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Gulf Air
MAN ➞ DVO Manchester - Davao 23 Dec - 20 Jan
£ 1534.88
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return Deal found: 11/28
Etihad Airways
LHR ➞ DVO Heathrow - Davao 27 Mar - 11 Apr
£ 1584.81
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return Deal found: 12/04
Singapore Airlines
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1687.81
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return Deal found: 11/28
BHX ➞ DVO Birmingham - Davao 02 Aug - 30 Aug
£ 1731.11
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return Deal found: 12/06
Aer Lingus
BHX ➞ DVO Birmingham - Davao 02 Aug - 30 Aug
£ 1731.94
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 12/04
Oman Air
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 18 Dec - 08 Jan
£ 1761.91
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return Deal found: 12/08
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1796.78
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return Deal found: 12/03
Turkish Airlines
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1888.01
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 11/28
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1991.08
Pick Dates
MAN ➞ DVO Manchester - Davao 23 Dec - 20 Jan
£ 1534.88return
LHR ➞ DVO Heathrow - Davao 27 Mar - 11 Apr
£ 1584.81return
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1687.81return
BHX ➞ DVO Birmingham - Davao 02 Aug - 30 Aug
£ 1731.11return
BHX ➞ DVO Birmingham - Davao 02 Aug - 30 Aug
£ 1731.94return
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 18 Dec - 08 Jan
£ 1761.91return
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1796.78return
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1888.01return
LON ➞ DVO London - Davao 16 Dec - 04 Jan
£ 1991.08return
LHR ➞ DVO Heathrow - Davao 03 May - 18 May
£ 3628.41return
LHR ➞ DVO Heathrow - Davao 04 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 3739.91return
LHR ➞ DVO Heathrow - Davao 03 May - 18 May
£ 4346.91return
LHR ➞ DVO Heathrow - Davao 04 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 4547.71return

Flights from Davao to London

DVO ➞ LHR 08 Mar 2024 Check Fare  
£ 491.30 one-way

Airlines Operating Flights to Davao

  • Emirates offers flights to Davao from London Heathrow, Manchester, and Glasgow.
  • British Airways flies to Davao from London Heathrow, London City, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Glasgow.
  • KLM offers flights to Davao from London Heathrow, London City Airport, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Aberdeen, and Bristol.
  • Turkish Airlines operates flights to Davao from London (Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted airports), Birmingham, and Manchester.
  • Qatar Airways is offering flights to Davao from London (both Heathrow and Gatwick), and Manchester.

Rescheduling Flight to Davao

You can begin by asking our travel agent (when booking your flight) if there is a date-change waiver available on it. You see, we offer free cancellation service as well as a waiver for date change on certain bookings against certain dates. If the answer is yes, feel free to proceed with the booking as there will be flexibility for a date change in the future. At any rate, the best advice is to stay connected with the travel agent handling your booking via social media/phone.

Manchester to Davao with British Airways

British Airways offers wide coverage of routes as flights en route to Davao are scheduled to depart from London, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Belfast. These are all connecting flights. British Airways strikes the right balance between cost and comfort, not to mention a generous baggage allowance. With Travelhouseuk pumping out cheap Davao flights with British Airways, your search for the right flight only has to take you as far as our website or social media handles. In case you are calling us at the last minute and low-cost flights are sold out, please remember that we offer flights on payment plans as well. To catch more details, please give us a call (020 3137 9155) and direct your queries to our official Facebook handle.

Easter Flight Deals from London to Davao in 2024

Instead of booking flights randomly at the last minute, travellers prefer to wait and benefit from our short-term Easter offers. Flights booked with us during one of our limited-time sales are relatively cheaper and come with many options. Our offers on Easter flights from London to Davao in 2023 extend from Business to Economy Class flights with major airlines like Qatar Airways, Philippine Airlines, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, and more. The said deals are promoted on all our social media handles in addition to the newsletter we send out weekly. We are also available on WhatsApp (02031372316), so you can reach us there too if that is more convenient.

Advantages of Booking Early for Davao Flights

In most cases, booking early can get you the same flight for a lot less than if booked at the last minute. When targeting lower airfares, the strategic approach is to book flights at least 3 months before departure or keep track of limited-time sales. At Travelhouseuk, you will find deals that cater to a wide range of preferences and are well within the purchasing power of most travellers. To achieve client satisfaction on all parameters, we also offer flexible booking and payment plan options. It is also beneficial to secure flight tickets to Davao in advance, seeing as our travel agents are experts in pinpointing dates that show a lower price and also promoting the right deals.

Cheap Business Class Flights to Davao

Not all Business Class flights are outrageously expensive! If there is a Business Class flight deal for Davao available, the case is quite different. Travelhouseuk periodically offers exclusive deals along with limited-time offers and flash sales on such flights. Additionally, we have a payment plan option available for travellers who have reason to believe that the fare is still unaffordable. They can talk to one of our travel agents to learn more about this instalment plan and how it goes. Any further queries and they will be answered on the phone (020 3137 9155) and social media.

Flight Duration from London Heathrow to Davao

It takes a minimum time of 17 hours and 55 minutes to reach Davao from the Heathrow Airport. This is the shortest one-stop flight with Philippine Airlines that reaches Davao via Manila. Flights may take longer if booked with a different airline or the itinerary involves more than one layover.

