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MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1064.52
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Qatar Airways
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1095.32
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Malaysia Airlines
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1150.72
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Etihad Airways
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1188.12
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Turkish Airlines
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1290.77
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return Deal found: 05/14
Thai Airways International
LHR ➞ KCH Heathrow - Kuching 12 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1748.49
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Cathay Pacific
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1801.82
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Singapore Airlines
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 2074.32
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MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1064.52return
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1095.32return
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1150.72return
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1188.12return
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1290.77return
LHR ➞ KCH Heathrow - Kuching 12 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1748.49return
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 1801.82return
MAN ➞ KCH Manchester - Kuching 11 Jul - 26 Jul
£ 2074.32return

Airlines operating flights from UK to Kuching

  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Emirates
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines

Flight duration from UK to Kuching

  • The flights taking off from London Heathrow Airport to Kuching International take 16 to 17 hours to make the journey. These flights may have one to two stopovers, either at Doha, Kuala Lumpur or Dubai.
  • The aeroplane trip from Manchester to Kuching completes in about 19 to 21 hours. These flight durations are for the cheapest flights available, more expensive flights are a bit quicker. These flights have two stopovers in London, Doha or Dubai.
  • The flights going to Kuching from Birmingham’s airport reach their destination in 19 to 20 hours as well. These flights also have two stopovers in London, Istanbul, Dubai or Doha.
  • The trip out of London Gatwick Airport to Kuching can take 19 to 23 hours to complete its voyage. These flights have two stopovers, either in Doha, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur or Istanbul.

Direct flights from UK to Kuching

As it stands, there are no direct flights to Kuching out of the United Kingdom's many international airports. The preferred routes for most passengers are via Kuala Lumpur or Dubai.

Malaysia Airlines flights to Kuching

Yes, undoubtedly. Malaysia Airlines operates four hundred flights to Kuching per week. It is one of the busiest routes that Malaysian Airlines offers domestically. The first flight that takes off for Kuching from Kuala Lumpur is at seven in the morning, and the last flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport is scheduled at ten o’clock in the night.

Singapore Airlines direct flights to Kuching

Yes, Singapore Airlines fly fifty-five flights from Changi International Airport, in Singapore every week. The duration of the trip from Singapore to Kuching is only one hour. The earliest Singapore Airlines flight that takes off for Kuching is at six in the morning. However, if you prefer to travel by night, the last flight to Kuching in a day is at 10:15 p.m.

Flight cost to Kuching from UK

The cheapest roundtrip connecting flights available from the United Kingdom to Kuching is from £550 to £600. Of course, these numbers cannot remain the same and vary from season to season, but the price of the ticket would stay somewhere around the one quoted above. Prefer using Emirates or Malaysia Airlines for the cheapest journey to Kuching from London.

British Airways flights to Kuching

Yes, there are twenty-three flights from London to Kuching in a week. Board on any one of these flights and reach the tropical destination in approximately 16 hours and 20 minutes. The earliest British Airways flight you can hop on to is at three in the afternoon to reach Kuching using UK’s flag bearing airline.

Finding Air Asia flights to Kuching

For specifically AirAsia flights to Kuching, please let our travel agents know your travel needs. We will find the cheapest AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, or you can visit our website and get a ticket for yourself. It would not be that difficult to find an AirAsia flight since two hundred flights are taking off from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching. The first AirAsia flight leaves at 7 a.m. every day and has a flight duration of two hours.

FAQs - Booking Kuching flights

Kuching International Airport (KCH) serves the city of Kuching. The airport served about 5.1 million people in 2018 and continues to be a gateway to the Malaysian State of Sarawak. Kuching Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Malaysia, and IATA has given the airport the platinum rank for the services and facilities it offers to the passengers. The airport is only thirteen kilometres away from Kuching Waterfront, at the centre of the city. The ride from the airport to downtown Kuching is covered in 30 minutes at the maximum.

April to September is the driest time in Kuching. We must understand that Kuching is on the third largest island in the world called Borneo, which is known for its rainforests. As the term suggests, rainforests grow where there is much rain. However, the months mentioned above have the least share of drizzles. There are some rainy days, during the summer, allowing the air to get cleansed and the sky to brighten as you explore the jungles and caves around Kuching. Moreover, many cultural festivals also are held during the dry season. Located in the tropics, the temperature in Kuching hovers between 27°C to 32°C throughout the year.

Torrential rains in Kuching begin late in December and continue till March. Coming to Kuching during this time is uncomfortable since you would always be clasping an umbrella waiting for the sky to clear out. However, if you happen to come to Kuching in November, you can still see a lot of Kuching city and its lush green natural heritage and save a few pounds on your expedition. Showers begin in late October, shooing away most of the tourists and leaving both hotels and aeroplanes empty. Eager for more business, the airlines and hotel owners keep the prices low. Most of the sites and parks around the city remain open during November as well.

Kuching was once part of the Bruneian Empire. As a reward for helping in defeating a rebellion, the king awarded Kuching and the surrounding area to a British trader named James Brooke. The king also bestowed on him the title of “Rajah” or Duke. The White Rajahs, as they were called, were immensely loyal to Kuching and developed the city, bringing many European traditions to the tropical Paradise.

  • Bako National Park is the oldest national park in Sarawak which is located at the tip of the Muara Tebas Peninsula, north of the Kuching city. The park is open every day and is only 30 kilometres from the city centre. The park though is small, but it contains all the plants and animals indigenous to Borneo. The mangrove forests of the park are untouched and are a nursery for the fish spawning in the meandering roots of the woods. The park is also the best place to see the endangered proboscis monkeys. The national park is also home to other endangered animals and rare birds like the White-chested Babbler.
  • The Sarawak State Museum is where Kuching keeps its historical treasures. The museum was first put together by Alfred Russell Wallace and his friend the Second White Rajah, Charles Brooke. The museum was closed for refurbishments in 2017 but has opened its doors to an awestruck audience that stare with wonder at the museum’s collection. This palace of history contains the relics of the tribes that lived in the Sarawak region many years ago. The museum is open from nine till five in the afternoon every single day, and the entry fee is free.
  • The Kuching Cat Museum is one of the many peculiarities in the city. The foundations of Kuching were laid by the first White Rajah of Sarawak. As the story goes, when the Rajah first came to visit the land, he saw a beautiful cat. In the Malay language, a cat is known as a 'Kuching'. The Rajah searched for the cat to keep as a pet, but the creature was never found. Since then the people of Kuching have a fondness for cats and the museum is another shrine to their feline friends. The museum has over six thousand artefacts depicting cats. The museum is free to the public, but there are charges for photography.

There is an efficient bus network in Kuching city, which helps both the tourists and the locals to get to their destinations. The buses are owned by City Public Link and are painted in a bright green colour –hard to miss. The buses radiate to the outskirts of the city from the central terminal, which is right outside the Old Mosque, in the Old Kuching area. These buses only charge the passenger 2 to 2.30 Malaysian Ringgit per ride, depending on the stops the passenger crosses. All taxis are metered in Kuching. There are blue taxis that are designated as “executive” taxis and are more expensive than the green and yellow cabs that zoom around Kuching. Uber is also used extensively by British tourists visiting the city. Other options include hiring a car from a rental service or using the Tambangs. The Tambangs or the River Taxi moves the passenger up and down the Sarawak River, which snakes through the heart of the city.

The five-star hotels in Kuching eagerly welcome new tourists to their establishments. These hotels are known for their excellent services and picturesque views.

  • Imperial Riverbank Hotel
  • The Ranee Boutique Suites
  • Hilton Kuching
  • Citadines Uplands Kuching
  • The LimeTree Hotel

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