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Salalah is the capital of the Omani province, Dhofar. It is also the second largest city of the country and the hometown of Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Salalah is a vibrant tropical city with a lot to offer for tourists. So book your cheap flights to Salalah and get the chance to have an even closer look at Oman’s culture.

Climate, Peak vs Off-Peak Season:

Although Salalah is located in a hot region, the city has cooler climate than most of the other cities inland. Located in the Southern region, it receives frequent rainfall during the summer months of June and August. The best time to visit Salalah is in these monsoon months when the city is glowing with greenery. Reserving cheap flights to Salalah at these times could be tricky due to the high number of people arriving.

Major Attractions and Sights to see:

Salalah has a lot to offer to its visitors including culture, history and leisure activities. Here are some of them you may be interested in after landing off from your cheap flight to Salalah.

The Salalah Museum has exhibits that include ancient scriptures, Al Musnad writings and coins as old as a thousand years. Moreover there is pottery from the Middle Ages, irrigation tools and manuscripts. The Museum of the Frankincense highlights Salalah’s maritime history and Oman`s history. Opened in 2007, there are two halls, the Maritime Hall and History Hall. The Maritime Hall has exhibits of a dhow, which is life size and Ming Porcelain brought from China. The History Hall has weapons, flints and artifacts from prehistoric era. It is best to keep your cameras out of sight since photography is not allowed inside the museum.

The Tomb of Nabi Umran is located downtown, as the name suggests, the tomb belonged to Nabi Umran who was believed to be the father of the Virgin Mary. It is an odd, unusual tomb unlike any other you`ve seen before. The whole area has a pleasant atmosphere with a Mosque, garden and usual household pets roaming around.

The Sultan`s Palace, although off limits to the public but it could be looked around the walls and no one minds photographs. Initially known as Al Husn, it is a collection of modern buildings overlooking the beach. It was built in the nineteenth century by Sultan Turki and then looked after by his successors. The current Sultan, Sultan Qaboos still uses the palace as his summer residence.

Bird watching is a popular activity in Salalah. It is considered one of the best places for birding in the region. The best location for this activity are the Dhofar Mountains. Abyssinian White Eye, Arabian Partridge, African Paradise Flycatcher, Blackstart, European Roller and Shining Sunbird are just some of the birds you`ll come across here.

The Taqah Castle is a nineteenth century fort located in Taqah, a small town thirty kilometers from Salalah. The castle was originally built to house the governor at that time but now it is home to a museum. Inside there is a craft shop, video display and the interior is all furnished. The Khor Rori ruins are also an interesting sight for history enthusiasts. Located in the Dhofar region, the ruins have shown presence of settlements here in the pre-Islamic times.

Wadi Tarbat is located about 25 kilometers from Salalah close to the small town of Taqah. It is considered to be one of the most striking valleys of the Arabian Peninsula. There is also a waterfall at the southern side of the wadi. The Marneef Cave is not really considered a cave by visitors but it`s an attractive place for exploring and relaxing. With three blowholes inside, it seems like something naturally created by the earth.

Hotels & Accommodation:

Salalah is a popular tourist attraction and it really knows how to accommodate its guests and visitors. Here are some hotels you may want to add to your cheap flights to Salalah.

The Salalah Rotana Resort is one of the top hotels in town. With a lot of positive feedback from guests, it features all the amenities you could possibly need in a place like this such as a pool, fitness center, spa and so on. The Crowne Plaze Hotel has a great reputation around. Situated in an amazing location, they have taken great advantage of that. Moreover, it offers all the amenities and facilities such as spa, fitness center, gym and a pool.

The Salalah Marriot Resort is also one of the top hotels of Salalah. With a certificate of excellence, the hotel is sure to not disappoint you. You will find many facilities here including pool, gym, room service and WIFI.

Salalah is one of Oman`s great historical cities. The culture has a lot new to offer and it can take you to the middle ages. So if you are hungry for some medieval experience with the comforts of today, pack up your travel bag and don’t waste time in reserving cheap flights for Salalah.

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Which airlines operate flights to Salalah from UK?

  • Qatar Airways: There is a daily flight from London Heathrow (LHR-SLL). These flights include a layover in Doha.
  • British Airways: There are 7 flights in a week (one daily) from Heathrow. These are one-stop flights.
  • Etihad Airways: Etihad Airways operates 2 daily flights from Heathrow to Salalah. There is a layover in Abu Dhabi.
  • Oman Air: A single flight is operated daily for Salalah from Heathrow (LHR to SLL). These are also one-stop flights.

Are there any direct Salalah flights?

