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Malaga is a coastal city in Spanish Costa del Sol. This city has gained much anticipation after a lot of work is done to make it on of the most popular cities in Spain. From its chic and contemporary structures to its immaculately preserved cathedrals and churches, Malaga offers, dynamism, quality and class in everything.

Whether you are a food connoisseur or a random explorer, a history buff or an art lover, Malaga offers a wide range of attractions for every soul. This city, which once was a humble abode, has now become a popular tourism site. Thanks to the recent renovation of its rundown port, and the ease in buying cheap flights to Malaga, it has become an effortlessly accessible place. It is not only culturally an authentic city with a modern skyline but its historical influence is also very elaborate. Nevertheless, it is important that you get some knowledge about this place so that you can have a quality time in the city.

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TAP-Air Portugal
LON - AGP London to Malaga
20 Oct - 24 Oct Travelling Dates
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SN Brussels Airlines
MAN - AGP Manchester to Malaga
12 Sep - 19 Sep Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
LHR - AGP Heathrow to Malaga
20 Jul - 27 Jul Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
Air Europa
LON - AGP London to Malaga
10 Aug - 17 Aug Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
British Airways
MAN - AGP Manchester to Malaga
16 Jul - 23 Jul Travelling Dates
Deposit £ 25 only
best time to visit

Unlike other Spanish cities, Malaga does not experience harsh weathers. When July and August are smelting hot in other parts of the country, they become welcoming in Malaga. It is because of the festivals, which are organized in August. Moreover, in winters you will find this place very charming because the days are not that chilly in fact, you might enjoy some warmer days. Spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best time to hang out in the city, so buy cheap flights to Malaga to enjoy an unperturbed Mediterranean vibe.

best places to visit

Malaga has a rich cultural influence of the Andalusia cities including Granada, Seville and Cordoba. Located in the picturesque Costa del Sol, this city is rightly famed for its thriving art and culture scene. Acquire cheap flights to Malaga, to explore its quintessential museums like those of Madrid and to relish it culinary tradition as excellent as that found in Barcelona.

This city is quite compact and you can explore it by foot. Moreover, buses, care hires and metros are also available to take you around the city. Take a visit to the famous Gibralfaro Castle, which offers a spectacular viewpoint of the whole cityscape. This 14th century castle is surrounded by stunning fountains and gardens. Just in the proximity lies the famous Roman Amphitheatre, which was built by Emperor Augustus. This theatre is a venue for performing arts now.

Near this Roman Theatre lies the picturesque Alcazaba. Amid lush greenery and on a stunning landscape lies this fortress, of 11th century. This palace cum fortress is a sight of utter awe, with its beautiful courtyards, gardens and arches, it display the Moorish architecture at its best. Moreover, another un miss able site is the Picasso museum. Malaga is the birthplace of the legendry Pablo Picasso, so to honor his work a museum is dedicated under his name in Palace of Condes de Buenavista. There is a huge collection of Picasso’s work on display and while admiring his artwork you can also peek around to contemplate about Moorish and Roman architectural details.

Then there is La Manquita Cathedral, which is a significant landmark. This cathedral has one unfinished tower, which is why its name means, “one armed woman”. After wandering around these landmarks, take a beach day out and try freshly fished out sardines along the beach. El Palo is a small fishing village near Malaga, which is famed for delicious grilled sardines. Moreover, you can also enjoy a meal in one of its restaurants. After the meal have a swim along the Pedregalejo coast and enjoy the surreal ambiance of the beach. You can buy cheap flights to Malaga to taste the unique experience of eating fresh sardines.

Evening strolls at Malaga have a charm of their own. To serve the purpose, the main street of the city Calle Larios, the Grenada street and the Molina Larios street offer an amazing experience. You can experience the real feel of Malaga here, while wandering in these streets, window-shopping the shops, tasting the best coffee, crepes, fritters and cakes along with evening tea.

A visit to Malaga is incomplete without taking a wine tour. Malaga’s sweet wine is a real delicacy along with the authentic local cuisine. The best place to enjoy both is either at Pimpi, or at La Casa del Guardia, the oldest tavern in Malaga. Both of these spots can be found in the Old Town.

hotels ad accommodation

Though there are a number of quality lodging facilities in Malaga but you need to get your booking in advance to get hold of cheap flights to Malaga, along with affordable accommodation. Hotel Del Pintor, Feel Malaga hostel, Al Riad Andaluz, Parador de Malaga Gibralfaro, Hhotel ZEnit Malaga, Barcelo Malaga and Roommate Larios are some quality hotels and hostels offering comfortable stay with good location.

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