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Cheap flights to Oman

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Oman is an Arab country located at the entrance of the Persian Gulf. In 2012, Muscat, the capital of Oman was rated as the 2nd best city to visit by a travel guide issuer. The number of people arriving for business and traveling purposes is quite high so finding Flights to Oman can be demanding and requires prior planning.

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which of the airlines fly to oman ?

Below are the airlines that operate Oman flights. These are the airlines which are cheap in prices compare the flight prices of these airlines that fly for cheap to Oman.

  • British Airways flight
  • Oman airways
  • Emirates airways flights
  • Eithad airways flights
  • Qatar Airways flights
  • Lufthansa Flights
  • KLM flights
  • saudia flights
  • gulf airways flights
  • turkish airlines flights
  • Malaysian Airlines flights
  • Jet Airways flights

What is the average flight time from different airports in UK to Oman?

Flight duration may vary according to the length of flight connections

  • Heathrow to Oman with Oman Air: 11 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Heathrow to Oman with British Airways: 11 hours and 25 minutes.
  • Birmingham to Oman: 9 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Manchester to Oman: 9 hours and 50 minutes.

Are there any direct flights to Oman from London, UK?

Yes, you can avail direct flights to Oman from Heathrow operated by the national carrier of remote destinations i.e. Oman Air and British Airways.

necessary expenses when flying with cheap flight tickets to Oman

  • A single meal at an international fast food chain: £ 3.7
  • A large bottle of mineral  water: £ 0.35
  • A regular bottle of soft drink (300 ml): £ 0.3
  • An imported pack of cigarettes: £ 1.7
  • A local commutation ticket: £ 0.33
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 5.5
  • A local hotel or lodge in a town or suburb: £ 40
  • A posh high end resort with exclusive accommodation: £ 130

When is the best time to visit Oman?

Oman has a hot climate since it is located in the Persian Gulf. The weather is very hot during the summer period specifically from June to August. The best times to travel the country are from October to mid-April. During these times, reserving cheap flights to Oman can be problematic due to the high number of people arriving here so it is advised to be proactive in booking your flight..

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