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Are you out on a hunt for cheap flights to Wanganui? With Travelhouseuk’s unique fares for great deals on air tickets. You can sift through numerous flight options for world class airlines offering cheap tickets to Wanganui. Either direct or in-direct, we can devise your itinerary with our low cost flight deals for the departure dates and airports of your choice. Choose from an array of Wanganui Flights options though our search results. Call in now to talk to one of our experienced professionals.

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Which airlines operate flights to Wanganui?

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Air Chathams
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • British Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air New Zealand

How long is the flight to Wanganui from the UK?

  • From London, Wanganui is a long way on the other side of the world. The flights to Wanganui from London Heathrow Airport are therefore 35 hours long, including two stopovers. These stops can be in Hong Kong and Auckland.
  • Flying from Manchester to Wanganui takes a total time of 36 hours. Your flight may have two to three layovers in East Asia. Contact our agents for more information regarding flight durations of UK to Wanganui flights.

Are there any direct flights to Wanganui from the UK?

No there are no direct flights to Wanganui since the city does not have an international airport. The closest international airport to Wanganui is the one in Auckland. Passengers who are in a hurry can take an Air New Zealand flight via Los Angeles to Auckland and then take a domestic flight out to Wanganui. Other airlines also provide a cheaper option; however, their schedules and airfare change over the seasons. 

Which airlines operate flight to Wanganui more frequently?

Air New Zealand and Air Chathams are the few flights that regularly fly to Wanganui Airport. Due to the smaller population of the city, few airlines are going to the destination. British Airways and Singapore Airlines, like many other shuttles, can reach only as far as Auckland, but from there on, to get to Wanganui, you need a domestic carrier.  

How many flights are there from London to Wanganui weekly?

Yes, about 14 flights are leaving for Wanganui every week from London via Auckland. Call our agents at 020 3137 9154 for the details. Some of these flights routes are not ideal, but where there is a will, there is a way to reach Wanganui. These flights enable tourists to get to Wanganui at a cheaper rate by using different combinations of airlines.

How does TravelhouseUK find such low prices of tickets to Wanganui?

TravelhouseUK uses different software and algorithms to check for the cheapest tickets with the best value, available in the market. Some seats might be more economical but would come with night time travel or with two to three stopovers. These tickets are affordable but not suitable for our clientele, by and large. Here is where our human touch and a decade long experience come to play. Our agents try to find the cheapest ticket that allows the greatest ease. You can get to Wanganui changing planes less often, well-rested and at a lower price with TravelhouseUK.

How can I find cheap flights to Wanganui with TravelhouseUK if the price isn’t shown online?

Wanganui is a small town on the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. There are times when airlines have scheduled flights to Wanganui, but in the low season, these flights might get cancelled. Weather also plays an important part when planning a trip to Wanganui. If no results are showing up for flights to Wanganui on our webpage, perhaps you have set the arrival and departure date too near into the future. Try resetting these dates and even if that does not work as well, please call our agents at 020 3137 9154 for a fantastic deal on Wanganui flights.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Wanganui?

October is the best time to get an affordable ticket to Wanganui. Celebrate the spring season in New Zealand at Wanganui and that too on the cheap. There is only one day of rain per week, at an average, during this month and the average temperature is just above 15°C. With the right attire, keeping you toasty at night and agile in the day, you can enjoy a fabulous vacation to Wanganui. Celebrate Halloween, but with spring flowers around instead of the crackle of dry leaves under your feet. The accommodation prices are also significantly lower in the September – October time frame.

Is there a major international airport in Wanganui?

Wanganui Airport is located at a distance of approximately 4km from the city centre of Wanganui. The primary mode of transport available at Wanganui Airport for all arriving flights is via the taxis. The taxi stand is easily locatable, adjacent to the self-claim baggage area. Fares charged for reaching the central city are approximately $25. The closest international airport is in Auckland, and a flight by Air Chathams connects the two cities.

What is the best time to visit Wanganui?

December to March is the best time to visit Wanganui. During this time the temperature remains in the warm and balmy 22°C to 25°C range. The sun is out, and there is little to no rain during these months. This period is also the busy season in Wanganui, so expect longer lines at the immigration booths and a bit higher prices for the hotel rooms and air tickets. In the southern hemisphere, this is the summertime, which gives us all the more reason to celebrate Christmas in Wanganui. The pristine beauty of New Zealand is grander in and around this city and welcomes tourists from not only the UK but also from the US and Canada. Even though the temperature plummets in June and July, it remains as one of the busiest times to come to Wanganui simply because of the global school break.

What are the major landmarks in Wanganui?

An urban area, located amidst the Mount Tongariro and set against the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Wanganui is home to numerous tourist attractions. Famous for its Maori culture and the vibrant heritage that it has inherited, Wanganui boasts various fun activities as well that would keep anyone entertained.

  • Start your journey of discovering this beautiful city by getting acquainted with nature. The best way to do so is by heading over to the Wanganui National Park. The national park was established in1986 and shares a border with the Wanganui River thus providing breathtaking views. Filled with ancient stories that date back to the early European settlers, the park was initially built to protect flora and fauna of the upper Wanganui River. The river provides endless opportunities for adventure, including kayaking and canoe safaris.
  • Located in the Queen’s Park is the Sarjeant Gallery which was built in the year 1912 by Henry Sarjeant. The white dome building houses an exquisite collection of over 5,500 artworks which mainly focuses on the 19th and 20th-century paintings by the British and Europeans artists. The stock has classical and modern artwork done on ceramics, sculptures, glass and bronze work. This gallery is a hub for local artists as well.
  • The Royal Wanganui Opera House is one of the few Victorian theatres in New Zealand. The building is as old as 110 years old and seats over 830 people. It is a venue for many national and international events including concerts, the grand opera, school events, lectures and piano recitals. The Royal Wanganui Opera House is one of the major attractions of the city that should not be missed out.
What are the transportation options available to tourists in Wanganui?

Passengers also have the option of hiring a car. Three leading car rental companies have their offices located within the airport’s terminal for the convenience of the passengers. Renting a car is a more convenient and cheaper option if your stay in Wanganui is for a longer time. Wanganui doesn’t offer a pervasive public transportation system. Two of the main transport options available are via taxis and buses. Buses in Wanganui, in general, depart on an hourly basis from Maria Place Extension. Buses are a more cost-effective mode of transport as compared to hailing a taxi. Two of the leading licensed taxi companies operating in Wanganui are River City Taxis and Wanganui Taxis.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Wanganui?

It is also relatively easy to find excellent accommodations near some of Wanganui’s prime locations, at close proximity to some of the city’s main attractions. These also include motels and lodges located along the banks of the Wanganui River boasting spectacular views.

  • Siena Motor Lodge
  • 151 on London
  • Kings Court Motel
  • Rutland Arms Inn
  • Aotea Motor Lodge

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