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Be sure to get flights to Indonesia from TravelhouseUK to make a stress free journey. Being the largest island nation in the world and home to more than 240 million inhabitants, this South-East Asian gem offers a variety of experiences to the holidaymakers. About 600 of its islands are inhabited and each island has its own customs, traditions and dialects. It remained under the Colonial rule the effects of which can be witnessed through the architecture inspired by the Portuguese and Dutch. Sumatra, located in western Indonesia, is the fourth largest island in the world and is a paradise for biologists and nature lovers. Its rain forests are home to the most exotic plants and animals. Among others, the most popular attractions are the Old Harbour, the Borobudur monument, the Dieng Plateau temple and the Baitturrahman Grand Mosque. It is difficult to grasp the dynamic landscapes featured in this country; from snow-covered mountaintops to active volcanoes and from tropical forests to beaches, this country has it all. And what makes it more pleasant is the fact that the locals welcome tourists with open arms. Indonesia flights will be considered, as always, a delight for most tourists.

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airlines offering flights to indonesia from uk

  • Garuda Indonesia (GA) via Jakarta/Makassar
  • British Airways (BA) via Doha
  • Turkish Airlines (TK) via Istanbul
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ) via Singapore
  • Emirates (EK) via Dubai
  • Qatar Airways (Q via Doha
  • China Southern Airlines (CZ) via Guangzhou
  • Malaysian Airlines (MH) via Kuala Lumpur
  • Air France (AF) via Paris
  • Thai Airways (TG) via Bangkok
  • KLM (KL) via Amsterdam
  • Qantas Airways (QF) via Dubai
  • Philippine Airlines (PR) via Manila

most travelled flight routes from uk to indonesia and their flight duration

  • Heathrow (LHR) to Indonesia (Jakarta) direct flights with GA: 14 hours and 20 minutes
  • Flights from Heathrow (LHR) to Indonesia (CGK) via Singapore: 15 hours and 40 minutes
  • Heathrow (LHR) to Indonesia (Bali) flights via Singapore: 16 hours and 35 minutes
  • Heathrow to Indonesia (LHR-CGK) flights via Dubai: 16 hours and 45 minutes
  • Qatar Airways flights from Heathrow (LHR) to Indonesia (Bali): 18 hours and 15 minutes
  • Manchester to Indonesia (MAN-CGK) flights with SQ: 16 hours and 30 minutes
  • PR flights from Heathrow to Indonesia (Bali): 19 hours and 20 minutes

weekly flight schedule of different airlines flying from uk to indonesia

Heathrow to Indonesia (Jakarta):
  • Garuda Indonesia: Daily direct flights are scheduled from UK to Indonesia and it is, undoubtedly, considered to be the best choice available for flying between these two countries.
  • Singapore Airlines: One stop flight via Singapore, SQ operates on seven days a week.
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines: You may opt for the flight arrangements made by VA on all the days of the week.
  • Emirates: While making a brief stopover at its Middle Eastern hub i.e. Dubai, EK offers flights all the week.
  • Thai Airways: At least one flight is scheduled on daily basis.
  • Qatar Airways: QR proficiently manages flights from UK-CGK on regular basis.
  • China Southern Airlines: Daily flight connections from Monday to Sunday.
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines: Flights are offered throughout the seven days of the week.
  • Malaysia Airlines: With MH, you may consider flights from UK to Jakarta on any given day of the week.
  • Etihad Airways: EY makes regular flight connections.
  • Turkish Airlines: TK regulates flights from UK to Indonesia on daily basis.
  • Philippine Airlines: PR offers flights to Indonesia through all the seven days of the week,
  • KLM: With KL, You may opt to book flights on any day of the week.

Manchester to Indonesia (Jakarta):
  • Singapore Airlines: SQ is the most preferred choice for short duration flight to Indonesia from UK on all the days of the week.

