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Yeosu is a maritime economic corridor between South Korea and its overwhelming sea of possibilities, literally surrounding the South Jeolla Province and for the same reasons called Yeosu; meaning good water. The coastal city experienced a socio-political power play during the last few decades and integrated into a megalopolis combining the Yeocheon City, the OldYeosu City and last, but certainly not the least, the Yeocheon County.The city we see today, still in the making, has been on the rise as a worldwide tourist hotspot. A shout out to both fulsome enthusiasts and secret admirers, never put off until tomorrow what you can avail today: cheap flights to Yeosuthat is to say.This South-Korean gem has come of age…!

Yeosu- Sights to See and Things to Do:

Besides the peninsula itself, Yeosu embodies a sum total of 317 islands and islets of which only 49 are listed to be inhabited. The several city zones are demarcated in agreement with local topographies and then elegantly homogenized. A slower pace than Seoul, or Busan for that matter, makes the experience less fleeting and far more sinking.‘Hop-on Hop-off’ bus tours, and there are several to choose from, offer newcomers and those with time on their hands with guided city tours and importantsightsees. The Hyangiram Course departs from the Yeosu Expo Station and covers important tourist sites as the Odongdo Island and the Jinnamgwan Hallamong others. Tourists with a decent bank balance, once they develop love at first sight, may want to makeOdongdo island the only spot of their vacation, and ocean cruising; the sole purpose of their trip.Visiting the Jinnamgwan Hall, when you bring yourself to do it, will definitely be worth the little effort you make. Natives are friendly folks in general and bus tours are a great way to use some good karma. A palm selfie with a new acquaintance and/or with Hyangiram Hermitagein the background is a proper compliment to the place and occasion.Maritime and Fisheries Science Museum and Yeosu Specialty Seafood Market are obvious attractions in any coastal region and happen to be on listed on these routes.

The tour of Historic Sites of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin is not everyone’s cup of tea but highly recommended to those fascinated by the city’s history in general and the heroic feat of AdmiralYi Sun-Sinin particular. The city was not always as peaceful as it is today where no news is good news; it has had its share of affliction and lives to tell about it.Yi Sun-Sin Square,Replica Turtle Ship and Yeosu Seonso Historical Site are prominent sites.For those who could not get enough of it or want to see the city nightlife, bus tours also operate at night time just to cater such tastes. The Odongo Island Night Fountainis best seen during this time. Major activities include golfing at theGyeonghoisland, and enjoying a thrill ride in the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car. Be glad if you make it out the other side unharmed (or insert your own joke here).

Not being too nit-picky but narrowing it down for the convenience of our readers, Gat Kimchi, Seodaewhae and Hoe are some of the many culinary specialties that foreigners to Yeosu are always fond of.Majors in procrastination or those used to a much softer diet may find the need to switch to organic.

Yeosu- Hotels and Accommodation:

Loosen up and what surrounds you will also loosen up.Hidden Bay Hotel, Hotel U Castle, Yeosu City Park Resortand Benikea Narsha Hotelare some of the best and most random luxury hotels that pop up in mind. Add to that listB & Beach Tourist Hotelto top it off. Tourists on a honeymoon will definitely acknowledge the need for a safe love motel and Elena Hoteland Apple Motel are famous for the same reason.And yet there remains a plethora of bed & breakfast lodgings and guest housesready to pamper you and your lot. Spa centres and bars there are in plenty but if you happen to be lodging in any of these hotels, you will be provided with deluxe luxuries as part of your amenities.

Yeosu- Peak vs. Off-Peak Season:

Being located south of the country, Yeosu has most of the geological characteristics specific to the geography with the result that it maintains its own microclimate- moist and subtropical- with winters and summers being nothing more than what they really are: winter being slightly cold and summer being hot and humid. Winter (December- February) is peak-season for bargain flights to Yeosu, the duration of which the city celebrates some of its major festivals: Christmas, New Year, Yeosu Light Festival, Sunrise Festival and events of local interest such as water sports, skiing, and ice hockey.

Flights to Yeosu:

The most wanted trio of airlines to South Korea, namely Korean Air, Air China and China Eastern, make two stopovers on their way to Yeosu- Beijing and Jeju City. A different route to the same destination (via Hong Kong and Jeju City to Yeosu) logically involves different airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Dragonair. The sky’s the limit!

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