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Looking for cheap flights to Amman to explore this gem of the Middle East? You’ve come to the right place then. Visit Amman, a city perfect for tourism with its well organized structure, convenient weather, multiple attractions and hospitable people. Amman is the capital of Jordan and is home to more than 2 million people. Its tourism industry is booming and that is mainly due to the great number of attractions the city offers. Visitors seeking historical sites can take a trip of the 2000 year old Petra canyon and observe the ancient city and its tombs carved in rock. Or they can take the trip north and indulge into the beauty of the Ajlun Castle. Some of the other attractions lined up in Amman are the Roman Theatre, the Ammonite Watchtower, the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace and the National Archaeological Museum. Amman promises to provide you with an amazing vacation so get your tickets to Amman from TravelhouseUK and make the journey via Emirates, Air France or Amman Airlines.

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Which airlines operates flights to Amman from UK?

Some of the leading airlines offering cheap airfares for flights to Amman from the UK are Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Royal Jordanian Airlines. 

are there any direct flights from London to Amman?

Yes, British Airways and Royal Jordanian Airlines are the two only air operators offering direct flights to Amman from London as of the latest flight records. 

what is the average flight time from London to Amman?

Average flight time from London to Amman Queen Alia is 4hours 35minutes for direct flights. Average flight time for the connecting flights to Amman from London is 6hours 35minutes. Flight time will vary depending upon the stopover destination. 

What is the distance from the Queen Alia International Airport to city center?

Queen Alia International Airport is the main airport serving the city of Amman that is located at a distance of approximately 26 km/16 Miles south of the city center. 

How to get to the city center from the Queen Alia International Airport ?

Queen Alia International Airport of Amman offers convenient and reliable transportation options for the arriving passengers. The airport operates a taxi service round the clock located conveniently outside the arrivals hall of the airport. Taxis are in good condition and charge fares that are fixed so there is no concern of being overcharged by the taxi drivers.  Fares charged are also displayed on the curbside and near the taxi office of the airport.  

The airport's express bus service can easily be spotted upon exiting the arrivals Hall on the curbside. Buses operate every 30 minutes from 6:30am to 5pm, and every 60 minutes from 5pm to 12pm so it is unlikely that you would have to wait long hours waiting to hop on this mode of public transport. Buses are modern and fairly well-maintained. 

The airport also offers some of the leading international car rental companies for private car rental service. This is advisable provided your stay in Amman is for a longer period of time. However, foreigners need to be in possession of the “International Driving Permit" when considering to rent a car without an authorized driver.  

Why travel to Amman?

This city of Jordon is the ultimate escape that one has been looking for. Get acquainted with the Dead Sea and the stars above it or explore the Roman ruins that are centuries old, Amman would summarize the exhilarating history of Jordon unlike any other city. Known to be one of the oldest cities in the world, Amman is a city originally built on 7 hills that today define the different neighborhoods of the city. One will be surprised to find something new at every corner because Amman simply does not do simplicity without being elegant. 

Head over to the center of the downtown area known as Jabal Amman. This is where you will find anything and everything starting from beautiful art galleries to cafés that will become your next favorite hangout spot. Historic homes are dotting the neighborhood which gives one a glimpse of the past. Wandering through the streets is the best way to get in touch and acquainted with the cities past and all that it has to offer. The Rainbow Street, which is less than a mile long, is a must visit at the Jabal Amman. This is where the party gets started! 

One of the biggest attractions of the city is none other than the Roman Amphitheatre. Built when the city was known as Philadelphia, the theatre is one of the relics that provide room for over 6000 spectators. The site is now used for sporting and cultural events however make sure you get to climb the structure while you are at Amman. There are also two museums at the theatre. One that displays the life and traditions of the local people while the other is an exhibit to the antique jewelry and Jordanian costumes. 

Home to many historic wonders left behind by the Romans, the Citadel is the best way to start exploring as it to be the gateway inti the history of Jordon and how it came to be the popular tourist destination that it is today. The Palace, more commonly known as the al Qasr is the most famous building of the Citadel. Vaulted chambers and an enormous audience hall, Al Qasr is a must visit attraction of Amman. 

To get a better insight into the history, one should head over to the Jordan Archeological Museum that houses over thousands of antiquities that have been preserved since the 15th century. This is your chance to witness the famous Dead Sea Scrolls and some of the rarest Iron Age sarcophagi. 

The King Hussein Mosque is located at the heart of the city. Rebuilt in 1924, the mosque is bustling with endless number of visitors. The beautiful mosque adds the oomph factor to the skyline of Amman. 

QusayrAmra, a UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most famous castles of Amman. Built during the AD 711 of lime stones and basalt, this historic landmark was restored during the 1970’s. Enter the desert castle and be welcomed into a world far away from Islamic art. The palace is home to a stunning dome and breathtaking images and paintings that have been preserved all these years. 

How to get around Amman?

Getting around Amman is easy given the very well-maintained modes of public transport available. A predominant mode of moving around the city is via the taxis. Amman operates a yellow and grey taxi service that can easily be spotted as it has a taxi sign posted on the roof of the vehicle. These are usually metered and charge fares that are relatively inexpensive. Taxis can be hailed anywhere in Amman. 

Public bus service is also available for getting around the city. Minibuses are commonly seen while you may also spot a few large buses operating in Amman as well. Fares charged by buses are extremely inexpensive. 

Many car rental companies are also located around the city. Foreigners need to be in possession of an International Driver's License when seeking to avail this service without an authorized driver. Renting a car is a more convenient option of getting around if your stay in the city is for a longer period of time. 

What are the hotel and accommodation options in Amman?

Amman offers a range of accommodation options that caters to everyone on the budget scale. From 1 star hotel to the indulgent 5 star high-end hotels and resorts, Amman definitely has no short of accommodation options. The embassy district of Jebel Amman is where you need to head out to when seeking to splurge on a top-end accommodation. Jebel Amman houses some of the leading international chain of luxury hotels and resorts along with some of the mid-ranged plaza hotels known for their comfortable living options matched with an impeccable service. Facilities generally include free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, satellite television and restaurants that specialize in local and international cuisines. Many of the 5-star hotels also are equipped with a very modern gym and spa facilities. 

Many of Amman's budget accommodations are located in downtown city center. These budget hotels and hostels vary in the facilities being offered although all are equipped with a reasonably spaced room with basic facilities. 

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