Heathrow to Indonesia (Bali):
  • Garuda Indonesia: Seek GA flights from UK to Indonesia for departures on any day of the week.
  • British Airways: Operating flight connections in alliance with QR
  • Singapore Airlines: The schedule is pretty much identical to other reputable airlines. i.e. seven days a week.
  • Emirates: EK flights are regularly serving the Heathrow Airport to carry passengers from UK to Indonesia.
  • Qatar Airways: Bali has flights scheduled for Bali on all the seven days of the week.
  • Air France: AF has an extensive network of UK departures for Indonesia seven days a week.
  • Malaysia Airlines: A minimum number of two flights are daily carrying numerous passengers from UK to Bali who choose to fly via Kuala Lumpur.
  • China Southern Airlines: CZ flights are operated from Monday to Sunday without any disruption.
  • Thai Airways: TG has scheduled its flights on all the seven days a week.
  • Etihad Airways: EY flights take off on all the seven days of the week to connect both the countries.
  • Philippine Airlines: You may also consider taking flights with Philippine Airlines on any given day of the week.

Manchester to Indonesia (Bali):
  • Singapore Airlines: Keeping pace with the daily flight needs, nothing interrupts the flights scheduled on daily basis.
  • Emirates: EK facilitates numerous passengers while serving Manchester Airport for smooth departures with scheduled arrivals at Bali on all the seven days of the week.
Major International Airport in Indonesia:

Although there are around fifty domestic and international airports in Indonesia, major traffic from the United Kingdom is attracted to the major two busiest airports which are are as follows;

  • Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali, Indonesia)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Intl Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia)

baggage allowance of different airlines flying from uk to indonesia

  • While maintaining its global network efficiently, Garuda Indonesia allows 30 kg in Economy Class, 40 kg in Business Class and 50 kg in Firs t Class.
  • Qatar Airways applies the weight concept to its baggage policy. On UK to Indonesia route, you can carry the luggage weighing up to 30 kg in Economy Class, 40 kg in Business Class and 50 kg in First Class.
  • With Etihad Airways, you are allowed 2 bags up to 23 kg each in Economy Class on flights from the UK to India. While on its Business and First Class, Etihad Airways offers 2 bags of 32 kg each.
  • Depending upon the fare and travel class, Emirates allows you 30kg for Economy Class, 40 kg for Business Class and 50kg for First Class.
  • While commuting with Air France, one must keep the weight concept in mind. Your luggage should not weigh more than 23 kg in Economy Class and 32 kg in Business and La Première class.
  • Singapore Airlines facilitates the flyers by allowing the checked in baggage generously. You may take up to 30 kg in Economy Class, 35 kg in Premium Economy. 40 kg in Business Class and 50 kg in First Class.
  • KLM, following the baggage allowance standardization, would take up to 1 bag of 23 kg in Economy Class and 2 bags of 32 kg each in Business Class.
  • Cathay Pacific set aside free baggage limitation of 30 kg in Economy Class, 35 kg in Premium Economy, 40 kg in Business Class and 50 kg in First Class.
  • If you are travelling with Philippine Airlines then you can take one piece of 10 kilos in Budget Economy, 20 kilos in Regular Economy and 30 kilos for Business Class.
  • Malaysia Airlines baggage policy permits you to carry 2 pieces whose combined weight should not exceed 30 kg for Economy Class, 40 kg for Business Class and 50 kg for First Class.

best time to visit indonesia

Peak Season:

Owing to the country’s geographical location closely linking the equator, Indonesia bears tropical weather round the year. The whole archipelago stands out for two main seasons i.e. wet (November – April) and dry (May-October). For unique tourist archipelago destinations like these, itinerary usually attracts the adventurous souls where snorkelling and island hopping are the main activities of interest. This is, for sure, best enjoyed in dry weather. The best time to visit Indonesia is not necessarily the peak time to visit as well. Trends reveal that many visitors cherish their bespoke holidays during the months of June/July or later in December holidays in UK. There’s a lot more to discover in Indonesia even when downpours are expected to scupper your trip. Such as; wondrous temples are even more appealing and quieter during the rainy season.

Off Peak Season:

Travellers tend to avoid visiting Indonesia when rainy season is at peak. Usually, January and February are the wettest months. Nobody makes a trip more than seven thousand miles away from home to pay for food and accommodations only. Globe-trotters come with a zest to discover the unique architecture, cultural extravaganza and natural treasures of famous tourist destinations while consistent rain is likely to put a damper on your travel plans. So, speak to your travel agent and book cheap flight to Indonesia only when it’s appropriate for you to roam all around without any difficulty.

indonesia’s well-travelled beauty spots

Being densely populated, it is bound to tempt the foreigners with its stimulating culture and heritage. The tourism industry experienced a boom due to its impeccable shorelines, rice paddies, gilded temples and surreal rainforests and the fact that finding cheap flights to Indonesia is not a cumbersome task if planned with a little deliberation. Provinces like Bali, Papua, Sumatra and Java have attracted their own popularity for being the top regions for beginning the expedition.


Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, is a huge metropolitan with an exotic cultural mix. It is the power hub of the country and holds a number of attractions like National Monument, Ancol Dreamland, National Museum of Indonesia, Istiqlal Mosque etc.


Bali on the contrary, is the most happening spot in Indonesia. It is famed for its pristine beaches and natural wellness, which is why it is considered as a top honeymoon site.


Medan is another exotic destination in the province of Sumatra. There is a wealth of European and Asian inspired structures, bustling markets and exotic natural spots as well.

other destinations in indonesia

Indonesia has a treasure trove of ancient temples. These mystical structures are found almost everywhere you go. Singosari Temple, Prambanan, Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot, Borobudur, and Gunung Kawi etc., are among the countless examples located on scenic hills gleaming with precious materials like Jade, gold, diamonds, or towering with stupas or pagodas of wood and marble.

The country has a thriving art and culture scenario as well. National Museum of Indonesia highlights local arts and the country’s history. Others like the museum of Puri Lukisan Museum, Neka Art Museum, Wayang Museum and the Maritime Museum, are all dedicated to display Balinese artifacts relating to its heritage and culture.

Popular urban beach towns like the Seminyak, Sentosa, Sanur and Legian etc., have attracted excessive traffic for their nightlife appeal and their stupendous powdery beaches. Natural serenity can be discovered among Mentawai Islands, Nias Island, Bintan Island and Weh Island. They are host of clusters of tropical palms on white sands, and plethora of water based activities.

getting around in indonesia

Coming from UK, you may not be as comfortable as you should be with the transport infrastructure of Indonesia. Vigilance is the key to avoid any trouble commuting from one place to another.

You may opt to avail the quickest mode of transportation by booking an air ticket with any of the numerous domestic carriers in Indonesia. Air travel is the best option for tourist who wants to save themselves from transportation hassle and extra travelling hours.

Java is the most reliable train systems in Indonesia with an extensive network of trains connecting the key places like Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung and many more. This offers relatively smoother travelling than busses in general. Specifically, if you are moving to trunk area, getting a train is always a better idea.

Other options may include hiring a car or booking a taxi, to cover your journey in minimum time possible. Taxi service is so frequent so booking in advance is not a worry anymore.

You may avail the tourist shuttle bus service in the major cities like Bali and Jakarta to commute between the show-places in the cities in an economical price.

eating and drinking in indonesia

With an increasing tourism trends, hospitality industry is also turning up to the boom by offering a wide range of local to multi ethnic cuisines. It is suggested to try out Indonesian cuisine which is highly rich in taste and aroma. Indigenous culture in every region of Indonesia has given rise to the particularly tasteful but diverse gastronomy.

Staples, meat and vegetables are cooked in multifarious styles to make the delicacies even more enticing. Gado-Gado is highly recommended to tantalize your taste buds, If you are fond of soups, Soto Betawi is name for very nutritious beef soup.

Otherwise, international chains of fast food chains are always there if you feel trouble adapting to the Indonesian Cuisine. Most of the upper market restaurants in Jakarta and Bali offers arrange of American, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and a range of Middle Eastern Cuisine.

hotels and accommodation places in indonesia

With a well-established hospitality industry concentrated in its urban regions as well as countless tourist hotspots, the country has attracted global attention for dream vacations. The reason behind, firstly cheap flights to Indonesia can be acquired with ease and secondly, the high quality and variety of its resorts and spa huts equipped with outdoor seating, amenity pools, bars etc., are sublime. Five Star Hotels are located in the top destinations like Jakarta and Bali are as follows;

  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Hotel Indonesia
  • AYANA Midplaza
  • Fairmont
  • Hotel Mulia Senayan
  • Four Seasons Hotel
a few hints on budget spending with your cheap flights to Indonesia
  • Single meal at an international fast food chain: £3
  • a large bottle of mineral water (1.5 liters): £0.26
  • A regular soft drink bottle: £0.35
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £2
  • A local transportation ticket: £ 0.21
  • An imported cigarette pack: £0.78
  • A room at a standard hotel/ a local rental bungalow in a town: £ 40
  • An exotic boutique resort listed among top recommendations: £170

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