charter and ambulance flights on aircraft are also offered to cater the emergencies. It is located in Otego and Southern region.

When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

With a never fading beauty, New Zealand is one of the most exquisite of destinations so singularly blessed by Mother Nature. When planning your trip to the photogenic New Zealand, know that the weather variable is not the significant factor to base your decision upon since climate remains pleasant throughout the year. Be the weather as it may, your trip should be scheduled as per your inclination towards your pre-planned activities. Well endowed with four distinct seasons, New Zealand offers a vast array of relaxing to thrilling activities that refresh your soul. Bestowing favours upon all creatures, spring season begins from September and lasts up till November. Following spring, there comes the summer season from December to February which is notably the hottest of all temperate seasons. Layered between a radiating summer and a chilly winter, autumn season starts in March and keeps casting its effects till May. Pack your warm clothes too if you are travelling to New Zealand in between June to August.

tourist magnets and highlights in new zealand:

Amidst the North and South Island, New Zealand is the country centred on the islands of mighty South Pacific Ocean. Though small in size, New Zealand packs a hefty punch as an emerging tourist destination, perhaps by the display of an overwhelming diversity of its wonders.

Not only its wondrous natural beauty calls for a visit but it’s also a living adventure for thrill seekers. New Zealand can be described as a dazzling and vibrant collage of entertainment, excitement, thrilling experiences, picturesque locations, a peculiar wildlife and exceptional eating places all interestingly woven together placing it amongst the world’s most captivating destinations. New Zealand, a country that is blessed with every ornament of nature from bubbling volcanoes to soothing beaches, snow covered mountains to lush forests and from white rivers full of rainbow trout to golden sands.

If you are an adventurer with young blood streaming through your veins, then let us inform you that this lively destination actually infects its visitors with absolute energy and enthusiasm as it offers a variety of adrenaline rushing activities. After all, it’s a destination well affiliated not just with the entire tourism world but also with the world famous Hobbit series. Home of the Maori tribal culture, the country has many community centres, institutions and landmarks paying regard to that heritage. Owing to such abundance in natural beauty, the administration has made impressive efforts to preserve and retain its natural habitat, with numerous national parks and even wildlife safari areas.

Milford Sound:

An iconic place in the South Island of New Zealand that justifies all reasons to inspire travel to this naturally beautiful and scenic tourist’s magnet. The relaxing cruises, well marked hiking trails combined with vast gleaming lakes set amidst thick rainforests are homeland to many robust and restless souls. Featuring a kaleidoscopic weather, Milford is beautiful whether it is the sunlit peaks of majestic mountains or the tender breeze with its delicate touch that passes through its rich landscape. Located in close proximity to the Milford Sound, Milford Sound Airport serves only domestic flights. In case of international flights, Queenstown Airport serves passengers from many different regions of the world. It is ranked high amongst the top tourist destinations in New Zealand.

Mount Cook:

Mount Cook is the highest mountain in the New Zealand with great alpine parks. Summits of stupendous heights and numerous aromatic trees and shrubs cast a refreshing spell on you whether you breathe in the valley while walking or pant while cycling. Boasting the largest glaciers in the country, Mount Cook is worth visiting on your trip to New Zealand.

Lake Tekapo:

Lake Tekapo is probably one of the best places for star gazing. The limpid blue skies, lucid flowing water at the lake and vibrant vegetation are an absolute package for visitors. Beauty and much else besides, what is primarily significant is the location it enjoys; away from the light and noise of the city making it a complete and attractive tourist site.


Intriguing minds can have a wonderful experience of discovering different breeds of animals, stunning and remarkable in their own ways. Additionally, a variety of both flying and flightless birds can be seen singing songs of Eden in joy. Being a safe haven of rarely seen and known birds and animals, it awakens awareness in visitors to conserve endangered species.

Bay of Islands:

Adjacent to Auckland, explore the beautiful nature at its best. There exists a compilation of 144 subtropical islands, in a golden and white striking series, surely the zone for extreme sports and other extraordinary activities like yachting.

Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers:

New Zealand welcomes you, yet again, at the Southern Island whereby glaciers are swooping down from the highest alpine series in the country. You can get your feet on ground and enjoy the most spectacular and refreshing views of Fox and Franz Josef glaciers. Helicopters fly to facilitate you with an aerial view of the breathtaking glaciers.

Thus, New Zealand is a naturally crafted place with dreamlike beauty for fantasy movies. There is no lack of wondrous destinations to spend your long awaited holidays in New Zealand’s topography so make the most out of your visit- from brief day trips to endless nights.

top accommodations and hotels in new zealand:

Living up to your ardent aspirations, or spending holidays in some of the most exotic of places so to speak, is no more just a dream. Whether it’s the nature showering love on you or the man made wonderstruck architecture, both cast rejuvenating effects on visitors. Close to the essence of its well developed tourism industry, New Zealand makes sure to welcome guests ranging from high to low budget constraints without having to put them against compromises on quality of services. Enriched with world famous amenities, accommodations are located next to major tourist points. More than that, it is easier and more rewarding for worker bees to book their accommodations away from the hustle and bustle of downtown life. So you may resort to peaceful lodges, batches, backpacker hotels, motels and many more. In addition to that, New Zealanders are friendly by nature and you will surely have a memorable trip to this amazing place. Some names to remember are:

  • Matakauri Lodge
  • Solitaire Lodge
  • Solitaire Lodge
  • Te Waonui Forest Retreat
  • The George
  • Hotel DeBrett
  • The Rees Hotel and Luxury
  • Delamore Lodge
  • The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs
  • SKYCITY Grand Hotel
  • Regal Palms 5 Star City Resort
  • Accommodation Fiordland Lodge NZ
  • Hilton Lake Taupo
  • Picton Beachcomber Inn
  • South Sea Hotel
  • Apartments
  • Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel
  • Heritage Christchurch
  • King and Queen Hotel Suites
  • Bay of Many Coves Resort
  • The Spire Hotel Queenstown
what is the cost of living in new Zealand

With the presence of range of restaurants and eateries in all budget sizes, your food can get as expensive as you make it. But an average of food expense can be as follows:

  • Breakfast: $15-$60
  • Lunch : NZD10-$25
  • Cappuccino: NZD4-$7
  • Water bottle: NZD 2.50


Transport charges are expected to vary with time; figures below are just an indicator for a general idea.

  • Car hire: NZD25-75 per day
  • Petrol: NZ 3 cents per litre.
  • Public transport between cities depending upon the distance: NZD10-$150

  • Economy 3-4 Star Hotel: NZD80- NZD300
  • 5- stars Hotels: NZD400- NZD600
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