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places to see and things to do:

Combining an archipelago and an atoll, the island nation of Maldives is made for a vacation within the heart of the Indian Ocean in southern Asia. Such is its popular demand that it is regarded as the first preference for honeymoon vacationing which is why the cheap flights to Maldives are high on demand. The Mulee Aage Palace is the official residence of the president of the country, with the facility allowing routine tours for visitors to explore its artistic setup. There are multiple shrines and tombs, the most prominent one being Medhu Ziyaarath, dedicated to the Imam for spreading Islam across the Maldivian population. The Muhammad Thakurufanu Ziyaarat and the King Ali Rassgefaanu Ziyaarat are the tombs of the local rulers hailing from the era of Portuguese invasion of the islands. The Old Friday Mosque is very unlike the conventional mosque designs, seeming more like a temple from its outer structure based on coral stone, while the interior is based on Lacquer. It has its own stone cemetery in a yard by its side, as well as the Minaaru minaret based on a circular structure present from the earlier times. Replacing the Old Friday Mosque is the modern Grand Friday mosque, which also hosts the National Islamic Centre as an official institution. It has a public library and conference centre, and is one of the most prominent landmarks in the main island, with its golden reflective dome as well as Middle Eastern architecture and calligraphy. An opportunity for getting to know the locals engaging in everyday commerce is at the main Fish market and local market, with the village folk bringing in their stocks of fruit and vegetables as well as daily seafood catch from neighbouring islands to the main island. The Jamhoree Maidan is the Republic Square of the state, along with other parks holding national status like the Sultan Park also housing the National Museum. The Sultan Park premises was formerly consisting of the gardens surrounding the Sultan’s Palace, now converted to a museum. The Utheemu Ganduvaru, the official historical residence of the sultan, is as a public monument facing the coasts.  The Bodu Mora Beach and the Sun Island beach are white sand beaches harbouring shallow levels of water to allow sunbathing and wading in warmer temperatures. Another reason of most cheap flights to Maldives booked last was “snorkeling and scuba diving” as a popular sport at hotspots including the Banana Reef and the HP Reef, , while also being a main highlight for recreational diving . Among other sport activities are jet skiing, wind surfing, kite boarding, cruising or simply yachting around the string of islands for exploration. Resorts take care of spa and relaxation therapy services among infinity pools and outdoor, covered settings. Multiple islands offer refuge from the congestion of tourists, and thus become the prime spots for resorts. So landing off of your cheap flights to Maldves, you should bear in mind the popular islands including the Biyadoo Island, Veligandu Island, Alimatha Island and the Hulhumale Island. In terms of modern development, land reclamation is being implemented, with the Thilafushi artificial Island being the largest project in the country. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options to stay in maldives?

Maldives is the iconic destination when it comes to the luxury traveller. Suites and cabins aboard luxury yachts, cruise boats and small ships are categorized under a general offer. We always recommend adding a hotel to your booking when reserving cheap flights to Maldives. With the country spread over an archipelago, resorts have completely acquired small private islands of their own in order to ensure and facilitate seclusion and privacy for their guests and customers. Most of the resorts which fall in this category are boutique. There are multiple internationally-themed facilities as well, allowing foreign visitors greater ease in availing suitable hospitality standards as well as communicating with staff. Towards the central islands and urban centres, there are guesthouses and hotels available, which relatively fall in the budget category. So, now that you are sorted on where to say and how to get there, why not book your cheap flights to Maldives with Travelhouseuk? Some of the local villages also facilitate paying guest services for tourists so that they can get the chance of exploring ad interacting with the local heritage up close.

Tips on budget management with cheap flights to Maldives?

  • A single meal at an international hotel chain: £ 4.5
  • A regular bottle of soft drink: £ 0.68
  • A large bottle of mineral water (1.5 litres): £ 0.4
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 1.71
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 9.7
  • A local transportation ticket: £ 0.25
  • A suite in one of the hotels in urban area: £ 75
  • A suite in one of the resort islands: £ 160
what are the hotel and accommodation options to stay in maldives?
What are the hotel and accommodation options to stay in Maldives?

Tips on budget management with cheap flights to Maldives?

  • A single meal at an international hotel chain:
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