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Looking for cheap flights to Al Ain to spend your vacations in the Garden City of the Middle East? Then you’re searching at the right place. With a population of a little over half a million, Al Ain is not the densely inhabited city and therefore its destinations are easily accessible. The city is home to numerous museums which represent the exuberant cultures of the Middle East, like the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum and the Al Ain Museum and fort. Get your tickets to Al Ain from TravelhouseUK and make the journey via Emirates.

Al Ain is mostly famous for the scenic beauty it offers through its parks and gardens. The Mubazzarah Park and the Al Ain Oasis are the most widely visited, providing tourists with a tranquil experience. If you want a temporary getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a peaceful and luxurious vacation then Al Ain is the perfect place for you.

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Which Airlines Operate Flights To Al Ain?

  • Etihad Airways
  • British Airways
  • Alitalia
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Oman Air
  • EgyptAir
  • TAP Portugal

Are There Any Direct Flights For Al Ain?

At present, no direct flights are being operated from the United Kingdom for Al Ain. Connecting flights to Al Ain are offered by Etihad Airways, British Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Alitalia and Turkish Airlines among others.

How Long Is A Flight To Al Ain?

  • The minimum flight duration from London Heathrow to Al Ain is 10 hours and 10 minutes with Etihad Airways. This is a one-stop flight that flies via Abu Dhabi.
  • The minimum flight duration from London Gatwick to Al Ain is 16 hours. These flights are code-shared between Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways and fly via Istanbul and Abu Dhabi (2 stopovers). The return flight is offered by Air Baltic.
  • From Manchester to Al Ain, Etihad Airways operates the shortest connecting flights that take 12 hours and 40 minutes. Abu Dhabi is the stopover.
  • The flight time from Birmingham to Al Ain is 29 hours and 55 minutes with Etihad Airways. This is a two-stop flight that flies via Amsterdam and Abu Dhabi.
  • From Edinburgh, it takes 35 hours and 20 minutes to reach Al Ain with Etihad Airways. Dublin and Abu Dhabi are its two stopovers.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Al Ain?

Al Ain is best experienced during the winter season which stretches from the end days of October to late March. On an average sunny day, the temperature hangs between 20-24 °C. The majority of tourists plan their vacations during this time of the year, hence the peak-season. Al Ain Winter Festival is a major attraction for locals and foreigners alike. Highlights include a line-up of musical performances, sports, souvenir stalls and street food.

Which Is The Cheapest Time To Fly To Al Ain?

Al Ain is a year-round destination for tourism yet prices may drop during the hot summer season. With temperatures reaching as high as 45 °C from time to time, people tend to avoid travelling in the months of May, June, July and August. Premium fares and discounted holiday packages are frequently seen at this time of the year. Both airlines and hotels make it a point to promote tourism by introducing timely incentives that price-wise travellers just might be looking for.

Which Is The Main International Airport In Al Ain?

Al Ain International Airport, having the IATA code AAN, is the major airport serving the city of Al Ain. To the city proper, it takes a 30 minute drive from the airport.

What Are The Major Tourist Attractions In Al Ain?

Al Ain Palace Museum:

The opportunity afforded here for a detailed inspection of Arabian culture and craftsmanship is exceptional. Tourists can get to see remarkable artefacts within the compelling attraction of a stately palace. Get insight into one of the most creative and productive parts of the Middle East.

Jebel Hafeet:

In the vicinity of the city is this mountain that marks the border between the UAE and Oman. Popular activities include hiking, dirt biking, sightseeing and visiting the tombs. Jebel Hafeet is the second highest mountain in the whole of UAE. There is even a hotel at the top of the mountain which is a treat for weary hikers.

Al Ain National Museum:

Entering the museum and walking past some of the panels and displays, one immediately realizes that the UAE was a rich cultural centre long before the discovery of oil changed its landscape. The museum has undergone marked improvements and its collections are among the largest in the region. Tourists who do not wish to have a superficial trip to Al Ain may want to visit this museum.

Al Wadi Park:

A thriving little park that also serves as the venue for the Al Ain Winter Festival can be a good spot for an evening walk or a picnic. There is a dedicated kids play area and a few eateries here and there that make it perfect for a family's day out.

Lake Zakher:

Foremost among the beautiful spots of Al Ain, about 50 kilometres from the city centre, this artificial lake has become a magnet for tourists. After staying in a desert climate, foreigners crave a water site all the more. Set against the backdrop of ruddy plains, this lake is one of the finest attractions that Al Ain is noted for.

How To Get Around In Al Ain?

Taxis can be found on stand-by outside the airport or arriving passengers can hail a ride online. Both services promise a quick and easy transfer to your hotel from the airport, which is a considerable distance away. Taxis have meters for fare calculation and air-conditioning to beat the heat. Mostly impatient and almost always jet-lagged, travellers prefer to take the taxi and avoid traffic jams during the rush hours.


The airport lies in the route of public buses as well and commuters can save big on their transportation costs this way. However, buses make frequent stops along the way and can take a bit more time. Local buses prove more useful when getting around town. Take one from Al Ain Town Square and travel with ease.

Which Are The Best Hotels In Al Ain For Travellers?
  • Hotel Aloft - 4-star
  • Hilton Al Ain - 4-star
  • Ayla Hotel - 4-star
  • Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Hotel - 4-star
  • Al Bada Resort - 4-star
  • One to One Hotel - 4-star
  • City Seasons Hotel - 4-star
  • Asfar Resort - 3-star
  • Al MASSA Hotel - 2-star

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