Which are the biggest must-see festivals in the Philippines in 2021?

The Philippines is generally perceived to have the biggest list of festivals. With these, the incredible Filipinos have their heart and soul in the celebrations of each and every festival. To them, festival means new dresses and unique costumes, long processions, and recalling historically significant traditions from the various cultures inhibited in the Philippines.

Celebrations may last from a day, week or may extend up to months. Tourists from all across the world receive a warm welcome during festival season. Even tourists are equally amazed by the exciting and fun-filled environment. The Philippines has an influence of great Spanish and Mexican colonization so celebrate events to its fullest whether it’s meant for thanksgiving, get-togethers or mark their cultural fiesta or pay homage to their history. Of course, such events are kicking off plenty of ethnic cuisine and souvenirs of Philippines. It is always a better idea to let your travel dates coincide with any of your favorite festivals to add more life to your trip.

Sinulog Festival
Cebu city attracts numerous local and international tourists in one of the biggest extravaganzas in the country. It dedicated to the Cebu’s patron saint commonly known as the Santo Nino in the Philippines. Celebrations last for a week which has a series of processions and parties. It gradually converts into street dancing and stimulating drum beats for the participants. People enjoy wearing the colorful costumes with intricate designs.

Masskara Festival
The best thing about Filipinos is that they exhibit resilient attitude towards the life and find reasons to spread love in the world. It has a history deep rooted which is a reply to the city's declining revenues from the sugar industry. The festival highlights the beauty processions, mask competitions, concerts and other sports events. This is a great example of Filipino’s finding happiness during the time of adversity.

Ati-Atihan Festival
Ati-Atihan has all the right reasons to be considered as the mother of all festivals in the Philippines. Celebrants paint their faces with bright colors and wear spectacular costumes as they hop in the merrymaking. Though people from varied religions participate in revelry, it is actually meant to honor the devour of Holy Infant Jesus.

Besides these, Kadayawan Festival, exclusively celebrated in Davao, is the favorite one that is regarded as a thanksgiving fiesta for Good Harvest of the season. Nature sends bountiful blessings on all the humans alike and this festival makes the perfect sense for tourists from all across the world. Yet another famous is the Dinagyang Festival which in perfect fiesta celebration that transforms the whole city of Iloilo into an immense party scene. So, take a considerable look at the list of festivals before you book your flight to the Philippines and immerse yourself in the cultural fiesta of Philippines.

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