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Dalian lies on the southern tip of Chinese Liaodong Peninsula. This modern port city has gained much of its popularity for its stunning beaches and contemporary style designed cityscape. Tourism in the city is mostly focused upon its white sandy beaches, its aqua culture and agriculture, as well as its port supporting industrialization and travels across the waters. Moreover, multiple renaissance structures are standing tall to display the history of this country associated with Russians and Japanese invaders. Dalian is home to the national naval academy, which is why it has gained a significant status. Tourists availing cheap flights to Dalian aim to visit the Dalian bay along the Yellow Sea, beyond which it shares the coasts with Korea.

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best time to visit

Dalian is known as the Hong Kong of Northern China. Although winters are a bit harsh but there is no particular time is optimal to visit the city. This city is ideal to explore any time of the year with its respective attractions. Summers are however very pleasant regarding the weather condition, which is why most of the visitors, take cheap flights to Dalian to visit the city in summers. The ideal months thus include, May to September. The city offers warm pleasant temperatures. Tourists love to enjoy the cool and refreshing seawater, spending most of their time at the beach swimming and indulging into water based activities. 

places to see and things to do

Posing as the second largest city in the Liaoning Province of China, Dalian welcomes visitors to its relaxed atmosphere, a planned structure of streets lined with trees, manageable traffic and fresh air. Cheap flights to Dalian are available which makes it more appealing for the visitors looking forward to experience something exceptional while being in China. The city exhibits an impressive aura of 20th century architecture alongside much-needed white and golden beaches, making it an ideal holiday destination. The food and particularly shopping scene are also not to be over looked as it is famed for being the fashion city of China.
The Southwest Coastline offers the city’s most alluring natural landmarks, with dramatic landscapes and the paramount part are the sandy beaches offering a contrasting effect with the warm blue waters. Also located nearby are lush green parks, bars, lighthouses and villages, making up for a great adventurous day out. The Golden Stone Beach located on the north end of the city is also worth a visit, as it has been turned into a domestic tourism mecca featuring a couple of theme parks alongside rock formations.
The Tiger Beach, Donghai Beach and Fujiazhuang Beach constitute the same stretch of coasts to host the main coastal highway of Dalian. For the largest beach sites catering for visitors with resorts, clubs and bars as well as water sports, the Xinghai Bay Beach and Bangchuidao Beach are guaranteed to host a rush of tourists. Beyond the coasts towards the east, there is a cluster of isolated islands, with Xanching Island being the only one with the status of a beach resort.
The Botanical Garden and the Dalian Forest Zoo are the main green areas of the city. The Forest Zoo is equipped with cable car facilities and enclosures for endangered animals like rhinos, polar bears as well as China’s very own Pandas.
The highest mountain however, is located in the Laodong Park, with active chairlift services to the peak. Whilst exploring the city, tourists are bound to land their eyes on the Zhongshan Square with a number of ancient buildings attracting attention. Xinghai and Renmin Squares are additional sites with regard to the Russian occupation as well as the seat of the regional government.
Taking a walk on the Broadway is an ideal way to spend evenings in Dalian, with live performances being part of the main nightlife. Nested nearby is the perfect family friendly theme park, the Laohutan Ocean Park which is the main draw for families coming here by taking cheap flights to Dalian. Venturing into the Night Market stretching over several blocks is an activity bound to happen upon visiting this city. Full of colors and variety of food offerings for those visiting to have a real chance of indulging in the city’s culture. Non-food connoisseurs would rather go for the specialty museums like the World Famous Wax Museum and the Lvshun Naval Ordinance Museum. Towards the outskirts of the city, the village of Long Wangtang is revered for its cherry plantations as well as historical dam. Another place to look out outside the city is the Bingyu Valley, consisting of a single winding river leading toward a path of numerous old temples.

hotels and accommodation:

This compact city has much to offer on the accommodation front as well. By taking cheap flights to Dalian you can also get hold of amazing hotel deals from Travelhouse UK. Dalian also sports a number of apartments and guest accommodations dotted over the city. Reservations are highly recommended in the peak seasons of summer, to avoid full booking and exaggerated prices. Budget hotels are most likely to be found near the train station area, however, the location is noisy. To be a part of the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city center, travelers are likely to choose places such as the Aloft Dalian or the Hotel Ibis Dalian. Those wishing to distance themselves from such activity may consider accommodations such as the Dalian South Mountain Youth Hostel, tucked in a quiet hill towards the countryside. Every major international chain, whether it is Holiday Inn, or Kempinski, or Hyatt, has its branch in Dalian. In the scenic category, a few options are focused upon availing bay views along with beaches. Thanks to its development, all the main hotels are in the form of multiple floored towers. The most backpackers can avail hostels or dormitories; the local options of backpacking do not have a culture for welcoming tourists.

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