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The modern lifestyle blended with traditions and culture, Ulan Bator is the hub, formed as capital city in 1639, from where tourists start their journey to explore the beautiful Mongolia.

Why Ulan bator – Places to see and Things to Do!

Built in the 19th century, the Gandan Monastery is one of the largest and most well known monastery. The most significant feature of this monastery is the Migjid Janraisig Temple which houses a 26 meter high statue of Migjid Janraisig.

The history enthusiasts should not miss out on the chance to experience the Mongolian culture and history beautifully displayed at the National History Museum. This museum is famous for its ethnographic collection and the numerous displays of traditional dresses, prehistory and of ethnic groups. Surrounded by government buildings is the Genghis Square which is located right at the heart of the city. Choijin Lama Monastery which is home to the Choijin Lama Temple is another exemplary attractions that depicts the traditional Buddhist architecture. In addition to this, it also displays an exceptional collection of famous items such as the Buddhist art works, silk icons and the dancing masks of tsam. Among the many natural landmarks of Ulaanbaatar, the Zaisan Hill is one which stands out. The Zaisan Hill War Memorial is located on the foothill of the Bogd Khaan Mountain and contains a 20 meter long statue of Buddha. The National Museum of Mongolia preserves the rich historical heritage of Mongolia which started over 700,000 years ago. The museum holds over 46 thousand items that relate not only to the history of Mongolia but explains the ethnic groups and their everyday lives. Home to many museums, Ulan Batoris the best place to head to when in need of some historic facts. Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and the Zanabazar Fine Art Museum are two of the most prominent attractions of the city

Chinggis Khaan International Airport is the only main international airport serving the city of Ulan Bator, Mongolia, located at a distance of approximately 18 km southwest of the capital.

Getting around Ulan Bator?

Passengers arriving at Chinggis Khaan International Airport can easily avail the taxi service operating at the airport. The official taxis are located on the curbside and can be identified by their blue and green stripes on white. These taxis are metered and charge per kilometer travelled. Other than that, there are also two bus lines operating from the airport to the city. A number of transport options are available in the city of Ulan Bator. Some of the main options include taxis, buses and minibuses. The main public transportation options include trolley buses and regular buses which you will see plenty plying on the roads of the city. However, using these can get a bit confusing unless you are travelling with a local speaking the local language. Otherwise the best option would be to use the taxi service operating in the city. There are plenty of taxis in Ulan Bator and therefore hailing one shouldn’t be a problem. Taxis can easily be flagged down from the streets. There is also an English speaking taxi service that can be used by the foreigners. Prior bookings would have to be made with the company in order to avail this service.

The city buses also traverse through most parts of the city. In comparison, the electric trolley buses also serve limited areas. Cars in Ulan Bator can be rented either through the travel agency or a guesthouse.

What are the Hotel and Accommodation options in Ulan Bator?

A number of great accommodation options are available in Ulan Bator. Options in general range from top of the line hotels to a great number of mid-ranged and budget savvy hotels and guesthouses. There is something to cater to the varied tastes of all arriving guests in Ulan Bator's long list of accommodation options. Many of Ulan Bator's hotels depict the city's iconic grandeur that ensures that you get to unravel the best of Mongolia's charm. This experience is further enhanced by the availability of all the modern amenities and facilities with some also boasting indoor pools and fitness centers. You can also find 5-star apartments with modern interiors located in some of the city's ideal locations.

The Chingis Khan International Airport!

Whether you are an economy class passenger or not, one can purchase tickets to the best lounges at the Ulan Bator Airport through a membership program. The business class lounge is located on the 2nd floor at the departure terminal. The Mongolian Airlines Chingiss Khaan Airport VIP lounge is also available. The airport has free Wi-Fi services for passengers and it should be noted that there are no hotels available at or near the airport however if need be one can book a cheap room at the hotels located near the city center. Other basic amenities include medical center, banking services and facilities for disabled individuals. Souvenir shops are also located at the airport with an addition of duty free shopping as well.

Airlines offering cheap flights to Ulan Bator from UK?

Some well-reputed airlines that are offering cheap flights to Ulan Bator from UK are Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot and Air China. There are no direct flights to Ulan Bator from London as of the latest flight records.

Average flight time from London to Ulan Bator?

Average flight time from London to Ulan Bator is 12 hours 5miutes for flights making one stop prior to reaching the final destination. Flights making multiple stops prior to reaching Ulan Bator from London may take up to 14 to 16hours.

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