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Rome is the central city of Italy and its cultural and historical powerhouse. Though much have changed during the course of time and contemporary style architecture has been introduced in the city, but the real feel of the Roman authenticity is still easily noticeable here.

The rich heritage of once the most powerful empire can be seen from its significant landmarks, which are preserved for the future generations to come. The“Eternal city”is laced with many popular sights, art rich galleries and churches highlighting the works of legendary artists. Likewise, there are fine diningrestaurants, bustling nightclubs, baroque pizzas, byzantine Mosaics, cozycafés, awe-inspiring street life and astonishing artistic heritage. You can acquire cheap flights to Rome, to explore one the most beautiful capitals in the world.Add Rome to your itinerary and let this city inspire you with its myriadand priceless treasures.

Rome experiences a moderate weather pattern. It is not too chilly in winters but hot in summers. The best time to visit Romeis between October to April. You only need warm clothing to explore the lengths of the city undisturbed. Moreover, the hotel rates are very reasonable and you can easily get hold of cheap flights to Rome during this time. May andSeptember are also good months to visit the city. Summer is the high season as the city is swarmed with tourists from all over the world, so finding affordable holidays deals is nearly impossible unless you make your reservations in advance.

places to see and things to do

Rome has a fair share of eclectic places to see. This cosmopolitan has maintained its old world charm, within acontemporarystructure. From exploring its haunting yet awe inspiring sights to relishing its exhilarating lifestyle, this city offers a wholesome experience. Take cheap flights to Rome, and indulge in this memorable journey of the past.

The most significant landmark in Rome is the Roman Colosseum. This 2000 years old amphitheater is brilliantly preserved until date for the visitors and by paying a small fee, you can go inside as well. This gaming arcade was usedto hold annual games, slaughtering and important events centuries back. Moreover, the Roman Forumlocated between the Palatine and Capitoline Hills was the powerhouse of Roman Empire and is a pertinent site to visit.It was social and political center, where the whole parliament used to sit and make laws. After the downfall of the empire, it was deteriorated but parts of the forum which were left are now preserved for the visitors.

Another important site is the St Peter's Square in the Vatican, which was designed by Bernini. It is the holy place for the Catholics. The 17th century,St. Peter’sBasilica is a gigantic church and is a complete masterpiece as many artists worked very hard over the time to ornate it with imposing artwork. Michelangelo designed its dome. Furthermore, the Vaticanmuseumsinside the city hold some of the most important treasures. Pope Julius originated them in 6th centuryand the attractions include the Sistine Chapeldesigned by Michelangelo, the Spiral staircase and the Raphael Rooms.

The TreviFountain in another important attraction in the city.This fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi in 18thcentury. This mythological sculptured fountain is very famous among the travelers, as it is believed that one who throws a coin in it will return to Rome again. In addition to that, Piazza Navona is another happening square of Rome. It was a stadium in 16thcentury but now buildings took place of the seating area. It is adorned with three beautiful fountains and boosts the vibrant street life of contemporary Rome. The baroque square offers an opportunity to idle around and meet the fashionable locals who descend here every evening, making the place more cheerful. Take cheap flights to Rome and visit the baffling 12th century Pantheon, the legendary Spanish steps or relish the magical view of the city from atop the Capitoline Hill.  For the food lovers Rome has ample amount of cozy restaurants, bars and cafes. PiazzaNavona offers the best culinary experience in Rome offering mouthwatering gelato, delicious pizzas, pastas, cappuccino and delightful white wine for your perfect evening.

hotels and accommodation

Plan you holiday in advance to get cheap flights to Rome and best hotel deals from travelhouseuk. Rome is a quintessential travel destination and offers a variety of accommodation options for the visitors including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, hostels and budget friendly hotels. Hilton Rome Airport, Atahotel Villa Pamphili, Jumeirah Grand Hotel via Veneto, Hotel Indigo Star hotels Metropole, Hotel Eden, Grand Masters Hotel and Suites near the TreviFountain etc. are some of the best options available for the holidays. Plus for families; Rent in Rome offers comfortable apartments with kitchenette and private lawn near the Vatican City.

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