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Frankfurt is the cultural and commercial hub of Germany.Located on the River Main, it is the most important city after the capital. Itis modeled in a contemporary manner and is dotted with imposing skyscrapers and ultra-modern architecture however; the ancient structures are also immaculately preserved to keep a connection with the history.

Travelers to Germany,especially the businesspersonscannot resist visitingFrankfurt. This metropolitan offers an impressive urban experience to its visitors. Be it five star restaurants, lavish bars,stunning gardens, quixotic artgalleries and interactive trade fares, this globally famed city has plethora of activities to offer. The best way to explore this amazing city is to take cheap flights to Frankfurt and beacquainted withsome important details about it to manage your quick holiday break.

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best time to visit frankfurt

Frankfurt lies in the center of Germany due to which it is worthwhile to visit all year round. Summers, experience the highest number of tourists every year, because of the pleasant weather. So if you are planning to visit Frankfurt during April and September, expect crowd aplenty. For jazz fans, March is the best time and for those who are planning to visit the city’s trade fairs should make their reservations in advance, as the airfares and hotel deals hike during the event.You can get cheap flights to Frankfurt only if you get your booking done inadvance. Oktoberfest and Christmas are also alluring times for the travelers bound to Frankfurt, the whole city is illuminated and the aroma of food is everywhere.

best places to visit in frankfurt

Frankfurt used to be an old imperial city, which is why it is very important in Europe. It is ranked as the top ten cities in the world for living and doing business. For the travelers, it offers variety of activities, thanks to the latest developments; the city is one of the best in offering world-class amenities for the visitors. Laced with fine galleries, lush gardens and sky-high buildings it is nicknamed as the “Manhattan of Europe”. Acquire cheap flights to Frankfurt to delve into its spirit and to witness this glorious city personally.

The Romerberg is the city Old Town’scenter. Thissquare lies in the heart of Altstadt with the Justice Fountain.Itis considered as the busiest tourist zone because a number of attractions lie in the proximity. These notable buildings include Romerthe 15th century building complex, the Old Town Hall, the New Town Hall, St. Leonhard’s 14th century Gothic church and the St. Nicholas Church. You will also find the Historical Museum in the same area. This museum is an important landmark founded in 19th century displayingFrankfurt’s rich ancient and modern culture and history.

If you are an admirer of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe‘s work then you will be very much interested to visit the birthplace of this great writer. Goethe house,in which he used to reside in the 18thcentury, is now open for the public. You can roam around its finely decorated rooms and witness his work on display. Moreover, the Goethe Museumis installed right besides this building. The galleries are adorned with the paintings of notable and distinguished artists. On the contrary,for relishing some modern art, head over to theFrankfurtMuseum of Modern Artin Domstraße.  Its contemporary structure is a sight of awe and it holds largest collection of artworks from the country’s best artists.

Buy cheap flights to Frankfurt this year and take your family to the Natural History Museum in Senckenberg Gardens. This ultra-modern structure displays the life size replicas of dinosaurs, world’s largest collection of stuffed birds and extensive exhibition of dinosaurs. Moreover, visit the stunning AlteOperin the Opera Square. It was destroyed during the WWII but later was reestablished and became an important Centre for the concerts and musicals. In addition, visit the 32 acres wide Frankfurt zoo in the city’s old FriedbergerTor. This zoo is one of the oldest and offers some of the uniqueanimal and bird species.

For admiring the gothic architecture, visitSt. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. This red sandstone structure of 13th century stands tall in Domplatz and manages to stand out among the newly constructed skyscrapers of the city.Moreover, in the south in Paulsplatz there is the 18th century old St Paul’s church. This historically significant place is not a church anymore; it is now used as a venue for important celebrations.

best place to stay in frankfurt

Frankfurt has plenty of accommodation options for the travelers for every budgetrange. The Downtown offers classy hotels with lavish setting and luxury stay. You can buy cheap flights to Frankfurt and opt for a holidaypackage that suites your budget.Hilton Frankfort City Centre, Dormero Hotel, Jumeirah Frankfurt, Hotel Concordeand the Westin Grand Frankfort are some impeccable hotels. On the other hand, Roomers Hotel, Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Bristol, Falk Hotel, Hotel Nizza, Manhattan and Palmenhofare some comfortable but modest options.

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