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Known to be second only to Kabul in terms of development, Mazar-i-Sharif is known to be an important strategic destination for travelling routes in northern Afghanistan. Settlers have been here for over generations hailing from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan as well as from the Hazara community of Pakistan. Apart from its geographical significance the city is also famed for the Shrine of Ali or also known as the Blue Mosque, Many devotees visit the shrine all year round to pay their homage. Do not expect much frequency for Mazar-i-Sharif flights, since Mazar-i-Sharif Airport is currently being facilitated by no more than three airlines operating 50 flights in total every week. TravelhouseUK has contracted with Turkish Airlines to provide international standard air travel for selling cheap flights to Mazar-i-Sharif.

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best time to visit

Afghanistan is a landlocked country near the central Asia, which is why the summers are very hot. Because of the heat, months between May to September are almost not very pleasant for the visit. Therefore, majority of the visitors prefer autumns and winters to visit the city.

places to see and things to do

This city with a rich history and religious association makes it quite a perfect spot for those who are interested in learning about the local history and culture. Cheap flights to Mazar i Sharif are an incentive, which should be availed to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Unlike other cities in this country, Mazar i Sharif is a peaceful place where you can really immerse in its stupendous ambiance.

This holy city has a profound value among the Muslims, as the Shrine of Ali is the most important landmark in the city; it is visited by thousands of devotees every year. It is also known as Blue Mosque and is lot beautifully during the nights with thousands of lights. It has a beautiful exterior built by the blue marble tiles. They change different hues of blue during the day. Apart from the Ali shrine, the tomb of Ali, the fourth Caliph of Muslims, is another famous sight. This tomb was formerly hidden from the Genghis Khan but later on it was found in 15th century. Wander the streets of this historic city or explore the numerous gardens that make the city more beautiful.

hotels and accommodation:

There are a number of options to choose from while opting for lodging options in Mazar I sharif. From comfortable luxury hotels, to humble inns, you will find varied budget options. Cheap flights to Mazar i sharif along with reasonable hotel are easily available. However, they are not as lavish as the international high end resorts, but they are equipped with basic necessities. Some hotels are also located near the shrine which are the best options of lodging and stay due to the proximity to the city

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