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A fun filled adventurous holiday is worth availing cheap flights to Tashkent! Tashkent is a beautiful city of Uzbekistan that boasts a beautiful blend of Islamic architecture with a stunning glimpse of European influence. From boasting extraordinary architectural wonders like the Independence Square, Teleshayakh Mosque and the beautiful Metro station, to offering endless adventure opportunities that include rafting, trekking, cycling and skiing, the city of Tashkent offers all this and a lot more. Do not miss out on the opportunity to experience the biggest festival that takes place in Tashkent which is also known as The Spring Festival of Navroz.

A number of major airlines provide you with cheap tickets to Tashkent. Some of these airlines include Uzbekistan Airways and Turkish Airlines. TravelHouseUK provides you with endless opportunities and bargain flights so that you can enjoy your perfect holiday.

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why travel to tashkent?

There are many places that one can visit for a relaxing experience however places such as the capital of Uzbekistan provide one with a unique experience unlike any other destination can ever provide. Beauty is in the simplicity and Tashkent is the perfect example for that. The oldest city, Tashkent has hidden many magical secrets that are worth being revealed and appreciated. This is your chance to step away from the usual choices of vacation spots and experience novelty. 

The largest metropolis of Central Asia is a heaven for architectural wonders. Visit the Amir Timur Museum, the Tashkent Tower, the Roman Catholic Church and numerous other landmarks to get more insight into the brilliance of the architecture that Tashkent is famous for. The unique and originality of the architectural wonders is the perfect blend of traditions and has been influenced by Islamic architecture as well as the Europeans during the 18th century. 

The Khazrati Imam Complex is one of the most famous historic sights of the city. Discover the history behind the complex and be wowed by the carvings and simplicity of the building. The Khazrari Imam Complex is truly a gem of the city and is located near the tomb of the Khazrati Imam who was the first imam of Tashkent. The complex includes many buildings including the TilaShaykh Mosque, the tomb of Kaffal Shashi, the Barakhan Madrassa and MuyiMubarok Madrassa, all of which have been built during the 16 century. 

The MuyiMubarok houses the oldest surviving copy of the Koran. Make sure you take out time to visit the Madrassa for this and many other prized possessions of Uzbekistan. The city provides you the opportunity to dig deep and scratch underneath the surface to understand and get to know the history, culture and traditions. 

The largest square in the city is the Independence Square. A huge park which is home to innumerable monuments and fountains, the Independence Square is one of the most visited destinations of Tashkent. Surrounded by some of the most impressive landmarks, buildings, flower beds and trees add to the beauty of the Square. This is one of the best exhibits of the modern Uzbekistan. 

Head towards the center of the city where the Amir Temur Square and Monument is situated. This is one of the most famous monuments of the city that is surrounded by century old trees that are now being replanted. Do not miss out on the opportunity to view this monument up close. 

Another famous monument that has been built in memory of MirzoUlugbek who was a famous statesman as well as a scholar. If you want to witness the modern architecture of the city then make sure you visit the Palace of International Forums. Opened during the year 2009, the palace was built in celebration of Tashkent’s 2200th anniversary. The building represents the history and culture of the city and simply should not be missed out on. 

The Saligokh Street which is more popularly known as the Broadway is home to some of the most famous artists and painters work. The street is also lined with shopping centers, the aroma of delicious local dishes and cafés. 

what are the air operators providing cheap flights to tashkent from uk?

Some of the leading airlines offering low airfares for slights to Tashkent city from the UK are Uzbekistan Airways, Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot. 

are there any direct flights from london to tashkent?

Yes, Uzbekistan Airways is the only airline offering direct flights to Tashkent from London as of the latest flight records. 

what is the average flight time from london to tashkent?

The average flight time from London to Tashkent is 6hours 50minutes. 

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Tashkent International Airport is located at a distance of approximately 12 km or 7.5 miles from the center of Tashkent city. 

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Tashkent International Airport offers easy and convenient options of travelling to the city from the airport premises. Taxi service is available round the clock at Tashkent Airport. These can easily be hailed upon exiting the arrivals lounge of the airport. Taxi drivers will not always speak English so having your destination name written in Russian or Uzbek is a good practice in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Fares charged by the official taxis operating at the airport for travelling to Tashkent city central will range from USS10-15 or 6.5-10 British Pounds. A much cheaper fare is charged by the taxis available upon crossing the main parking lot on the main road outside of the airport. Deciding upon the fare with the driver prior to embarking on your journey is advisable. 

A convenient bus service is also operating at Tashkent International Airport. These run every 10-20 minutes from the bus terminal of the airport.   

how to get around tashkent?

Taxis are one of the main modes used for getting around the city. The city operates licensed and independent taxis. The licensed taxis will have a taxi sign board on the roof of the vehicle while independent taxis are operated by individuals willing to offer a ride at a fare suited to the passenger. Having your destination name written in Russian or the local Uzbek is advisable when using this mode of transportation. Fares should generally be negotiated prior to boarding for both the licensed and the independent taxi services. 

A well-built metro system is also available for convenient public transportation. Trains run every few minutes so there is no hassle of waiting for long periods at the station. Security is usually tight and will require a thorough inspection of your luggage prior to entering the metro station. Ensure that you're in possession of your passport and registration slips incase the police requires your identification. Photography is also strictly forbidden. Tickets for the metro, which are usually in the form of small tokens, can be purchased from the station. Fares charged are usually 1000 soms for a single journey.

Local car rental companies will usually offer vehicles for rent along with a driver. This is usually a more expensive option for getting around Tashkent.  

what are the hotel and accommodation options in tashkent?

Tashkent offers a range of accommodation options to suit everyone on the budget scale. On the high-end category, you will find a number of luxury and boutique hotels offering indulgent stay coupled with an impeccable service. These usually include plaza hotels and hotels that are styled in the local palace form. Facilities being offered usually include health and fitness centers, free internet connectivity, seasonal outdoor pools and indoor swimming pools and restaurants specializing in local and international cuisines. Many of the 5-star hotels are located in the business district of Tashkent city while others are located at only a short distance from some of the major points in the city such as the Monument of Emir Timur. 

Tashkent is also home to a number of budget and mid-ranged hotels, guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts. Rooms are spacious and offer a decent set of facilities to make your stay pleasant. Many of the budget hotels are located close to the metro and the Chorsu Bazaar. 

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