There are no direct Salalah flights available at present. Airlines that operate the route like Qatar Airways, British Airways, Oman Air, and Etihad Airways offer connecting flights. If the shortest flight is what you are seeking, that can be provided. Please make mention of your priorities when you call us (020 3137 1339) to book so that only the most suitable itinerary can be arranged.

How long is a flight from UK to Salalah?

  • Flights to Salalah from London Heathrow: 14 hours and 20 minutes via Abu Dhabi and Doha.
  • The minimum duration for a flight to Salalah from Manchester: 15 hours and 55 minutes via Doha and Muscat.
  • Flights from Edinburgh to Salalah with Qatar Airways: 16 hours and 45 minutes.
  • For flights with Oman Air via Muscat: 18 hours and 25 minutes.

How to get the cheapest Business Class flights to Salalah?

If it still occupies your mind that an upgrade in amenities would be followed by high enough fares, try booking with Travelhouseuk for a change. As a result of getting the cheapest Business Class flights to Salalah from us, you can fly for a lot less. Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, British Airways, and Oman Air are some of the top choices for this route. As it is, we offer an unceasing supply of Business Class deals on most airlines. But if it happens that a deal expires abruptly or a sale has just ended, you can get flights on instalments.

Can I fly to Salalah now and pay later?

As travel experts often protest, planning a trip takes serious consideration, and a seemingly high price should not hinder your initiative. What is newsworthy for those on the brink of dropping the idea altogether is that they can fly to Salalah now and pay later. It is an instalment plan option, you guessed right, and it can get you tickets on deposit alone. The remaining payment will be scheduled into sizable instalments that can be paid in the months following your booking.

Are there any Salalah flights with Oman Air?

Travellers will recognise an immediate advantage in finding flights to Salalah with Oman Air. Not only is it the flag-carrier of the country, but it delivers value for money effectively. You will have multiple flight deals to browse through, and in case you decide to subscribe, our newsletter will bring exclusive offers to your inbox. Please keep in touch with us on social media, and you will have more than one opportunity to match and compare our offers.

Can I get flexible tickets on Salalah flights?

For travellers, getting flexible tickets on Salalah flights means they can obtain a date change when required. The most pressing concern at present is the chance of flights getting cancelled as a direct consequence of travel restrictions. When that happens, you can approach your travel agent to reschedule the flight in light of the new policies. To acquire tickets and to keep up with updates, please try our number (020 3137 1339) or link up with us on social media.

Which is the cheapest time of year to fly to Salalah?

Travelling in January can favour budget travellers as this is the cheapest time of year to fly to Salalah. April is the high season, and consequently, very expensive. If bypassing to a later period is not feasible, cheap flights can still be had. Our offers are mostly made up of limited-time sales and seasonal deals. To check our ongoing offers or to know if a sale is up, you can reach us on our number 020 3137 1339 or social media handles.

Which is the main international airport in Salalah?

Salalah International Airport, which serves the coastal city of Salalah, is the second biggest in Oman. From downtown or the city proper, the airport is 14 kilometres away. It has the IATA code SLL. The new airport is on its way to becoming a strategic hub for both regional and international flights, in particular, Europe.

How to get to Salalah from the airport?

Taxis available just outside the arrivals terminal would be the more practical option when travelling long distances. Pre-booking of taxis can be done through online portals. Public transportation is also common and easily available, just outside the airport. These buses are a walking distance from the airport and charge cheap rates as compared to taxis. You can also get an airport transfer by putting in a request with the hotel you have booked for your stay.

What are the major tourist attractions in Salalah?

The Museum of the Frankincense Land: The museum displays the Sumharam and Al Balid ruins while also paying tribute to the Omani maritime history by displaying historical ships. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located close to the Arabian Sea.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque: The dome structure and the two minarets are beautifully styled with calligraphy. The interior pays homage to that of the famous Sultan Taimur Bin Faisal Mosque located in Muscat.

Al Hosn Palace: The palace, reminding enthusiasts of the ones in Al-Andalus, is a popular site for photography. The sea in front and a stately palace behind is not an ordinary sensation and should be savoured as such.

Hawana Aqua Park: It's the equator, and the heat will be catching up sooner than you might have realised. Splash it out, as this is perhaps the most fun oasis you have visited in a while.

Which are the best hotels in Salalah?
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts (5-star)
  • Fanar Hotel and Residences (5-star)
  • Salalah Rotana Resort (5-star)
  • Millennium Resort (4-star)
  • Belad Bont Resort (4-star)
  • Juweira Boutique Hotel (4-star)
  • InterCityHotel (3-star)
  • Hamdan Plaza Hotel (3-star)
  • Haffa House Hotel (3-star)
  • Al Dyafa Hotel Suites (3-star)

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