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Oman`s capital Muscat, has a long history and a great unique culture. It is the largest city of the country and a popular tourist attraction as well. Research has proven proof of activity here that dates back to the sixth millennium. Now the city is a huge political and business center. As tourism gets more and more popular, reserving cheap flights to Muscat can be a challenge.

Climate and Best Time to Visit:

The climate of Muscat has been classified as hot and semi-arid. Located in a warm region, temperatures in summer can reach as high as 110°F. The winters are relatively warm and pleasant. Rainfall mainly occurs between December and April. The best time to visit Muscat is from early November to March. So book cheap flights to Muscat during these months in advance.

Major Attractions & Sights to See:

Muscat offers various cultural and modern attractions such as Mosques, museums, palaces and other leisure activities. Here are some of them you may be interested in after landing off from your cheap flights to Muscat.

Built in 2001, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque or the Grand Mosque has a huge structure. All visitors are allowed to enter between 8 AM to 11 AM. The Mosque is home to the largest chandelier in the world plus the second largest handmade carpet.

The National Museum features displays highlighting the history of Oman. Using the latest technology and high tech devices, the experience could be very special. The Museum will not be open to the public until April 2016. The Natural History Museum is also worth a visit. There are models of stuffed animals and specimens in natural settings according to their habitats. This allows the visitor to better understand the nature of the animal. At one side of the building, a separate room contains a huge skeleton belonging to a sperm whale. Moreover, there are other displays of fossils and insects.

Interested in the culture and the talent it has? The Bait Al Zubair Museum exhibits a broad range of Omani customs including Jewelry, weapons and handicrafts. Also on site, viewers can see traditional boats, recreated Omani markets and houses, a boat and a falaj irrigation system.

Dolphin Watching is also a popular activity. The package includes pick and drop service from your hotel and it lasts two hours. The boat starts from Bandar Al Rowdha and within half hour, dolphins would start to appear. The experience ends with drinks and snacks. You can also go Diving in the same waters. The dive center in Bandar Al Rowdha has all the equipment. You can experience underwater sea-life that includes corals, eels, seahorses and numerous other marine creatures. The diving lasts an hour or so, depending on your oxygen tank.

The Al-Jalali Fort was built during the Portuguese occupation in the 16th century. It guarded the east harbor`s entrance. For some years, it was also a penitentiary, but now it is a tourist attraction. Entry is not allowed without the permit, one has to apply to the Ministry of National Culture and Heritage to acquire that. It also hosts a Museum. The Nakhal Fort is located in the village of Nakhl. The history of the fort goes back to the pre-Islamic period. After many changes and improvements, Omani architects reconstructed it in the 17th century. The fort features a museum run by the Ministry of tourism.

The Qurm Beach is a long sandy beach popular for relaxing and watersports. Located near the Crown Plaza Hotel, water sports such as Jet Ski and sailing are offered by the hotel. The Watchtower located on the Mutrah Corniche is a restored Portuguese tower. It offers an amazing view of the ocean from the top.

Hotels & Accommodation:

Tourism is a popular industry of Oman, hence finding a decent and comfortable accommodation here for your stay is no trouble. Here are some hotels you may want to add to cheap flights to Muscat.

The Chedi Muscat has been rated one of the top hotels of the capital. With countless positive reviews from guests and critics, it features amenities such as spa, fitness center, pool, beachfront etc. The Crowne Plaza has been praised for its fantastic location. It has received positive feedback and also rated as one of the top hotels in Muscat with a certificate of excellence. Facilities include a pool, spa, restaurant, gym, beachfront and so on. The Midan Hotel Suites feature comfortable satisfying rooms with great amenities at a reasonable price. With good feedback from guests and customers, the hotel is located in a great location and totally worth staying in.

Muscat is one of the oldest cities and tourism plays an important role in the country. As a part of the Middle East, it is also doing well on the business sector. If you`re interested in relishing the East Asian culture and history, pack your bags and book your cheap flights to Muscat.

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Which airlines offer flights to Muscat from UK?

Some of the leading airlines offering cheap flights to Muscat city from the UK are Oman Air, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways and Kuwait Airways. 

are there any direct flights from London to muscat?

Yes, Oman Air is the only airline offering direct flights to Muscat from London as of the latest flight records. 

what is the average flight time from london to muscat?

The average flight time from London to Muscat is 7hours 15minutes. Connecting flights to Muscat will take an average flight time of 9 hours. This time will vary depending upon the time spent on the stopover destination. 

How can I book flights from Muscat to Salalah?

Your travel agent can surely assist you in booking cheap flights from Muscat to Salalah. You can ask your travel agent to book domestic flights in Oman at the time of booking an international flight from London.

why travel to muscat?

The port and capital of Oman, Muscat has always served as the commercial powerhouse of this mighty Arab country while still retaining the very essence of the prevailing Arab culture. A city boasting 25km of the coastal front, Muscat not only features the perfect ocean views but also houses a spectacular blend of its past and present that adds a charming aspect to an already extravagant city. With the vast expanse of deserts not far from the capital of Muscat featuring mighty tumbling sand dunes and rolling mountains rising sharply from sea level, Oman has more natural wonders for you to explore than what you would imagine. Moreover, the architecture of the city has very strictly followed the Arabian theme which results in a beautiful reminiscence of the traditions and culture of the Arab World, making it all the more fascinating to explore. Furthermore, the city of Muscat boasts indulgent souks, captivating museums, mighty forts, opulent palaces, extravagant mosques and a whole lot more that will make your trip to this city truly worth it. 

