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Sanya, the prime beach destination for tourists across Southern China’s Hainan Island and is home to an entirely tropical climate throughout the year. It is established as the southernmost urban establishment sharing the coast with South China Sea. This Chinese city is a prime target for budget deals owing to a massive tourist market for resorts and entertainment facilities. Find the finest upscale hotels at Yalong Bay or visit Wuzhizhou Island to explore its rich coral reefs and to enjoy some watersports. Do inquire for all available options according to the ongoing season when contacting Travelhouse UK's agents for bookings. You can easily get hold of cheap flights to Sanya with major airlines.

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best time to visit

Sanya lies in the tropical region, with the summers being the wet months during the year. Therefore, November to April is the best time to visit Sanya because of the pleasant temperature. During these months, the tropical climate of Sanya is mixed with fresh air and less rainfall making it perfect for site seeing and getting around easily in the city. So, while making your vacation plan by taking cheap flights to Sanya, keep this fact in mind for best experience.

places to see and things to do

Known as the Oriental Hawaii, Sanya has all of its appeal closely linked to beaches and water. Imagine the stunning view of waking up to bright sunshine, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches; a perfect depiction of Sanya located at the southern part of the Hainan Province. From the most well-preserved and stunning beaches to the famous Luhuitou Park which provides you with breathtaking views, Sanya has everything one would want in a dream vacation. Therefore taking advantage of cheap flights to Sanya just add more fun in your holiday plans.

The Luhuitou Park is home to a 12-meter statue of a couple with a deer atop the highest mountain, it is adorned with laser light displays and a barbeque area to sit, eat and relax. Another prominent lookout spot is the Sunrise Guanri Rock along the coast. Moreover, the Yanoda Rainforest Park is developed for formal tours to explore biodiversity of China ranging all plants and flowers hailing from the island. Then there is a Tropical Paradise Forest Park spread along the slopes facing the main Bay. Among coastal areas, the Dadong Bay area caters for all the seafood cuisine being offered locally, while if one is in the mood for seclusion, the Perfume Bay is remote spot left undisturbed from the usual rush of visitors and locals. Here you can find some unadulterated coves and splendid waters for a swim. The beaches are closely located and can be visited by walking on foot. However, if you want to travel between the Sanya city and Dadong Hai then it can be done by taking the city bus.

Resorts and similar beachside catering facilities are more centered towards the Yalong Bay area. The coasts are bordered by multiple islands from the Xisha Archipelago, apart from the famous Wuzhizhou Island. It is the most developed establishment perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving services along with boat tours. Fenjizhou Island is another scenic water tour destination of the area.

The Nanwang Monkey Island is in reality a peninsula cut off from the rest of Sanya, having a jungle to provide a sanctuary for the local population of Macaque Monkeys, along with a few local villages. At the nearby Hainan Island, the Sea Turtles 911 is a national conservation organization with a floating hospital for the endangered turtle species in the area.

When it comes to cultural and heritage, make sure you visit the Butterfly Valley as well as the Longevity Valley, consisting of traditional structures which are venues for public ritual ceremonies. Buy cheap flights to Sanya, to visit these attractions and take full advantage of your expedition. The Binlang Ethnic Village and the Betel Nut Ethnic Minorities Park are some of the examples where the local community is engaged to provide an opportunity for tourists to get to know the local culture and way of life while also availing traditional hospitality as foreign guests. The Mazu Temple of Sanya and the Sanya Nanshan Temple are sites of Buddhist heritage which are open for tours, and give insight into Buddhist rituals practiced by the community.

hotels and accommodation:

Being a beach destination, most of the luxury resorts are located near the beaches. The best way to explore the city is to take cheap flights to Sanya. Moreover, if you are looking for economical rates to stay at, then the Sanya city center is the best option it is close to all the major attractions such as the Sanya Beach area and the airport. Find economical rates even around the Dadongdai Beach area while also experiencing the luxury of 24 hour services, free Wi Fi and stunning views. Mid-range accommodations are obtainable in Sanya; head over to one of the hostels lining alleyways and streets in the Downtown area or the urban neighborhoods. They are well adjusted to cater for tourists to conduct tours as well as rental bikes can also be acquired. The commercial areas as well as suburbs do have inns. For those wanting to opt for exclusive accommodation, there are a few boutique lodges as well as guesthouses in order to facilitate the tourists with luxury and opulence. 

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