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Oman has a hot climate since it is located in the Persian Gulf. The weather is very hot during the summer period specifically from June to August. The best times to travel the country are from October to mid-April. During these times, reserving cheap flights to Oman can be problematic due to the high number of people arriving here so it is advised to be proactive while reserving your flight.

sightseeing and things to do

Oman has a great number of tourist attractions and it is estimated that tourism will very soon become the biggest industry of the country. Here are some places you may be interested to visit once you have ensured that you have booked cheap flights to Oman:
The capital, Muscat, has a lot to offer, after receiving a great rating as one of the best cities to visit, you won’t be disappointed. A few major sights to visit in Muscat include Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Royal Opera House and Omani French Museum. Located in the Dhofar province, Salalah is considered to be the capital of this province. It is a subtropical city with a colorful theme. It has a lot to offer, from beaches with coconut trees to banana plantations. Sur has beautiful beaches and is famous for having a long history of having the building yard for a traditional ship called ‘dhow’. This is an ideal place for a day trip since you can visit all the attractions in a short time.

One of the oldest cities of Oman, Nizwa is about 85 miles from Muscat. It is surrounded by Oman`s highest mountains and thick palm oasis. The popular attractions of the city are Falaj Daris, Nizwa Fort and Nizwa Souq. Al-Batinah Region lies on an important location of the coast of Oman. It is the most populated part of Oman. Points of interest include Wadi Hoqain, Wadi Sahtan, Pristine Damanyat Islands, fishing towns of Barka and Sohar and the old castle towns of Nakhal and Rustaq. Jebel Shams is Oman`s highest mountain but it`s not particularly known for that. The view from the top covers Wadi Ghul; which is just amazing. The hilltop is also a nice place for a picnic or photography. Seeb is not a town so popular among tourists but it has a lot to offer. There are textile markets, a gold souq, a watchtower and the squid kababs are considered the best. It is only a twenty minute drive from Muscat`s airport.

Jabrin is an important centre for law, medicine and astrology. The castle is very impressive and is well preserved. The whole building is very interesting to explore. At the entrance there is a date store that is also worth a visit. Rustaq is a regional center and was once the capital of Oman. It is famously known for the Rustaq Fort built hundreds of years ago. Other attractions include hot springs. Taqah is a pretty fishing village located at the end of a white sandy beach. Tourist attractions include a fort on a hill, a corniche and a landscape khor. Jebel Harim’s mountainous area can only be covered by an SUV, if you can arrange that, the view around the mountain is totally worth it. The best time to visit is in spring due to the beautiful greenery. Masirah is a desert island with palm oasis and sandy beaches. The island is home to flamingos and herons. Huge armies of crabs also come across this island mostly during the night. Moreover, turtle nesting sites can also be found here.

hotels and other accommodation

Oman, being a popular tourist attraction, has very nice hotels and accommodation for its guests, all over the country. You can enjoy some luxury after saving your money by reserving cheap flights to Oman. Here are some hotels in major regions of the country you may be interested in:

Located in Muscat, The Chedi is considered to be the number one hotel of Oman. It offers all the luxurious facilities you would expect from a hotel of this class and category. The Alila Jabal Akhdar has received praise for its brilliant services and the experience it delivers. It offers all the facilities of a modern well-known hotel such as WIFI, fitness center and a spa. The Crowne Plaza Resort offers its services in a great location and the facilities are very satisfying according to previous guests. Moreover, it offers all the amenities of a hotel of this category and is placed in one of the top hotels of Salalah.
Overall, Oman offers tourists with a rather different experience, an experience from a different part of the world. If you are up for something unique and unknown, Oman is a considerable option. So plan your trip, do your homework and book cheap flights to Oman.

necessary expenses when flying with cheap flights to oman
  • A single meal at an international fast food chain: £ 3.7
  • A large bottle of mineral  water: £ 0.35
  • A regular bottle of soft drink (300 ml): £ 0.3
  • An imported pack of cigarettes: £ 1.7
  • A local commutation ticket: £ 0.33
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 5.5
  • A local hotel or lodge in a town or suburb: £ 40
  • A posh high end resort with exclusive accommodation: £ 130
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