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Sylhet, an urbanized city located in northeastern part of Bangladesh, is arguably the most revered city of the country and a hub of the Bangladeshi tea industry. Sylhet’s popularity is also attributed to the fact that it is the city where the shrines of two of the most admired of Sufis of India are located, Shah Jalal and Shah Farhan. Sylhet provides an eye-catching nature experience too, as it is surrounded by waterfalls, hills, quint beautiful villages, rainforests and river valleys. Looking for cheap flights to Sylhet to experience one of the wealthiest cities of Bangladesh this summer? Be sure to get your tickets to Sylhet via TravelhouseUK and make your journey a memorable one.

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best time to visit

Sylhet has a tropical climate, which is why it is mostly wet during the course of the year. The most rainfall is recorded during the month of August but more or less the whole summer season experience rainfall making the city less likely to travel. The best time thus to visit this natural haven of Bangladesh by acquiring cheap flights to Sylhet,is during the months of December, January and February. They are the dry months with pleasant weather and many activities to offer.

places to see and things to do

Popularly referred to as one of Bangladesh's richest cities, Sylhet is a destination you better not miss while you can avail cheap flights to Sylhet. Nestled in the Surma Valley in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh, Sylhet offers some of the most picturesque surroundings. With an abundance of terraced tea plantations and exquisite flora and fauna that are snuggled in between the surrounding hills of Khasia and the Jaintia hills to the north, and the Tripura hills to the south, this beautiful valley is surely one of those rare places that will leave you mesmerized for days on end.

The eye-catching greenery of Sylhet is further boosted by the soothing rivers of Surma and the Kushiara that cascade through this valley. Sylhet's lush tropical forests make up for one of the best trekking experiences that one could hope for. Head to the Lawachara National Park for unraveling the sheer exoticness of these forests.  The park's rich fauna that lives in its dense surroundings will make for a perfect expedition, established by the British from the times of their colonial rule. Khadimnagar National Park and Satchari National Park are other parks given specific terrain, preserving natural flora and fauna in the area while also housing lodging services for a stay.

A trip to Sylhet just would not be complete without a visit to the famed tea gardens. For witnessing these sprawling gardens buy cheap flights to Sylhet. Sree Mangal is one of the largest tea gardens in the world that is frequently compared by many as boasting lush green carpet-like fields. Along with Madhabkunda, these plains host rubber, lemon and pineapple plantations, and also natural Stillwater ponds of floating lily plants. Furthermore, if indulging into natural serenity is what you love exploring then Sylhet boasts plenty such attractions. Head to Jaflong located close along the border of Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya; lush green tea and Areca Nut gardens, mountain streams, and home to the colors of the local life of the prevalent Khasia tribe. Jaflong also houses the Khasia King’s Palace and the vibrant local market place that are a must-visit.

Sripur boasts one of the most scenic waterfalls of the Sylhet Division, which is marked with numerous waterfalls including the Madhubkundo. A water-safari is operated aboard conventional row boats for travelling amongst trees and shallow waters at the Ratargul Swamp Forest, located in the outskirts of Sylhet. Sylhet's captivating historic attractions have also enthralled tourists for decades. Jaintapur, located only about 5km from Jaflong, once stood as the capital of the 18th century Jainta Kingdom and as such houses some fascinating archaeological ruins for you to explore. If learning about age-old cultures and kingdoms fascinates you then a trip to this part of Sylhet would truly be worth it. Also include a trip to the Museum of Raja, specifically dedicated to preserve the rich historic works of the Mystic poet Dewan Hasan Raja.

The commercial center of Sylhet is Moulvibazaar, having main avenues lined with shops of all categories. Other prominent landmarks include Ali Amjad Clock Tower and Osmani museum.  The shrines of Shah Jalal Yamani & Shah Farhan, and the Hawapara Jameh Mosque are the main centers of Muslim influence in Sylhet. Sylhet was once ruled by the local chieftains before the conquest of the Muslims. This is prevalent in the temples and shrines that dot the city that are worth exploring.  The Temple of Sri Chaitannya Dev at Dhaka Dakhin stands as the ancestral home of the famous Vaishnava Saint built as early as 500 years ago. The temple lights up with a beautifully organized colorful fair by the devotees every year on the full moon day of the Bangla month Falgun. Sri Mahalakshmi Temple and Bhairav Temple are located alongside the river for serving other Hindu communities north of Sylhet.  

hotels and accommodation:

A range of accommodation options are available here, to suit everyone on the budget scale after touching down the city by availing cheap flights to Sylhet. There are a handful of luxury hotels and resorts offering spacious living with an impeccable service. These resorts specialize in providing scenic views over the forests towards the countryside, which includes even small seasonal water bodies. Some of these luxury accommodations are also located a short distance from the local bus stand and Sylhet Railway Station. Hotels near to some of Sylhet's prominent attractions are also easy to find. The trend follows apartments with deluxe rooms as well as suites overlooking central urban areas. Special mentions for a classic stay in Sylhet are Parjatan hotel, regarded for its flower gardens, and the Nazimgarh resorts, providing the top-end services for any foreign traveler visiting this city.

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