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Munich is the third largest and one of the most popular cities in Germany. It is located on a picturesque setting over RiverIsar. Thereare numerous attractions worth visiting which is why it stays busy all year round.

Munich has an aura of hospitality and a welcome ambiance. Itembraces the German touch quite brilliantly. You can find fine galleries, orthodox churches, lavish gardens and many high-endrestaurants to keep yourself busy during the holiday. Whether you are looking for some shopping or trying some rich Germandelicacies, this city has everything in store for you. The best part of the city is its colorful and funky festivals and events. The calendar staysbusy all year round but the main event is the Oktoberfest. All the beer lovers swarm to this festival to enjoy local beers, play games and take part in fun competitions. But this is not the only reason for visiting this city, you can acquire cheap flights to Munich to enjoy the festivities along with thesighting. Following are some essential details about this magnificent city.

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best time to visit munich

Munich has pleasant summers so, considering the weather situation it is the best time to visit the city. However, pack a light sweater along, as the evening might be a bit chilly. It is the time when you can have the entire city on your own. Therearefewer crowds and the climate allows you to indulge in outdoor activities. Conversely, if you are one of those millions who want to see the Oktoberfest then do pack some winter clothes along. Thisis considered as a high season because of the festival. You can buy cheap flights to Munich for the event only if you plan your holiday in advance.

best places to visit in munich

Munich the capital of the state of Bavaria has a beautiful cityscape. There are vintage structuresstanding side by side with the modern ones. There are tranquil gardens to stroll and bustling nightclubs for hedonistic escape. Moreover, there are plenty of museums, galleries and churches where you can visit. Buy cheap flights to Munich to experience these attractions and the famous Biergartens.  Biergartens are the outdoor areas, which are illuminated, in a party flair serving food and beers to the guestsalong with music, dances and games. InGermany,Biergartens are a custom adopted since 19 century and something that you must not miss.

The Marienplatz is a famous square in the Old Town of the city and the busiest oneas well. It was established in 12th century and since then; it has always been the heart of the city’s activities. There are a number of restaurants, music performances, sleek shops and important buildings in this zone. During the Christmas, a Christmas market adored with millions of lights and gift stalls is set up here.

After visiting the Square do no miss to visit the St, Peter’s Church(Peterskirche). It is the oldest church in Germany with a glittering alters and it offers impeccable view of the Bavaria from its tower. Within 5 miles distance,Frauenkirche, or Church of our Lady, of 15th century is located.This church has an interesting two domestructure. Its gothic architecture is very appealing and also has an observation deck from where you can enjoy the view of the city. Just within the proximity lies the Viktualienmarkt. To experience and buy local produce, this market is the perfect place.It is the oldest farmer’smarket whereyou can find local delicacies, beer, and other goods quite easily.

Another important attraction is the magnificent Palace of Munich. Known as Munich’s Residenz Palace,it is one of the most beautiful palaces of Europe surrounded with beautiful gardens, fountains and ponds. It was once the seat of the Kings of Bavaria and the dukes. It has three sections and is now transformed into a museum, the Court Church of All Saints, the treasury and Cuvilliés-Theater.

Moreover, the English Garden of Munich is the largest and the most spectacular urban park in Germany. Itis designed in such a way that the plants, trees and the lake offer a heavenly portrait of this place. Many locals come here every day to relax, sunbathe or picnic in its serene setting. You can also get cheap flights to Munich to experience this stunning city.

best accommodation in munich

Munich offers best accommodation in very affordable rates. Except for the Oktoberfest, you can get hold of reasonable hotel deals and cheap flights to Munich without much ado. Someof the top quality hotels are Platzl Hotel near Residenz Palace, Louis Hotel, and Hotel VierJahreszeiten Kempinski Munchen etc. Other budget hotels with relaxedsetting and spacious rooms are Marc Munchen, Maximilian Munich, and Schiller 5 Hotel & Boardinghouse etc.

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