Direct Flights to Davao from London Heathrow

Currently, no airline is operating direct flights to Davao from the Heathrow Airport in London. Although connecting flights are the only means of travelling to Davao by air. Needless to say, there are a variety of airlines to choose from and all airlines serving the destination are standard service providers

Procedure for UK to Davao Flights on Instalments

Booking with us enables travellers to get flights for less, with more options, and flexibility in dates. The latest is that they can even fly to Davao now and pay later. Once the passenger has chosen to book with us on an instalment plan, they are required to make an initial deposit. After the deposit has been made and the payment plan is scheduled successfully, we will issue the tickets. Normally, the payment is sliced into monthly instalments. As much as Travelhouseuk has done to make flying affordable for all travellers, the fact remains that flights can still be very much expensive and the digits may take their time before settling down. If you are finding UK to Davao flights and the price shown exceeds your budget, Fly Now Pay Later is your password.

Popular Routes for Davao Flights from UK

  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Davao (DVO) via Manila (MNL)
  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Davao (DVO) via Doha (DIA) and Manila (MNL)
  • London Gatwick (LGW) to Davao (DVO) via Istanbul (IST) and Manila (MNL)

Cheap Flights to Davao in December 2023 with Philippine Airlines

Yes, Travelhouseuk offers cheap flights to Davao with Philippine Airlines starting from 599 GBP for an Economy Class return-ticket. Philippine Airlines offers connecting flights to Davao from London Heathrow. Booking with us can cost a lot less than booking directly from the airline's official website. Plus, we keep room enough for discount offers and flash sales that happen to pop up now and then, and we make sure to let our clients know about it. If the fare that our agent is quoting you is still high, you can choose our 'fly now pay later' payment plan. This way, you would not have to postpone your program and pay conveniently later on.

Cheapest Time to Book Davao Flights

Visiting Davao during the shoulder season (September to November) may be a good idea if the price is the deciding factor for your trip. Later on, February to mid-April is another shoulder season for you to consider flying in. Staying in touch with Travelhouseuk keeps you open to potential discounts and last-minute offers that may appear during the low-season. Since fewer people travel to Davao during this period, accommodations and transportation would come at a lesser cost as well.

FAQs - Booking Davao flights

The city proper is a one-hour drive from the airport. Covering 36 kilometres may take a bit more time during rush hours early in the morning and around 6 o'clock in the evening.

Travelling and sightseeing in Davao are best done in the dry season, which spans from March to April. With less humidity than usual, back-to-back trips and outdoor activities are no hassle. The peak-season starts by the end of April, and this is the ideal time to visit Davao as the city enjoys great weather and is not jam-packed with tourists. The daytime temperature maintains itself at an average of 28 C, which is quite pleasant by Davao's standards.

  • People’s Park: It is possibly the best place to take a stroll in fresh open air with your loved ones beside you. The sights and the monuments are excellent. Almost a thousand species of vegetations can be observed here. The first thing you will stumble upon in the park is Durian dome. Durian is the fruit particularly found in Davao and in abundance. Usually, non-Davaoenos are unaware of this extremely delicious fruit. Moreover, the park is comprised of a Sunken Garden and a Children’s Library. Awe inspiring and a huge sculpture of a Philippine’s Eagle is worth watching whenever you visit the People’s Park.
  • Mt. Apo: Mt. Apo is a famous mountaineering place in the Philippines. Working your way up the gradient till you reach its eminent peak is an exhilarating experience which also happens to be fairly easy on the muscles, so people from all age groups choose to go there especially in the month of April.
  • Eden Nature Park: Tropical plants, pines trees, flora and fauna are found in abundance at Eden Nature Park and Resort. Sky Rides are something you should never miss out on. Various restaurants offer scrumptious food at the resort. Moreover, you can acquire worthy lodgings with high standard amenities and soothing ambience.

Since the maximum numbers of five-star lodging facilities are along the beaches, trekkers usually have a preference to take into service quality accommodation along a pristine beach and relaxing ambience. Treat yourself in a royal manner after booking your holidays in any of these hotels: Marco Polo Hotel, Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark, Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel, Waterfront Insular Hotel, Seda, Pearl Farm Beach Resort and Home Crest HOTEL. Three-star lodging conveniences are available at Hotel Galleria, Orchard Hotel, Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel and Microtel.

Your travelling would be incomplete without gratifying your gastronomic hankering. For this, you ought to experience the ethnic cuisine of your travel destination.

  • Jack’s Ridge: It is considered to be the top notch choice of Filipinos and tourists as well. If you are looking for the relaxing atmosphere while satisfying your gastro-fest desires, then this is possibly the best go-to place.
  • Lachi's: Both the locals and tourists fancy the restaurant because of its delicious ribs and tasteful Laing including the other appetizing dishes being offered at this eatery.

The Swiss Deli and Restaurant, Claude's Cafe de Ville, Bon Appétit Restaurant, De BonteKoe European Restaurant, Yellow Fin Seafood And Restaurant, Davao Dencia's Restaurant are some of the notable places for a tourist- cum-gastronome.

  • Waterfront Insular Hotel
  • Marco Polo Hotel
  • Seda Abreeza
  • Hotel Tropika
  • Park Inn by Radisson
  • The Royal Mandaya Hotel
  • The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites

The main international airport serving Davao is the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, commonly dubbed as Davao International Airport. The airport has a single large-scale terminal that handles both domestic and international flights to and from Davao. Waiting passengers will find almost every convenience under one roof - from duty-free shops to restaurants. The airport IATA code is DVO.

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