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Etihad Airways
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 20 Sep - 05 Oct
£ 718.19
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return Deal found: 07/25
Turkish Airlines
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1359.49
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return Deal found: 07/18
Qatar Airways
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1391.09
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return Deal found: 07/22
Malaysia Airlines
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1554.89
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return Deal found: 07/15
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1564.66
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return Deal found: 07/23
Cathay Pacific
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1594.59
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return Deal found: 07/21
Singapore Airlines
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1692.99
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return Deal found: 07/24
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 02 Aug - 29 Aug
£ 2410.29
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LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 20 Sep - 05 Oct
£ 718.19return
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1359.49return
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1391.09return
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1554.89return
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1564.66return
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1594.59return
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 27 Jul - 23 Aug
£ 1692.99return
LON ➞ JHB London - Johor Bahru 02 Aug - 29 Aug
£ 2410.29return

Airlines to Johor Bahru

  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Oman Air
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Qatar Airways

Flight Duration from UK to Johor Bahru

  • The journey from London Heathrow Airport to Johor Bahru’s Senai International Airport takes a total time of 17 to 19 hours depending on the airline that you chose to fly with and the duration of your stopover.
  • The flight to Johor Bahru takes 19 to 21 hours if it takes off from Manchester’s Airport These flights have two stopovers, usually one at London and the other at Kuala Lumpur.
  • Most aeroplanes that take off from Birmingham for Johor Bahru take at least 20 to 22 hours to reach the tropical destination. These flights also have two stopovers, either in London, Dubai, Istanbul or Kuala Lumpur
  • The journey from London Gatwick Airport to Johor Bahru is meant for people who love to have lengthier stopovers and have a mini vacation before the ultimate tropical break in Malaysia. These fights are 20 to 26 hours long with two stops either in Doha, London, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Direct Flights to Johor Bahru from UK

No, as of right now there are no direct flights to Johor Bahru from any airport in the United Kingdom. The best option for travellers to Johor Bahru is the fastest option to reach the tropical refuge. Inquire from our travel agents about a direct flight with Malaysia Airlines from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur. From there you can get a domestic flight to Johor Bahru. Most other flights have two or more stopovers rather than just one. This Malaysia Airlines flight to Johor Bahru has a duration of 17 hours and 45 minutes.

Cheapest Time of Year to Fly to Johor Bahru

There is always a constant flow of tourists to Johor Bahru, due to the stable weather of the city. However, the brief rainy season from September to November is when there is a slight drop in the number of travellers to the city. The best bet to visit Johor Bahru on the cheap is during this time. Basic economic principles apply: As the demand for hotel rooms and cheap airlines seats to Johor Bahru decline so does the price. The rains are not that intense either. During these three months, there is a chance of having at most five rainy days out of thirty, which is indeed doable, especially when you can save money on your vacation.

Malaysia Airlines Flights to Johor Bahru

Yes, Indeed. Malaysia Airlines operates about ten flights to Johor Bahru every day. These flights have a duration of about one hour twenty minutes. The Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru takes off from KL almost every hour from seven in the morning to six in the evening each day.

AirAsia Flights to Johor Bahru

Of course, you can get a direct AirAsia flight to Johor Bahru. These flights take off not only from Kuala Lumpur but other cities in Malaysia and the South East. The best deal AirAsia flight to Johor Bahru is available in the morning at 7 AM from Kuala Lumpur and reaches its destination in about an hour. The flight costs around 55 Malaysian Ringgits.

Firefly Internal Flights in Johor Bahru

There are five Firefly fights to Johor Bahru per week from Ipoh, Perak in Malaysia. The only flight operating to Johor Bahru during the day is at ten in the morning from Ipoh local airport. The trip from Johor Bahru is one hour and forty minutes long with an aeroplane.

Malindo Air Flights to Johor Bahru

While Malindo Air can get you to Johor Bahru from anywhere in Malaysia, for the sake of simplicity, let’s consider only the flight operations between Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. There are five Malindo Air flights from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru daily. These flights last just for an hour and only cost around £22 to £34. The most economical Malindo Air flight from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru takes off at around half past nine in the morning every day.

Internal Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

Yes, of course, there are plenty of domestic and regional airlines that land at Johor Bahru’s Senai International Airport. These airlines include AirAsia, Firefly, Malindo Air and the flag bearing airline –Malaysia Airlines. Other regional airlines like Thai AirAsia and Jin Air also compete for passengers and lucrative time slots at the airport, giving travellers and tourists some options at more affordable airfares.

