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Looking for cheap flights to Jos? Prominent as the nerve centre of the tin mining, Jos has significance in the industrial sector as well as the tourism. The city is lined up with interesting attractions such as the National museum, hosting important artefacts of Nigerian history, as well as the Pottery Hall, home to finely crafted pottery from all over the country. Other popular sites include St. Luke’s Cathedral, Jos Wildlife Park, Bukuru Dam and the Zaria mosque. With TravelhouseUK, you’ll secure cheap flight tickets with Travelhouseuk to Jos flying with Arik Air, the main carrier covering domestic destinations within Nigeria.

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why visit jos?

Jos being the capital state of Plateau State is nested the in the centre of Nigeria. Its colonial history which exhibits the importance of tin mining has made Jos a favourite tourist destination. Surrounded by spectacular landscapes, the east offers a prime view of the city below offering great good hiking and rock climbing opportunities; Jarrawa hills, Gana Wuri range, Shere hills and the Vom hills are all varying in height and direction surrounding Jos. Head out to the Kurra Falls, a hub for boating, camping, hiking and rock climbing. The area also exhibits several lakes, a waterfall and many hills creating the perfect scenic picture, with some of the lakes formed from the old abandoned tin mines. Also worth visiting is the Jos National Museum exhibiting a collection of pottery approximately 2500 years old, being Africa’s oldest figurative sculptures. In the same location spot the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture which offers full scale reproductions of buildings, each representing Nigeria’s major regions. Other institutions in the museum complex is the Jos Railroad museum, an open air park with multiple engines and locomotives kept preserved for display, and a small tin mining exhibition centre. The hub of national television training, the national Television College, is established in the heart of the town.  Jos also has its own wildlife park, established over a wild terrain of savannah bush land, with separate enclosures for a few big animals like Lions, hippopotamus, Ostrich, crocodiles and pythons. A few old federal vehicles are also preserved along the tracks.  For foodies, the Old Airport Junction is the place to eat, spend your time enjoying the famed grilled fish. Pick any cafe at random to meet locals and indulge in their culture as they serve a variety of different cuisines including Mexican and Western. In the main commercial town centre, the Ahmedu Bello Way, Ferin Gada has some of the top Nigerian leather goods up for sale. 

which major airlines fly to jos from uk?

Arik Air flies from UK to Jos. 

what’s the average flight time to jos from uk?

Approximate flight time for this journey is 15 hours and 30 minutes, with a single stopover.

is there any direct flight to jos from uk?

There are currently no direct flights to Jos from UK.

how far is airport from city centre?

The Yakubu Gowon Airport is approximately 30 kilometres from the city centre.

how to travel from airport to city centre?

The best option to travel into the city from the airport is via taxi cab. 

how to get around the city?

The city offers many taxi cab facilities dotted all over the city. However the concept of shared taxi is common as a requirement for certain routes. The city also sports mini busses operating on fixed routes making travel cheap. Another option to explore the city is motorcycle taxis, locally known as ‘achabas’, which prove to be more expensive as compared to taxis and buses, as well as more convenient in terms of accessibility. 

what is the best time to visit jos?

Joe being located on the plateau offers cooler temperatures as compared to the rest of Nigeria. However the ideal time to visit Jos is during the winter time, during the months of December to February. 

where to stay in jos?

Jos offers a range of hotels and guesthouses to choose from. Since Jos is a small town, its accommodation options do not include large hotels of international brands providing the very top services of luxury and amenities. Even the ‘suites’ options in the area are not very posh and high standard. In fact, its accommodation offers are spread among nearby towns along with itself, since they do not number much. Most of the places to stay are guesthouses and inns, with single rooms being provided, having basic furnishing and room services. The most these guesthouses have are an enclosed car parking, along with a front garden. A few apartment complex options are available, while a single club provides luxury accommodations in the ambience of a ‘health farm’ for relaxation and exercising in its lawns and gardens, as well as a gym and fitness centre, therefore classifying as a resort. Bargain your way into a good deal as tourists are taken to be an easy target for stating high prices.

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