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Cheap one-way & return flights to Uzbekistan from London

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Turkish Airlines
LHR ➞ TAS Heathrow - Tashkent 18 Nov - 29 Nov
£ 528.89
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return Deal found: 07/17
Jsc Air Astana
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 552.19
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 07/17
Uzbekistan Airways
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 811.88
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 07/17
LHR ➞ TAS Heathrow - Tashkent 18 Nov - 29 Nov
£ 994.49
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 07/17
Qatar Airways
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 1946.57
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 07/24
British Airways
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 2295.09
Pick Dates
return Deal found: 07/20
LHR ➞ TAS Heathrow - Tashkent 30 Jul - 17 Aug
£ 3100.79
Pick Dates
LHR ➞ TAS Heathrow - Tashkent 18 Nov - 29 Nov
£ 528.89return
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 552.19return
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 811.88return
LHR ➞ TAS Heathrow - Tashkent 18 Nov - 29 Nov
£ 994.49return
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 1946.57return
LON ➞ TAS London - Tashkent 24 Aug - 07 Sep
£ 2295.09return
LHR ➞ TAS Heathrow - Tashkent 30 Jul - 17 Aug
£ 3100.79return

Which Are The Top Airlines Flying To Uzbekistan?

  • Turkish Airlines
  • Aeroflot
  • Air Astana
  • British Airways

Which Airline Operates Direct Flights To Uzbekistan?

At present, no airlines are offering direct flights to Uzbekistan from the United Kingdom. Popular airlines like Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Aeroflot, and Air Astana operate indirect flights to Uzbekistan from different airports in the UK. To find more, or to book your flight to Uzbekistan, follow us on social media or give us a call.

How Long Is The Flight To Uzbekistan From UK?

  • The minimum flight duration from London Heathrow to Uzbekistan (Tashkent International Airport) is 9 hours and 20 minutes. Aeroflot is the operating airline and flights are via Moscow.
  • The total flight duration from London Gatwick to Uzbekistan (Tashkent International Airport) is 10 hours minimum. The flight is offered by Turkish Airlines and includes a layover at Istanbul Airport.
  • From Manchester to Uzbekistan, the minimum flight duration is 10 hours. These are one-stop flights offered by Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. Tashkent International Airport is the receiving airport for these flights.
  • It takes at least 10 hours and 5 minutes to reach Uzbekistan from Birmingham. This is if you book with Turkish Airlines, which operates the shortest connecting flights for this route. There is a brief layover in Istanbul.
  • From Edinburgh, Turkish Airlines offers connecting flights via Istanbul that take 10 hours and 10 minutes minimum.

Can I Book Cheap Flights To Uzbekistan With Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can book cheap flights to Uzbekistan with Turkish Airlines. In fact, Turkish Airlines is the leading operator of flights to Uzbekistan from the United Kingdom with connecting flights being offered from the London Heathrow Airport, the Edinburgh Airport, the London Gatwick Airport, the Manchester Airport, and the Birmingham Airport. Istanbul Airport is where these flights stop for a layover.

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When Can I Find The Cheapest Flights To Uzbekistan?

The best time to find the cheapest flights to Uzbekistan is between October and February. Luckily for foreigners, the low-season in Uzbekistan comes at a time when the temperatures are stable, with overall cooler weather as opposed to summer heat waves. The cities will not be jam-packed and you will not have to complete your sightseeing in a rush. As always with low-seasons, there is that chance that prices may drop sometime before October. Still, you must aim to book your flight three to four months before departure, that way you get an even lower price.

Which Are The Main International Airports In Uzbekistan?

Tashkent International Airport:

The largest airport in the country that serves international flights to and from Uzbekistan, the Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport (as it is officially called) is your portal to the historic city of Tashkent. Situated only 12 kilometres from centre city Tashkent, the airport is accessible by a cab or rental auto. Its IATA code is TAS. The airport meets the standards of an international airport and features high-end retail stores, duty-free shops, and restaurants.

Samarkand International Airport:

Considering how the majority of tourists visit the culturally rich city of Samarkand, it stands to reason that its airport would be one of the most highly maintained and busiest in the country. Located just 6 kilometres from the city, the airport is not far-off. The IATA code to remember for this airport is SKD.

What Are The Major Tourist Attractions In Uzbekistan?

The country's booming capital is home to a number of attractions including numerous museums and a mixed Islamic architecture influenced by Soviet era. The Timur Museum is the most visited spot with relics and armaments of the past on display, and then there is the large State Museum of History notable for its Buddhist artefacts. Trendy sites include the Tashkent Botanical Garden and the Tashkent TV tower, the latter featuring an observation deck to scan the skyline of the capital city.


Samarkand is historically significant for its location on the Silk Route between China and Mediterranean. Its beautiful architecture and mausoleums are a delight to see and famous landmarks include the famous Plaza of Registan, the Tomb of Timur, Gul-e Amir, Bibi Khanym Mosque, and Shah-i Zinda mausoleum.


This ancient city is dominated with Islamic theology and culture, which is why you will find the Ark of Bukhara, the highly-ornamented Ulugbek Madrassah, the Memorial Complex of Hazarat Imam-ul-Bukhari, and several traditional market places.


Khiva, on the contrary, is an ancient city, dating back to the early Christian era. Its museums, like Nurullaboy Saroyi and Kuhha Ark, inspired by oriental architecture, are a great draw of visitors. It is a populated city with busy market places, restaurants, cafes, mosques and minarets.

The Valley of Ferghana:

To witness the natural beauty of Central Asian steppes, or meadows, visit the Fergana Valley. The valley is famed for its sprawling green spaces, cascading rivers, canals, mountains trails etc. Located on its edge is the prosperous city of Fergana, which is also famous for its stunning landscape and rich heritage.

The River Oxus:

The Oxus River, also known as the Amu Darya, follows its path along the borders of Uzbekistan as well. If you are in for a long-distance trip, why not pay a visit to such a marvellous natural landmark and a natural border between Turan and Greater Iran.

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