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Now its easier and convenient to book cheap flights to Tripoli with Travelhouseuk. Home to largest harbor in North Africa, Tripoli offers everything a travel enthusiast wishes for, from architecture, art and culture, museums, castles and palaces to natural wildlife. Visit the old town and gates or explore the Red Castle, the national library which was formerly a Royal Palace, Gurgi Mosque, go diving at Hay Al-Andalus. Find special offers, cheap tickets, and negotiated fares with a selection of leading airlines.

At present, 17 airlines operate out of Tripoli with over 400 international flights every week connecting to 32 different destinations. Airlines for Tripoli flights include Turkish, Afriqiyah, Alitalia, British Airways, Air Malta and Egypt Air. You can opt to fly direct to Tripoli if you want to avoid stopovers; or take an indirect flight if you want to cut costs.

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£1073.60 | price per pessenger
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British Airways
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Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Air France
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Heathrow LHR
Tripoli TIP
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
£2176.90 | price per pessenger
Gatwick Arpt LGW
Tripoli TIP
Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017
Turkish Airlines
£2263.50 | price per pessenger
Heathrow LHR
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Travel Between: 10 May 2017 - 22 May 2017

Want to know more about Tripoli


Tripoli is a city in Libya which is full of surprises and is bound to leave you mesmerized with every attraction. The city has the Arab medina which should not be missed out on and then there is the Italian Colonial-era new town which is simply ravishing. If you want to experience the true essence of Libyan culture then Tripoli is the best way to start. So here's your chance to book cheap flights to Tripoli.


One of the main architectural wonders that dominate the Tripoli skyline includes the Assaraya al-Hamra. This palace which is also known as the Red Castle is worth the visit because it is home to numerous courtyards where one could simply get lost in. The classical statues and fountains are simply breathtaking and will demand your attention so book your cheap air ticket to Tripoli. If you are interested in discovering the artistic skills of the local art work then make sure you visit The Gurgi and Karamanli mosques which are decorated with intricate tile work. 


Another attraction that the tourists simply fall in love with includes the Arch of Marcus Aurelius which is located just outside the Gurgi mosque and is known to be the only surviving Roman monument in the city. So do not miss out on this opportunity and head over to Tripoli today! The Cornichewhich is one of the most popular places in Tripoli actually stretches along the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the most lively and popular place especially during the hot summer evenings as it is the perfect place to simply get away from the heat. The medina on the other hand is also a bustling place which is always crowded with anxious buyers waiting to get their hands on the best deals. The medina is filled with colorful and noisy souks selling gold, copper, silks and many more items. 

The distance from Tripoli International Airport to Tripoli town center is 14.78 miles which is equal to 23.79 km.

Some of the major airlines that provide you with flights to Tripoli from the UK include Afriqiyah Airways, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Egypt Air, Air Malta and Ethiopian Airlines.

To get to Tripoli's city center one has to take a taxi or a shared taxi which are easily available just outside the airport.

Ethiopian Airlines is the only airline out of the major airlines that provide you with daily flights to Tripoli weekly.

The safest way to explore this wonderful city is by walking. Get your walking or jogging shoes ready because Tripoli wants you to experience the fresh air while exploring the countless attractions that this city has to offer. There are guide books which would help you navigate different areas and locations. Also, the Libyan nationals are very hospitable and will surely help you out if you are lost.


Taxis are also available at your disposal however it should be noted that they are quite pricey. However these taxis are very convenient and will take you to where you need to go. The shared or yellow taxis as well as the private taxis which are black and white are easily available throughout the city.

The best time to visit Tripoli starts from January and lasts all the way through May. However December is also a good time to visit the city and all its attractions.

The average flight time from the UK to Tripoli is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Some of the most preferable airlines that tourists demand when travelling to Tripoli from the UK include Afriqiyah Airways, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, Egypt Air and Ethiopian Airlines.

Out of the many preferable airlines, the cheapest airfares are provided by Afriqiyah Airways, Alitalia and Turkish Airlines.

The only airlines which provide you with direct flights from the UK to Tripoli include British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

The British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines are also the only airlines which are said to take less time when taking you to Tripoli from the UK.

British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines both provide you with world class entertainment that would not let you get bored for even a minute throughout your flight. From the latest blockbuster movies of different regions of the world are now at your disposal. The airlines also provide you with a range of TV shows, music and radios. British Airways also provides you with the opportunity to shop.

British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines are the airlines which provide you with an excellent service when travelling in business class to Tripoli.

  • Corinthia Hotels is the best place to stay at in Tripoli as it provides you with a luxury hotel that pampers you in every way. The management is very hospitable and the rooms luxurious
  • Capital Hotel is also a popular choice of travelers to stay at in Tripoli. This hotel provides you with breathtaking views as it overlooks the Municipal Beach. 
  • Al Safeer Hotel is simply one of the most comfortable and luxurious hotels in Tripoli. Not only that but it is also convenient as it is just 5 minutes away from Tripoli Old City. It also offers free WiFi and 24 hour service. 
  • Al Mahary Radisson Blu Hotel overlooks the bustling and busy Al Fatah Street and boasts stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel also offers amazing facilities such as the indoor pool. 
  • Travel tips for Tripoli 
  • Caffe Casa is the perfect place to relax on a summer afternoon with their delicious coffees. 
  • Veranda is also a café in Tripoli which offers you the best of desserts. So when in Tripoli make sure you try out their scrumptious desserts including ice creams. 
  • Cafe Di Roma is the café where one can simply relax and have a cup of tea or coffee with friends. It is truly relaxing. 
  • Nespresso is also a popular choice by tourist who have visited Tripoli. 
  • Paparotti is one of the bistros in Tripoli which you simply should not miss out on. 

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