FAQs - Booking Johor Bahru flights

Senai International Airport (JHB) is situated in Kulai district, just a few kilometres outside the domains of Johor Bahru. The airport serves not only the city of Johor Bahru but also the people living in the southern states of Peninsular Malaysia. The town is right on the border with Singapore, and so the airport of Johor Bahru is used occasionally by passengers and cargo going to Singapore as well. The airport is entertaining an ever increasing number of passengers, and in 2018 the airport handled 3.1 million travellers. Senai International Airport is 27 kilometres away from the city centre, which is a distance easily covered in 30 minutes by a car.

Located just a few kilometres north of the equator and surrounded by water on all three sides, the city of Johor Bahru has an ideal tropical climate. There is plenty of sunshine all year round, but the sun warms not only the land but also the sea. Even though this raises the humidity in the air significantly, there are no hills in the vicinity of Johor Bahru to direct the moisture up into the stratosphere to form rain. This is why Johor Bahru remains dry most of the year. The ideal time to visit Johor Bahru is from December to October. The tropical climate also does not let the temperature slide beyond the 26°C to 30°C limits. The wind also picks up in the first few months of the year and blows away some extra humidity to the relief of the tourists and locals alike.

Johor Bahru lies on the straits of Johor, connected to Singapore with the Causeway Bridge. The Sultanate of Johor laid the foundations of the city in the late ninetieth century when the rainforest was cleared for the plantation of pepper and other spices. Now, this agricultural town has transformed into the third largest city in Malaysia, with a shimmering skyline, vibrant culture cupped by the rainforests in the north.

  • The Johor Zoo is a super budget destination. It only costs around two Malaysian Ringgits to get into the zoo for adults and for children it is completely free. The foundations of the zoo were laid by the former Sultan of Johor back in 1928, and the facility was the first of its kind in South Asia. Since then the zoo has been enlarged, and the animal enclosures have been made more humane. There are elephants, lions, flamingos and gorillas in the park that fascinate the kids and their parents alike. There are food stalls and vendors selling munchies for everyone on the trip.
  • The Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque is situated on top of a hilly area, very close to the Straits of Johor. The architecture of the Sultan’s Mosque has been heavily inspired by the British Victorian architecture, with minarets that resemble clock towers in London. There are also Moorish influences in the building, with circular checkered archways. The rest of the mosque, however, has been planned in the traditional Malay design. The structure of the mosque is awe-inspiring and an amalgamation of many cultures and architectural forms.
  • Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple is a fascinating temple made, as the name of the temple suggests, entirely from glass. It is the only temple in Malaysia to be decorated with glass and mirror artwork. The temple’s impressive glaring and dazzling mirrors ignite from the light of more than a dozen chandeliers. Handcrafted chips of mirrors cover all the pillars, the floor, walls and the ceiling. The intricate motifs direct the visitor towards the statue of Lord Shiva on the lotus flower at the centre of the temple.

There are six bus and coach companies moving passengers from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur. These bus companies include Prisma Express, JB Transliner and the Super Coach Express, and a one-way bus ticket to Johor Bahru costs 35 to 40 Malaysian Ringgit. The busiest bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur is the Larkin Bus Terminal, and in Johor Bahru, you can find more bus transport options at TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). Most of the buses leave their stops at noon and reach their destination after four hours. There is one washroom break in the middle of the journey, so you that you can step out of the coach, relax and stretch a bit during your travels.

The UK tourist can move around Johor Bahru using a taxi. The taxis have prepaid coupons that you can provide the taxi driver instead of money. These coupons are available from shopping centres as well as from the airport. These metered taxis also accept the local currency. Always ask the driver to turn on the meter before you start your journey. The starting fare of the taxis in Johor Bahru is 3 Malaysian Ringgits for the first three kilometres. You can also choose to use the extensive bus network around the city, especially if you are coming from or going out to Singapore which is just across the Causeway Bridge over the Straits of Johor. The bus fare varies with the distance the tourist travels. There are, at times, no signs that point to the nearest bus stop. Just follow the crowds that stand at the intersections of the road and ask around if the bus is going your way.

There are many luxury hotels in Johor Bahru, with a few theme-inspired hotels, especially the Legoland Resort Hotel. If your interests are less festive and more practical, there are many regal hotels like the Renaissance Johor Bahru to provide you with a fantastic experience.

  • Legoland Malaysia Resort
  • Amari Johor Bahru
  • Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor
  • Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru
  • Bello Hotel JB Central

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