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Qatar Airways
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 14 Jul - 24 Aug
£ 1213.17
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return Deal found: 06/12
Kuwait Airways
LHR ➞ ZYL Heathrow - Sylhet 01 Aug - 05 Sep
£ 1217.29
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return Deal found: 06/08
Gulf Air
LHR ➞ ZYL Heathrow - Sylhet 20 Jul - 07 Aug
£ 1512.79
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return Deal found: 06/13
Etihad Airways
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 26 Jun - 31 Jul
£ 1512.89
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return Deal found: 06/12
Singapore Airlines
LHR ➞ ZYL Heathrow - Sylhet 20 Jul - 07 Aug
£ 1840.89
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return Deal found: 06/08
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 14 Jul - 24 Aug
£ 2039.57
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return Deal found: 06/09
Biman Bangladesh Airline
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 14 Jul - 24 Aug
£ 4635.01
Pick Dates
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 14 Jul - 24 Aug
£ 1213.17return
LHR ➞ ZYL Heathrow - Sylhet 01 Aug - 05 Sep
£ 1217.29return
LHR ➞ ZYL Heathrow - Sylhet 20 Jul - 07 Aug
£ 1512.79return
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 26 Jun - 31 Jul
£ 1512.89return
LHR ➞ ZYL Heathrow - Sylhet 20 Jul - 07 Aug
£ 1840.89return
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 14 Jul - 24 Aug
£ 2039.57return
LON ➞ ZYL London - Sylhet 14 Jul - 24 Aug
£ 4635.01return

What is the Best time of year to book cheapest flights to Syhlet?

The cheapest time to come to Sylhet would be in the spring, especially in March and April. Most visitors to the city are leaving Sylhet, going back to their lives after the winter vacations. By this time of the year, a few more rainy days are hailing the return of the monsoons. Eager to leave the city, most tourists vacate their hotel rooms and get the first flight out. The rains are not that heavy in March and April, so if you are planning to have a second trip to Sylhet, the spring would be an excellent time to come to the city. With empty rooms to fill, the hotels attract business by offering deals in the low season, and airlines also reduce the ticket prices to make the trip more affordable. Nothing beats planning for the future, so call our agents three to fourth months before you wish to travel for an even better deal.

Which airlines operate flights to Sylhet?

  • Biman Bangladesh: Biman Bangladesh operates direct flights from Heathrow to Sylhet on Wednesdays and Sundays every week.
  • Emirates: Emirates, in connection with Biman Bangladesh, operate regular flights to Sylhet via Dubai (DXB) and Dhaka (Shahjalal International Airport)
  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways fly from Heathrow to Sylhet via two stopovers including Doha and Dhaka.
  • Turkish Airlines: Again, Turkish Airlines operate flights to Sylhet in connection with Biman Bangladesh, transiting through Istanbul and Dhaka.

How long is the flight from UK to Sylhet?

  • London Heathrow to Sylhet: 9 hours and 40 minutes
  • Birmingham to Sylhet flights via two stopovers: 22 hours and 20 minutes
  • Manchester to Sylhet flights: 10 hours
  • Flights from Edinburgh to Sylhet with a stopover: 18 hours and 30 minutes

Are there any direct flights to Sylhet from UK?

Yes, Biman Bangladesh offers a direct flight to Sylhet that lasts for 9 hours only. Direct flights are currently available on two days of the week, i.e. Wednesdays and Sundays. A sizeable Bangladeshi Diaspora in the UK prefers direct flights to Sylhet because it is convenient to take a trip back home rather than a flight with an extended layover.

Cheap flights to Sylhet with Emirates

The Emirates offers flights from not only London Heathrow and Gatwick but also from Manchester Airport, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Call our agents for an exclusive offer and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on deals. Unlike most of the one-stop routes we promote to our customers, the journey to Sylhet is divided into three stretches: UK – Dubai, Dubai – Dhaka and then from Dhaka – Sylhet. Your tour will begin from the UK. From all the airports in London, more than 55 flights are taking off for Dubai every week. Twenty Emirates flight each, soar to the heavens from both Manchester and Birmingham. Needless to say, there is a great variety, opportunity and flexibility for the customers using Emirates to go to Sylhet.

Where can I find cheap last minute flights to Sylhet?

Cheap last minute is thought of as a myth, but travelhouseuk has made it possible with its years of expertise and experience. We set up price alerts and issue a newsletter to our email subscribers to get their hands on cheap flights instantly. Therefore, it is encouraged to sign up and pounce for deals as soon as these are announced. If you are one of the first-time customers, please reach us on calling number, and we shall get you the cheapest flight to Sylhet effortlessly.

What is the best time to visit Sylhet?

Sylhet experiences a tropical monsoon climate, which means that from May to September 4200 millimetres of rain falls over the city. May to September is the humid rainy season and therefore is not the ideal time for the British traveller to plan a tour to the Sylhet. The months between November and March are perfect for a Sylhet trip and offer the most sunshine to the tourist. During this dry season, the average temperatures get cooler (18°C) in December, with the crests of 23°C in November and in March. The drier and less humid weather attracts many tourists and Bangladeshi expats in the UK also choose to leave for the home country during this time. As a result, the accommodation prices, rents and airfare might get more expensive during these days so book you seats ahead in time for a cheaper vacation to Sylhet in wintertime.

Can I buy flexible airline tickets to Sylhet?

Yes, you can select flexible airline tickets to Sylhet, which means you can rebook your flight later in case of any emergency or flight cancellation. Emirates, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines are notable airlines with flexible ticket options. It is also important to note that many airlines offer free scheduling for up to one time due to COVID-19.

What are the major international airports in Sylhet?

There is only one primary international airport serving Sylhet, and it called Osmani International Airport (ZYL). The airport is 9 kilometres north of the city, near to the Kadimnagar National Park. The car drive from the airport to the banks of the Surma River only takes 20 minutes. The International airport serves as a gateway to the northeastern spiritual city of Sylhet and welcomes hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis from abroad every year. Biman Bangladesh, US-Bangla Airlines and Novoair run routine flight operations to the city.

What are the major landmarks in Sylhet?
  • The Mausoleum of Shah Jalal Naqshbandi is the focal point of the city. . Travellers from all over the world are welcome to this sacred place and attempt to understand the Bengali Sufi culture.
  • The local Nawab of Sylhet built the historic Ali Amjad Clock tower in 1872. The clock tower has been woven into the urban culture of Sylhet and is one of the notable landmarks of the city.
  • The Osmani Museum was once the residence of General Muhammad Atul Gani Osmani. It was converted into a museum after the death of the great military leader.
What are the transportation options available to tourists within Sylhet?

There are eighty thousand rickshaws making trips around the city each day in Sylhet. All you need is to wave down one and enjoy the breezy ride. They are a bit noisy, but the cheapest way around for the authentic Sylhet experience. For a few Takkas, you can quickly roam through the streets of Sylhet, zigzagging across intersections and bypassing any traffic jams. For a more reliable mode of transport, choose to hire a car for the entire time of your stay. A rented car will give you more freedom of movement and greater comfort.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Sylhet?
  • DuSai Resort & Spa
  • Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf
  • Rose View Hotel
  • Nazimgarh Garden Resort
  • Bottomhill Palace Hotel

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