Begin your trip with a visit to the historic Mutrah district for a real taste of the Arab culture that has prevailed in the mighty Omani land for centuries. The major landmark of the district that is worth exploring is the Souq Muttrah located just off the Mutrah Corniche. The souq boasts narrow winding alleys that house exquisite souvenir shops and the quaint charm of traditional Arab shopping experience.  This is also a perfect place for tourists to unravel some of the finest treasures and an extensive collection of artifacts that Oman is known for. A walk down the Mutrah Corniche also offers an overwhelmingly fascinating experience that takes you through the very best of Old Muscat. Stretching for about 3 kilometers along the harbor, the corniche not only offers indulgent views of the sea but also features some of Muscat's oldest balconied buildings along with the iconic 17th century Mutrah Fort. The fort stands as an emblem of exquisite colonial architecture in Muscat that is located on the eastern end of the harbor. The fort was built by the Portuguese in the 1580's and as such makes for an interesting age-old attraction to explore. 

Muscat also houses an interesting collection of some of the country's finest museums that are especially recommended for those seeking to unravel Oman's fascinating history and culture. Plan a visit to the Bait al Zubair museum that brings Oman's centuries-old history to life through exhibits of the country's iconic artifacts, photographs, jewelry, weapons and a lot more.The museum is especially recommended for those seeking to gain the perfect insight into the prevalent Omani heritage before the Renaissance i.e. the pre-1970 era. 

Muscat's extravagance can be witnessed through some of the city's iconic architectural wonders. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is one such wonder that you shouldn’t miss out on. The mosque's surrounding indulgent gardens and the extraordinary interior are perfectly complemented by the serene aura that it exhibits making it one of the tourist's top-ranked attractions. The Sultan's Grand Palace is another one of Muscat's must-see attractions. Visitors can take a quick stroll through the building's entrance to its seafront to appreciate the intricacy of Omani styled architecture. 

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Muscat International Airport is located at a distance of approximately 32 km or 20miles from the old city of Muscat. 

how to get around muscat?

Muscat city offers developed and reliable modes of public transport. Taxis are the most common means of getting around the city. Muscat taxis are orange and white in colour and offering fares that are generally inexpensive. Taxis in Oman are unmetered and therefore deciding upon the fare prior to starting your journey is a good practice. 

White and orange coloured minibuses called micros, also known as baisa buses also operate in Muscat city. These minibuses offer transport to a maximum of fifteen passengers. 

Many car rental companies can easily be found in Muscat. Renting one's own vehicle is a more convenient option provided your stay in Muscat city is long and given that large distances are involved in getting around the city. Tourists can avail this service provided they are in possession of a valid driver's license from their home country. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in muscat?

Muscat city offers a range of hotels that caters to the varied tastes and budget of the arriving guests. In the high-end category, Muscat boasts a range of opulent 5-star hotels and resorts mostly lining the city's sandy coastline with some of the most breathtaking views offered by the city. International chain of luxury hotels are also found in the city. These usually are built in the traditional Omani styled architecture that is intricately combined with extravagant décor resulting in an indulgent living experience for all. facilities offered by these high-end hotels and resorts include private beaches, pools lined by gorgeous cabanas, spa, health and fitness centers, a range of restaurants specializing in local and international cuisines, bars and a whole lot more. 

Mid-ranged and budget hotels are also easy to find in Muscat city. These are located close to the Mutrah Corniche. All of Muscat's accommodations pride offering their iconic hospitality and the traditional Omani architectural design. 

When is the best time to book cheap holidays to Muscat from UK?

Generally speaking, Oman stands out for a warm climate. The weather is pleasant during the month of September until April. To be more specific, the winter season is the best time to make a trip to Oman. Pleasant daytime sees temperature up to 30 degrees and at night, it may drop to 15 degrees. Rain is expected only in the months of January and February. It is further highlighted in the recent travel trends to Muscat that offseason is still preferred to avail cheapest flights to Muscat. Scorching heat is experienced in the month of June and lasts up to August people travel who tend to be the sun-worshippers.

Can I travel from Muscat to Salalah by road?

The distance from Muscat to Salalah by road is 1047 km by road which consumes around 9 hours 40 minutes if you are moving with nominal speed.

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Muscat International Airport offers a number of easy and convenient options for reaching the city. a popular mode used by the locals and tourists alike are the Taxis. Taxis can be found upon exiting the arrivals terminal of the airport. These are available round the clock and offer fixed fares charged by the meter. Taxis offer transport services to not only Muscat city but also the surrounding cities of Oman. Pre-paid taxi counters are also available outside the arrivals building.

The airport also operates public bus service by the Oman National Transport Company. The buses stop on Sultan Qaboos Highway outside of the Muscat International Airport complex and will entail a short walk to the bus stop. 

Many car rental companies are also available in the arrivals hall of Muscat International Airport. This is a more convenient option if your stay in the city is for a longer period and will require you to be in possession of an international driver's license. Many also agree to a valid license from the home country. 

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